Friday, April 19, 2013

This Title Is Absolutely Meaningless

[If the title claims itself to
be absolutely meaningless, then
does it thus have meaning?
This is the Liar's Paradox
for the Age Of Agnosticism.]

Blog-post # 375:
(375 = 3*5*5*5.)

Eight new art inanimations:

Stereoscopically Hyper-Angular Machine

Regarding Randomness' Spectra
Of Refrangible Chaoses

Formed From Finitude's
Formulae, Formations, And Form

Meta-Astronomical Extra-Celestial

As Of Any Ashes Formed
From Nothingness

An Overlapping Of Lacking By
Its Lacking Of Overlapping

Mono-Variables Themselves

Of Those Flaps Like
These Slab-like Straps


[12: A 'dozen';
Are they so 'zoned'?
Whoops, 13 now.]

Overly dramatic nonsense:
Randomness only reactive.

[^This one is sadly very
appropriate, given all the
news this last decade.]

Ignorant hallucinations
yet be so irate.
They lie in (as to)
our cotangential brains.

[^And I can say the same
about this anangram too.]

Rich saint:

[^Have I posted
this one already?]

All is overlapped
as Creation.
Voids are parallel
in/to space.


These perimeters will
contain any or every
thing's shapes ever
upon all this.
As they are overlapping
completely here within
their inner souls'


These multidimensional
monopoles are stirred.
Most atoms dare pulse
more inside their
lone nil.


We forget any ink lost.
Knots yet are flowing.


If less..
is self.


As inside me:
I made sines.
I am; dense is.


Pi is orthogonally aswirl.
This looping will array so.


Pi truncates inside us.
As I, its ends I puncture.


Unto helical loss:
In all holes so cut.


More about that "End Of The World"
I wrote about recently:

If all of humanity was to die off
from, say, a disease pandemic,
then, ironically, it would instead
be the SURVIVORS on this planet --
ie. all surviving non-human species
on Earth -- who are the ones who
could FINALLY...

Rest In Peace!



Humanity collectively acts as a
suicidal psychopath, in a way.

It not only wants to kill itself
off entirely, it really seems,...
but also it wants to..
"Take as many innocent species
with me/us as I/we can!!!"

The suicidal terrorist of species.


A corkscrew is made to dig a..



Roundish, but not quite perfectly
circular, lengths of string form



Non-sequiturs are often just
a bunch of..



If the proper usage of the pronoun
"she" is dictated by the rules of
'grammar', does that mean then
that the proper usage of the
pronoun "he" is governed by the
rules of.. 'grampar'..

(Grammar and Grampar begot all
language, and language then
begot you.)


If people start again to write
more so in cursive, and we do so
this time fractally (the letters'
loops contain within them loops,
which contain within them loops,
... ad infinitum), then
we will surely be writing..


(No more fun.)

Medical/psychological studies
never apply to me personally,
because those studies' human
subjects are all much too
unlike me:
They are all unreal.

Solipsism is itself as alone
as I am, it being the only
plausible explanation for
anything at all.


Nothing happening at all is
quite the..


A long while ago I wrote about
how the very anti-gay straights
were the.. 'hate-erosexuals'.

But we can also call them the..


They get so turned-on by being
so (supposedly) turned-off.


Carbonated Christianity;
It is like a soft-drink:

One has..
Its hollow bubbles of air;
The other has..
Its Holy Bibles of error.


We ourselves are the
'Human Errors'.

To BE an error is human;
To mistakenly have created
humanity is divine.

(Farting: To 'air' is human..
{And a few other species do
it too, or I so hear..
and so smell..})


I should periodically post in
this blog a section about items
I am curious if they exist online
somewhere, and where they must
surely exist, but I am too lazy
to do a search for them.

One such item:

The eerie parallels between
the Hindenburg and the Titanic
(For one thing,
the first-officer of the
Titanic was named "Hindenburg",
and the first-officer of the
Hindenburg was named..uh,..
{Shake up, Weeple!..})


Speaking of "Shake up, Weeple!":
Are liberals into
.. pro-spiracies?

("I figured it out.
See, America's liberals are
conspiring to give us all..
body-odor! {Gasp!}
What are Obama's initials?
And also, liberals are
So, their CONspiracies
are 'PROspiracies'!
See, that sounds like
It all makes sense now!
Or should we say,..
it all makes...
And take a shower!..
Before the Socialist
EPA bans our showers,
and tries to take
those too away from
you and your family!")

{^Damn, I scare myself.}


Quite the antisocial socialist,

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