Thursday, April 25, 2013

From The Honorable-Dimension

Blog-post # 376:
(376 = 2*2*2*47.)

Seven images of inanimation:

This Symmetry-lessness Of
Topological Entropies

Densely Clockwise Is All That Is This
That Is All As Counterclockwise

Unidirectional And Shaped As Shapes
(And Solely So)

Densest Dreams Of
Density-less Dimnesses

Almost-Clockwise Like Its Own
Corkscrew-Quark-like Looping

Summations Of A
Multi-Multiplicable Soliton

Metaphormulae (Of Their One Locus,
Of Only Their Fulcra)

(Sorry about the titles incorporating
words from each other in each other.
I thought this might work, but alas..
Although, "Metaphormulae" is a nice
portmanteau, I shall brag.)



All is as that in everything:
The last vanishing reality.


I lit a crystal...


Oddity sans symmetries:
Its mystery is damned so.


As this had those
circumferences inside
all hope:
There, such is a machine
of oddest spherical lines.


This nil is its reliable
disproof, yet revealing
the atoms therein.
All their entire
possibilities are to rid
themselves of anything.


The weather is storming,
is only of what it is.
This was this:
infinite wrath.


Then oscillations see...
into all these cosines.


These mostly round knots
swirl as we into a science.
Sines' densely clockwise
rotations somewhat turn.


Topology's weakest
rotations densely end.
A knotted entropy glows,
as it does only see.


curses these.
Thus seen, its
voices do ever lie.


My laziness:
Zany smiles.


In dreams,
ire damns.


In a polygon:
Any looping.


Grids in what:
Drawing this.


Sines drawn.


A dimness:
Mad sines..
made sins.


Time spins its own self
unto its beauty in all
its dreams.
An emptiness twists nil,
but is yet as I,
also formed until.


Pick-up line:
"Hey, baby. I saw you there
as I passed, and had to just
come back here to talk to you,
.. because..
'U-turn' me on!"..

[Very unoriginal seeming.]
[The following seems very
unoriginal and not mine.]

The 1st Deadly Sin;
The 2nd Deadly Sin;
The 3rd Deadly Sin;

'Ordinal Sins'.

(So, Sin #1 is the
'Car-iginal Sin'?)


The 1st in command at the Vatican
(the Pope);
The 2nd in command at the Vatican;
The 3rd in command at the Vatican;

'The Ordinal Cardinals'.


Hey, homosexuality must be
good with God.

If you are not suppose to..

"covet thy neighbor's wife",

but you are indeed suppose to..

"love thy neighbor as yourself",

hence, perhaps you are
suppose to then..

love thy neighbor more
so than you love his wife?..

(That must be the secret-
message in the Bible.)

And finally,..
some controversy...

Corporations are NOT people.
No, sir.
(No, sir, they are neither
sirs nor gentle-women.)

No, they instead are GODS!

The Ubermenschen.
Ubermenschen, Inc.

[But they DO demand
{And since, as they say,
anyone is what they eat,..
thus, corporations are
indeed people... And so I
guess they are also money.
Yes, they are superhuman
person-money thingies.}]


Losers only win
'honorable mention'.

But WINNERS win..


(THAT is where the honor
really is.)


Neither ever onerous
nor even very numerous
(nor even very even).


Portmanteaux can sometimes be
quite the..

'entwine-glement' of words..




kikinotdee said...

person-money thingies. Awesome! :D
Hey Baby! "Really" and you wonder why you're still single hahaha you need some new pick up lines Leroy.

Anonymous said...

4th image looks like a bunch of cells having a cell party