Thursday, May 2, 2013

Into Introspective Spectra Of Converses Of Convolution

[Yeah, just threw some words together
from my images' titles to get this
blog-post's title.]

Blog-post # 377:
(377 = 13*29.)

Nine art inanimations.
(Nine non-animations?)
(Nine nouns,
none {not one}
as animated.)

Conceptual Divergence Of The Convergence
To The Converses Of Convolution

Asymmetric Aspects Of Introspectively
Interpolated Spectra

In Finitely Numerous If Infinitely
Rigorous Theorems Regarding Infinity

Existentialism's Proof --
It Is As Plexiform Stone

Any Analog Of Each Etcetera

Any Severing Interwoven With
Whatever Is Unspecified

This Stirring Of Nil Less Existent
Than Is Nonexistence

Disproof Of All Proofs Via
An Analogy To Anthropomorphism

Perfect Knots Of Plexiformly
Blurred Unknowability


(What else were you expecting?)
(Twenty -- Always plenty
whenever I have twenty.)

Art's core.


Loci rig math.


Theorems of their
erroneous noise:
Therefore, one is one
or thus is more.


Any polygonal locus:
All is what is solely it.
Only elliptically was
this analogously so.


Their earth is all
that is entirely
sans grids.
Still, they are as
stirred as this
linear thing.


The star-dial's
cosmic gnomon's beauty:
Astronomical nights
become as dusty.


Night ever is a nebula:
The big anal universe.


Our dire nightmares
be as silly.
Hell is stirred again
by me or us.


Sane dreams...
are madness.


These so convolute
inside any ring.
Unto every coil is
nothing as dense.


This fluid spins to
As the liquid is
stained upon itself.


The yelling is wise,
is once astray.
Its eyesight was
ironically seen.


Of vast ire there:
Forever, it hates.


All my rot.


may rot til.


Truth's fate maybe is
what is so true forever.
Yet furthermore, this
was as of a best virtue.


All infinity:
Finally in it.


Existentialism's proof:
It is as plexiform stone.

[Note: ^This is the name
of the 4th image above.]

Existentialism asked
for hints while
dreaming of proofs.
It formed, if inside
whole things as plexiform
as are knots.


As our meaninglessness
only irrational,...
All imaginary nonsense
is not so surreal.


Here is your "baby-formula"
right here:

"Sperm + Ovum - Contraception
= Baby"!


Scientific researchers go on...

'double-blind dates'..


People in the food-processessing
industry go on...

'expiration dates'..

(This joke is way past its
expiration,... and was even
before it was ever made.)

Commercial spaceship
to the moon:

A 'lunar liner'..


Philosophy of reality ignoring
uncertainty principal:


Quite essential is existence,
however. Thus my...

'exist-essential' crisis.


Detecting the voices of ghosts
in the ambient noise on otherwise
empty audio-recordings is only
another example of..



Speaking of (speaking of,
and in, pseudo-silence)..

It might be more appropriate to
say, rather than the undead are
'immortal', that they are..


[Compare with proper usage of
'immoral' vs 'amoral'.]

What did the strong gust of air
say when it hit the pane of glass?

Quoth the 'Wind,-"Ow!"'

(And quite the 'pain' of glass,
it was.)

(Now getting profound.
No more jokes to be found.
Not any puns, anyway.)

Is the boundary between..
{all infinitely plexiform
yet perfectly well-defined
{all simple and smooth
absolutely blurry
itself (ie. the boundary)..
or (or 'and/or'?)..

[^Especially this line:
"or (or 'and/or'?)",
seems rather like it may
imply something profound.]

The above philosophical
angst is inspired by
fractals and by something I
read regarding the possibly
very complex surfaces of
event-horizons {because of
Hawking radiation}.]

My own ambiguousness is
(sometimes) itself ambiguous:


I am (both/either) an agnostic
and/or an atheist.

I am (both/either) a solipsist
and/or an utter nihilist.

{And I might as well say..}
I am (both/either) heterosexual
and/or asexual.



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