Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Evermore Wherein Moreover Wherever Was Everywhere


Blog-post # 380:
(380 = 2*5*19*2.)

11 new art-inanimations:
(There were 11 images in
my last blog-post too.
11~11! 11~11!
It's 11~11 24/7!)

Therein Wherever Is Everywhere

Regarding Any Avant-Garde
Refractions Of Abstractions

In Undefinable Imagelessness Severing
Dimensions From Dimensions

Relativistically Envisioned

Disregarded Randomly

Overly-Oval Opalescence
Likewise Mis-Pluralized

In Any Dream Of Perfect Asymmetries

All Amorphousnesses Algorithmically
But Systematically Synthesized

If Anything Ever Seems To Be Anything

Otherwise Of

Super-Scalar Sub-Vectorization
Of Mis-Continuity


Four fewer than eleven.)

Quiet rainbow:
In baroque wit.


The quasi-rainbow:
As baroque within.


Their mathematics
as colorful:
All the chromatic
sums are of it.


The vast origins are formed
easily only inside mathematics.
As any algorithm there is of
its creatively made dimensions.


Knots are drawn as flatly
inside ironic balance.
Nonlinearly backwards is
a creation and itself.


Reality is to convolute in me,
is of any dreams' weirdness.
Destiny was forever only
sometimes as unidirectional.


Time stirs anew;
rotation spins.
It narrows to it,
as in emptiness.


The 'problem' with becoming a
mathematician is there is quite
a... 'learning-curve'
(.. of curve-learning..).


People (or/and corporations)
with very 'good values' almost
always consequently have..
very poor value.

(Ya' gotta cheat,
if ya' wantta compete.)


If things swirl within them,
they are swirling 'spinside'

And all this swirling
is so doing 'spinto'
its convergent rotation.


Politically-correct term for


Following may offend.
Following item contains
adult themes.]

Here is an (likely unoriginal)
idea for what to say next time
you carry out a coin-toss:

"Call it in the air...
Blow-job or anal?"


Man, that CrAzY coin sure
.. flipped-out...

Following may offend.
Following item contains
childish themes;
ie. it contains politics.]

The (supposedly) science-y
and (supposedly) intellectual
industry spokespeople calling
for deregulation are quite the

... 'Ayn-steins',

aren't they?..

(But some people may argue,
however, that such massive
deregulation at best would
soon lead to total
... 'Rand-Dumb-ness'..)


Speaking of political-science
(but in a more literally
science-y sense):

Lawyers will too often try to
use as "evidence" in their
court-cases quite the



Idea for band-name, album-name,
or name of an R-rated movie?:

"Ugly Please".

(Do they use.. 'shower-salts'
in that movie?..
I'm afraid now that shower-salts
is a super bad offensive thing.
I myself naively mean it totally
innocently, however, as simply
a play-on-words involving those
bad salts that are instead of
the bath {or you would think
they are so according to only
their euphemistic name}.)

("Ugly please,..
with shower-salts on top"?
That must already be a highly
obscene phrase. Sorry, but I am
actually afraid to look it up to
see what it already means...
But I go ahead and post it on
my blog anyway, like I am a
genius.. What could go wrong?..)



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kikinotdee said...

What happens if the coin lands on it's edge? it happened to me once, true story :P nice art Leroy.