Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Better Than Partially Fructosed Highly Hydrogenated Soybean-Syrup

[Yes, partially fructosed highly
hydrogenated soybean-syrup is the
best kind of partially fructosed
highly hydrogenated soybean-syrup.]

Blog-post # 378:
(378 = 2*3*3*3*7.)

Eight new art 'inanimations':
(And see note below about
the word 'inanimations'.)

Plexiformation Likewise
As Clockwise-like

As It Is Alongside Anything
That Is Clockwise Or Of Glass

What Is Spoken When All
Words Are Unspeakable

This Ungraphable Proof That
All Proofs Are Disproved

Shapelessly If Non-Amorphously As
Non-Shapes Are Nonlinearly Shaped

Converse To Imbalance
Itself Transpositional

Spuriously Spatial Yet
Speciously Sporadic

Maximizing The Overlapping
Of Minima


[Only four.
Four for you,

Any ultimate lens is
what is glass, is
what no-one is.
Nullity was seen
in it, as was also
something it has.


As glassy existence formed
inside as that illumination,..
Its stained scenes are of
this multidimensional galaxy.


As the meaninglessness:
Glass then seems insane.

Next anagram contains...
adult language. {gasp}]

The sexual stripper is
being censored anew.
Her wise and obscene
tits are perplexing us.


Speaking of "Inanimations":

It is ironic, of course, that even
though "animation" means basically
the opposite of "live-action", as
these two terms are commonly used,
they literally mean basically the
same thing as each other.

Could my art then perhaps be
correctly called, in a way,
Or maybe "live-inaction"
might be more appropriate?

However, "live-inaction" basically
means the same thing, literally,
as "still-life", of course.

(Furthermore, a "still death" is
quite the rigor-mortis, moreover.
But.. at least some of my art is
instead.. more.. lively.)
(Ooohhh... The irony!...)


Hey, this is May,
or so they say.
(Oh, or it may be May,
it may, maybe.)

Philosophical question:
So, given that some calendars
use 4-letter abbreviations
for the months, what then is
the 4-letter abbreviation for

(And I suppose a calendar with
only this one month in it
would therefore be the..
'May-an Calendar'?..)


Successful but disheveled
mathematicians dress very...



The contraindicated
externally applied treatment:

ointment.. ain't meant.


The religious who are envious
of others' gods:

The 'reli-jealous'..

(They are the..
really jealous religious.)


If time is eternal,
it is the...

'Fourever'th Dimension.

Very adult language.]


I mean, you really need to go
and fuck yourself,.. because
I really don't think you...
'get it' at all."

(Get it?)


Speaking of obscene speech
and all of that "Yes, you have a
First-Amendment Free-Speech-right,

Telling the truth about Reality,
about "The War On Terror", or
about any other such nonsense..
is equivalent to..

Yelling "Theater!"
in a crowded fire.

(In other words,

Yes, we find ourselves now in
The Inferno, in The Illusion,
in The HELL-usion.

But pointing out where we are
to the unfortunate others,
however, is not at all allowed
(in order for your own safety
{and, of course, for the safety
of the children,..
yes, for THE CHILDREN, by God!}
-- and please, keep your hands
within your cart at all times;
people have lost their arms on
this ride before, you know;
and at least you DO still have a
constitutional right to bear arms..
{just not to bear them outside your
cart while it is in operation}).

(In other words, what you say
can and WILL be used against you,
.. as they say.)

Yes, enjoy your visit.. and
your FREEDOM.. at our fine
Homeland abuse-ment park.

Thank you for your patronage..
and for your patriotism*.


And God Bless America,...Inc.

('God Bless America' and
'America' are registered
trademarks of USA-Inc and of
Inc-USA and may not be used
without {or with} written
All rights reserved,...
except for any of yours.)



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