Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Cosines And Cosmoses

Blog-post # 379:
(379 = a prime.)

Eleven images,
inanimatedly imagined.

(And 11 anagrams, also.)
(11 ~ 11)
(What an eerie para'11'el.
{Or instead, an eerie {pair of a}
pair of 1's, as it is here.})


Randomness Versus Meaninglessness
As Reality Versus Existence

Transparent Colors Of Trigonometry
Conceived In Cosines' Cosmic Conjuring

Symmetry's Synesthetically
Spectroscopic Stereoscope

Its Inflection Of The Precession
Is As The Rotation Of Its Progression

Loci-lessness Somewhat
Lacking Linearities

Seemingly Semi-Somewhat Semicircular

Incalculably Inexact Numberlessness

Quasi-Delineated By Liquid
Stained Upon Itself

Any Celestial Arithmetic
Is As This

Nonetheless Of The
Nothingness Of Elaboration

Regarding the top image's name,
This name refers to the
'Chaos' of the 'Cosmos'.
(It very likely is a most
unoriginal portmanteau,
however. I have not checked
on-line yet to see if this
word pre-exists. But I would
be absolutely shocked if it
would not get at least
a few thousand* hits.)
*(A few many-nesses?
As opposed to many few-nesses,
like 'many dozens', I guess.)


(11; Eleven;..
Four more than seven.)

The rainbows became theorems.
Some cobwebs therein are math.


The semicircular loops were
almost more spun than heavy.
Amorphous curls are somewhat
incompletely vast herein.


Everything oscillated
as insane coils.
All is a glassy
convection there inside.


A thin clearness is
yet what is ascending.
Anything in it was as
dense as the circles.


As the distant arithmetic:
In its math is created that.


Math is creation,
an arithmetic so.


Yet the wiser math
is all creation.
It was solely an
arithmetic there.


Any arithmetics somewhat
as celestial:
This eye's mathematics
was all creation.


In reality.


A line-quest:
A quilt seen.


This gnome.


Regarding the last anagram:

This is also an anagram of
"gnome-shit", of course.

"That's total 'gnome-shit'!",
is 'something' to say when
expressing that 'something' is
so false and utterly unreal
that it only exists, at most,
in a realm of fantasy-creatures.

Yet even though gnomes never
existed at all, maybe their
shit still somehow does.

(And is this profound question
itself only some gnome-shit?)

"That's GS!"


I swear this didn't occur to me
before. But "GS" sounds like a
quasi-homophone for "Jesus".

So, that reminds me of this..

Agnostics, I guess, might be
(non)believers either...

or in


An ellipse and an oval, either
partially covering the other,


(^Ah, a..

If far more than two words are
combined punningly into one
word, you might then have a...


(Warning: Wisdom. Take note.)

If all you care about is money,
your life is then surely...



Romantic/sexual love too often
exists mostly because of the
loved-one's physical appearance.

ironically, true-love, however,
is often...



Scary lunar aliens:



The science of the Big Bang:



The science of those speeds
near light-speed:



The science of the
universe's history:


(Which sounds tasty...
But I am a vegetarian..)


The science of how the
universe will end:



Speaking of the End Of
The Universe...

Government officials
are certainly jackasses.

That is because our government
is quite a...


[Warning: A very likely to
be very unoriginal joke
is impending..]

A science-fiction kung-fu
movie is a...

'Sci-Fu' movie!..


Pick-up line to get the
smart girls:

"Hey, baby. You are not at all
overweight, but even though I
would really like to pick you up,
I can't.. because..
your thoughts are SO HEAVY!"..

(But will she appreciate this
because she realizes it is only a
parody of idiotic pick-up lines?)

If I had a band, we could call
it "No-Hits Wonder".

No hits? No wonder!

"Hits" = "shit" is an appropriate
anagram many times in regards to
musical pop-hits, however.



Why are owls so wise?

Because they are good at..


(Just ask Owl-bert Einstein.)

[^Not my own joke.
But 'hoo' cares?]

Long ago, it was believed that
the entire cosmos was just a
glass dome over the Earth with
the universe's smallish stars
embedded on the inside of it.
(And with the Earth being
orbited by the sun and moon.)

Yes, this was quite a..
'cel-LESS-tial' belief,
compared to that of
modern astronomy.

(Now days, however, the
cosmos is believed to be
quite a bit 'cos-MORE'
than just a dome..)
[Warning: Controversial.]

God, if He really is as anti-gay
as they say (and He exists in
the first place*), might likely
be gay Himself, and is maybe
in denial and overcompensating.

He really should then just
come-out of the.. Closmos..

(That is the biggest walk-in
closet in the entire Cosmos..
Even Liberace had not a
closet that was THIS big..)

*(Yes, God, if He exists,
probably existed literally in
the "First Place", in the very
first place ever ANYWHERE..)


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