Wednesday, November 28, 2012

This Wisest Retina

Blog-post # 348:
(348 = 2*3*29*2.)

Six images today:

Introscopism's Unknowable Unknowability

Tilted But Untilted Retinae

Thereof Hyperdimensional Glass

Thereafter The Cosines Are Astray

Unseen As Any Irises

Knots Tied Yet Untied As Entropy

("Introscopism" I think is
a neology. It means much the
same as 'introspection' does.
But this word implies more so
the physical usage of one's
Inner Eye.)


(Quite a bunch, today.
Twenty; that's plenty.
{And 2 are 3-part anagrams.})

Mad art is...
Its drama.


Beyond light,
as was insight...
By this, a
glistening shadow.


Glass retina:
As triangles.


This wisest retina...
sees within its art.


Wiser ends.


Wise nerds:


Be wide as geometry;
maybe rot edgewise.


Everything came out
ever sideways.
They vary in me as
to curve edgewise.


Most shapes are
again shaped...
as something has
appeared as.


Integers rate
their mathematics.
The matter is its
greater machine.


Withering knots are
empty and as me,...
making dreamt entropy
what is seen.


Thinking dreams:
Kind nightmares.


I may hunt.
(A hint?.. Yum.)


As we did hate;
all conical dust
also so divides us.
Its void inside holes
adds, was a
calculated soul.


Anger meets:


[Warning: This anagram's
language may offend.]

These finer hot women's
overtly beautiful asses:
Some butts of theirs
we are sinfully
to have seen.


Masses seen.


I pity stud.
It study pi.

(I MUST have posted this
before or read it someplace
else. But I am too lazy to
search right now.)


We wear styles torn,
stained, or ruined.
Last year, trends were
worn inside-out.


Some teenagers are still
hustled with old data.
As all the wild estimates
should... 'trend' to agree.

(Note: This is both an
anagram and a pun.
Two things in one.)


(Now, the funner stuff.)




(Alone among the crowd,
living in..



What kind of coffee should any
much-too-anxious politician
only drink?..



You know why pastries are never
getting baked at 13 o'clock?

Because then...
the baker's dozin'..

Next 2 jokes may offend some.]

'Shit hits this':

The.. 'fan-agram'?..


You hear about the well-respected
man who accidently exposed himself?

Oh yeah, it was quite 'the flap'..

(And he was a nuclear-scientist,
too. So, from the incident, there
was a bit of 'fallout'..)

[I may have read/heard this joke
before someplace else.
See my previous blog-post for
the "Unoriginal Sin" joke,
regarding this.]

Nothing to watch on TV?

It's just The Void-eo screen.


You know where the wayward salmon
swam instead of swimming upstream?

He swam the course of a..

Yes, but this was only because
he had partaken in some of the
sailors'... rhumb.


New things to say:
(Or maybe, things already said,
which I heard somewhere else?)

Christmas maybe should
be renamed..


Instead of saying
"Jesus Christ!", those afraid
to vocally sin may instead say,
"Gypsum Crystals!".

(And on that note, maybe
one who uses euphemisms may be
considered by other rougher
and coarser people to be
a little..


"Ob-see" (or 'obsee'):
verb; To see, either
intentionally or accidentally,
something that is obscene.

As in,
"Whoops, I mistakenly ob-saw
something bad. Oh, better
throw me in jail, then!"


And finally, a put-down:

"You're such a 'dumb-ster'!"..

(Ending as in 'oldster',
'youngster'. Combining
'dumpster' and 'dumb',

[Quite, I am a dumbster, too.
Because I posted this despite
that I must have heard/read
it before. .. Me study pi.]



Saturday, November 24, 2012

Eclipses Of Eclipses

Blog-post # 347:
(347 = a prime,
Am I the only one not
impressed by this being
a prime?)

My six newest images:
(Siks? siccs, {sic}s.)

Three-Halves As Finite

Loci Between Themselves And Intermediacy

Sans Any Empty-Sets

Bioluminescence Dared

One Dream Of Every Shape

Axioms Of Glass Shattered By Glassiness

(Just paleologisms in
the names today.)

(16 = sixteen
= 2*2*2*2.)

Earth's loneliness
creates this.
As it is less than
electrons here.


These half-spheres spill
into electric sanity.
All the thirsty eclipses
of eclipses then rain.


Helical slab:
All is bleach.


All its bleach:
Helical blast.

(This one and the
previous one are
just silly.)

The bands share music,
or egos are ruined.
... Because our minds
dare hear their songs.


Between those
I see the dreams
we bent into ice.


Our crescendo is any ends
to be so set as all within.
Its roundness or
DNA bioscience was
lately those.


Moons were to subdue sleep,
casting her to bed.
There, eclipses are so;
but gnomons we doubted.




A God, He damned killers,..
making Hell so dreaded.


Poison us
in soup so.


Sin poisons;
Is in spoons.


Repo man:
Mean pro.


All the fascist losers
seem surely as selfishly
so to be.
Those sore asses'
silly fists shall
falsely become true.

The final two anagrams below
may offend some readers.
Warning, possible
offensiveness looms.]

We rue the pornography's sin.
Ours were then happy groins.


All beautiful, smart,
tarty fleshiness:
A slut finally masturbates
it herself.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

That good thing is..
awfully fully off.

(Other times, however, it is
honestly the on-est thing.)


Are those people we are the
least genetically related to
our... 'last-cousins'?

('Last Cousins': And yet
another band-name, perhaps?)

(And yet another band-name,
'Them Long-Haired Hips'.
But I digress.)

There are dreadlocks,
deadlocks, and
But sadly, no dreadbolts?


Being so stressed you are
literally scared-to-death
can be very...



Soundly asleep? To say one
is 'quietly asleep' would
be more literally accurate.


"Yeah, he is soundly asleep.
Because he screams
in his dreams."


Mathematics equals:

Sometimes sums;
Sometimes times.


You know what does NOT have
any 'grandeur' (ironically)?

A grand-jury.


All four wheels of a car spinning
with almost the exact same
angular-velocity is quite the...


(Or.. 'car-roll-ation'?)

(Fun is done.)

There is quite the correlation
between what facts we think
correlate and all that really
never has.


[Warning: Politics + Religion.
{US-centric politics.}
Warning: Satire.]

"In the Beginning
there was only darkness...
and no money.
Then the Great 'Job-Creator'
said, 'Let there be wealth'.
And there was then wealth,
and this was good (for those
already with wealth, that is)."

The Big Bank Theory?

("Trickle-Outward* Economics"?
*{rather violently trickling so})


Women seem to want guys who
call themselves crazy.
But the last thing most women
want is a guy who really is crazy.

In other words,..
women want liars.

(Quite both curtly and
relatively circumlocutorily
I stated this.
... 'Curt-cumlocutorily'?..)


Speaking of

You ever notice how a pack of
snack-mix has the very LEAST of
whatever one type of snack-mix
element you actually want the
This fact does not even seem to
be a result of the best type of
snack-mix element necessarily
being the most expensive type
of element in the mix, either.

And this goes too with colored
candies, where the red ("cherry"
or "strawberry" in some candies)
and purple ("grape" in some) and
maybe even blue candies are the
most rare, say, while the far
more commonly occurring colors
are the relatively ugly ones
(and probably the most unpopular),
yellow ("lemon", say) and green
("lime", say).

Because people LIKE the red
"flavors" MORE.
(Or they think they do.)
So the candy companies and
snack-mix companies figure, I am
sure, that they will sell more of
whatever mixed goodies they sell,
as a whole, if the companies give
us LESS of what we want MORE of,

Get it?
It's psychology... APPLIED!

(At some point decades ago, I bet,
there MUST have been a psychology
study about this, about the
benefits of companies actually
denying customers what they most
want so to increase the companies'

You see, people want what
they DON'T want!

You're not happy about this fact
(or myth)? Then that means you
ARE happy about it!
(Very very {un}happy.)



Monday, November 19, 2012

Megalo-depressive Melotrauma

(Don't worry.
Except in regards to the bad puns,
this title is only pessimistically

Blog-post # 346:
(346 = 2*173.)

Eight images.
(Who ate the images?)

Astro-analytical Defiance

Terrestrially Mundane Astrophysics

Transcending Tautology But Not Transcendence

Each Abyss Formed Of Polymers

Infinite Heaviness Of Nothingness


Said By Unknowability

Magnanimously Megalomanic -
Defiantly Depressive

I guess I like most of the images in my last post more so than any of these.


As of today,
November 19, 2012,

There are only 33
shopping-days until...

The End Of The World!

[Remember the alleged Mayan
predictions and all that?]

["Shop till we ALL drop"??]

(And then 3 days past
that terrible terrible day,
and 36 days from now, it
will be Christmas. Can't wait.)

Christmas should be called
"Presents-mas", as in,

(I myself actually loathe
receiving Christmas presents,
especially because I will
not give anyone anything
in return, and, oh yeah,
I do not like celebrating
Christmas especially since
I am not a Christian. And
even if I was a Christian,
I hate almost all holidays
Oh, the Hellidays.)


(Only four; no more.)

That glare's huge shadows
almost stir as universes had.
Alas, its massive hourglasses
dare the thoughts drawn.

[I JUST came up with this one.
Hot off the presses, as they say.
{And they also say "as they say"
a lot too, but I digress.}]

One eye; the polygonal pulses
tied, knotted so.
They looked on it to
supposedly see, entangle.




All dearest everything
is a strange rose.
Yet these grandest
virgins are also real.


I hear a lot about
"God's Will".


"I, God, hereby declare that
I, upon My death, bequeath the
Universe to..." etc etc etc?

Good, God has a will; or so they
claim He does. The LAST thing we
need* is a fight over His assets
(ie, the Universe).

(But does THAT will need to
be legally notarized?)

*(And this then would likely be
the last thing we all get, too.
The very last thing.)


If you are 1000-times as
overconfident and insanely
power-hungry, would that mean
you are a..


(Or quite an..
omnipotent gigolo,..)


If that play/movie just hits
you with a thud..
(and especially if it is
a murder-mystery), then it
perhaps could be called a...

'blunt-force drama'...

("And I heard the acting in
it was so very..
'melo-traumatic', too.")



The Unoriginal Sin.


(I would've worked as a
woodworker, but that
wouldn't have worked..)


What do those soldiers about
to be paid yell to each other?

"Incoming!.. income.."


A totally invisible ghost:

A 'transparition'?


It's out-of-fashion(s)..


Speaking of being
(But -- warning --
the following is NOT for those
of you with an old-fashioned
ability to easily get offended.
Warning, possibly offensive
material below.)

My doctor is SO old and
so old-fashioned,..
that he checks my prostate
via an...

analog rectal exam..

('Anal-log rectal exam'?
If so, that would be the
second 'anal-log' pun
so far I have posted to
this blog. Good for me.)


Thursday, November 15, 2012

As Mis-Seen Things Mis-Seem

Blog-post # 345:
(345 = 3*23*5.)

Six new images:

(Only six; so sad.
But these aren't bad.)

Undrawability Of Undrawability

Unvaryingly Opaquely Univariable Opalescence

Into Indeterminably Minimal Maxima

Lens-lessness Else Is As This

Likewise Unlike Mis-seen Hallucination

Impending Knottiness Of Angles


[Five; Doing five
is what I've revived.]

Arise; churn.


These swirls of
In the fast or
slow coil is less.


One square sphere weaves.
Opaqueness ever was here.


A string ties via only
fakest nothingness.
Any knotting of its
angles never is as this.


So, this refraction
was being...
these rainbows
of its arcing.


What is scarier than even
The Minotaur?

The Maxotaur!..


Who is the most truthless?

The ruthless!

(Or vice-versa.
Never virtue-versa.)

[A bit politically apt, this is.
Sorry for not having a warning
of impending politics.]

So, what type of tool holds
items in its grasp so really
very very nicely?

A virtue-grip,
of course.


Why do they call that thing you
punch to determine the hours
you worked a 'time-clock'?

To distinguish it from a

Otherwise, quite a redundant
name. (Although, to be fair,
'grapefruit' refers to a fruit,
but not to grapes. So, you
can never be too careful or
too redundant in naming
something, I suppose. I mean,
what if a 'time-clock' was
indeed a clock, but not of
time; maybe it being more so
a measuring device of how much
life-force and freedom has been
forcibly taken from your soul?..
.. Oh, then. I guess that is
what it is indeed, essentially..)

Hey, though.
What device do physicists use
to punch-in when they arrive
at their lab at the university
(or wherever they work at)?

The 'space-time-clock', obviously.

(Boss: "It seems you only worked
30 hours on Tuesday, Dr Johnston.
You must have been traveling very
very quickly, and so, relatively
for you, it was only 25 hours.
Thus, I will have to 'Doc' your


Speaking of clocks:
Just a note regarding the
saying, "Even a stopped clock
is right two times a day."

This is a bad thing for people
to take seriously, since,
as I think it might be so, a
clock moving BACKWARDS (at the
same rate) is correct FOUR
times per day.

(You do not want to encourage
certain powerful people to use
their influence to have our
society not progress at all,
surely; but you definitely
don't want to encourage a
retrogradation of social values,
and especially not because
some of these powerful people
think the 4-times-a-day
variation on the old proverb
should be taken somewhat
too literally.)



Why does bile smell funny?

of its scents of humors..

(Did I publish this joke here
already? I probably heard it
before. I certainly know it
is likely to have been
reinvented over and over
by many different people.)



Monday, November 12, 2012

Antimaterialistic Anticlimax -- Quaintly Quark-like

Blog-post # 344:
(344 = 2*2*2*43.)

Seven new images:

Of Any Anticlimactic Antimatter Unlike It

My Nihilism In Its Nonempty Subset Of All

Dissertations Of Misanthropomorphism

Math Multiplied By Art And Anger

Only Such Poly-Holism

Undrawn By Super-Crystalline Sub-Atoms

A Guillotine Photogenically Neurological

(Why am I giving most of my
images such long names lately?)

Notable neologisms:

Misanthropic anthropomorphism.

Regarding the many All's.

I remember reading once about
'super-crystals", but now I
cannot recall what those even
are. Something quite amazing,
I am certain, anyway.

That there is some
I did there.

*(And I should use the
compound-word 'back-form'
sometime. But I am sure
someone else already has.)

And speaking of the
quaintest quarks..


(I've derived five.)

My fate has multiplied
all/any within itself.
This then ultimately
was finally amplified.


Ironic and also tilted...
into all sad direction.


Our own crowning DNA is
easily ended; thus it dies.
This was nicely wronged
and ruined too inside us.


All falsely has this.
It slays a half-shell.


In myths,
undrawable destiny is.
This was my blundered


If one desires to possess positrons,
antiprotons, and antineutrons,
then one must be an...



If, however, one desires the air,
the atmosphere, the weather,
then one must be a...



If one has a split-personality,
is one (are they) then an..



If a conjurer conjures
something from nothingness,
he is quite the...



[Warning. Politics.
Warning. Politics.]

Fox(-scist) News:

Putting "The Estates"
in the Fourth Estate..


I have already called
Mitt Romney, the
"Mormon of Mammon".

But a new name I
now have for him,
given his infamous
inconsistency on
political issues:

The.. 'Oxy-Mormon'.


One last (very non-political)
An update to my rant (in my
last blog-post) about why it is
best, I think, for me not to date:

Also, almost everyone who has ever
loved another or simply has been
sexually attracted to another has
inevitably done so for the most
unjust and sometimes downright
illogical reasons. Some of these
reasons are quite bigoted in some
ways; and if the person in-love
realized exactly why they felt the
way they do, they would feel ashamed
and then be repulsed by themselves
almost as much as they have now
become repulsed by that person they
just realized they had been loving
for absolutely the stupidest of
These stupid reasons are inevitable.
Almost inevitable, anyhow.

People fall in love most often based
upon looks almost entirely; which in
itself is as unjust as some of the
most vile forms of prejudice, from
racism to agism to weight-ism to
It is all just looks-ism, after all.
But people can also fall in love
with someone for the most absurd of
other reasons too, such as mainly
because of that someone's name, or
their economic status, or their family
affiliations, or their zodiac sign,
or simply because of the pheromones
that other person's body emits.
I am sure the reasons are endless and
almost always senseless for why people
get together.
And never mind that in many cases,
couples believe that they got together
originally for some magical, maybe
even supernatural, reasons. At least
their love is not based on stupid lies,

Primarily, love is probably almost always
just about looks-ism --
prejudiced and bigoted looks-ism.
Then we find an excuse why our attraction
is 'justified', as in "She is nice!"
As if that ugly lady next to her is not
nice as well, maybe even more so nice.
And almost everyone can be considered
to be 'nice' if we really really want to
think they are nice for some reason,..
a reason, like, oh, she has a good butt.

Yes, have a good ass...
or else be considered an ass.
That is the way it mostly is, correct?



Thursday, November 8, 2012

Oxomoronic Loxydrome

Blog-post # 343:
(343 = 7*7*7.
Wow, 7 cubed.)

Six new images
(but not 7, sadly):

As Sur-Existentialism Aforementioned

Monotonically Meandering, Counter-Otherwise

Lengthlessness Surely Aswirl

In Integers Precessing To Human-Unbeing

Specifically Spherically Loudly Undetectable

Oxymoronic Loxodrome


A most surreal of Existentialism,
a play upon surrealism
via existence.

Likewise. (Especially
in relation to the direction
of rotation.)

The characteristic of being
without definable length
or of having zero length.

A nonexistent human
individual, or the
nonexistence of us all.

Regarding about the bottom
image's name:
Note, it is not the same as this
blog-post's title. (The blog-post
title is like a spoonerism, yet
with inner letters exchanged
instead of the words' initial
letters, in case you didn't
notice that.)


(Then ten..)

The envisioning really was.
Everything is all;
None I saw.


Above us all:
So valuable.


The bane:




We so were greatly
above this sin.
Yet, below-average
is worthiness.




Any moon exits ours.
It uses an oxymoron.


All is too
compressed therein.
More does roll
than its pieces.


As their very hat-like holes,
they ever are this silk halo.


The woven souls are
as all, I felt.
Real love itself
thus was alone.


No real jokes today
(nor fake ones).

I might start calling non-human
animals, especially when
referring to individual ones,
influenced by how it is already
done in regard to "Human-Beings".

Maybe I should be more specific
when necessary, too, and refer
to "Cat-Beings" or "Dog-Beings"
or "Wildebeest-Beings".
(But will calling them this,
in the last case, cause them
to only become even more so
the "bewildered-beests"?)

(What do "welder-beests" do,
however?.. Create from metal
something that is gnu.)



Romantic love and even sex:
I must forego them.
But why?
Because they are as a
drug-addiction, forced by
biology and chemistry upon
our minds: controlling us,
controlling our desires,
our emotions, our thoughts.

These limbic emotions
are force-fed to our souls;
and yet we still desire to
believe we are in any way

However, celibacy frees me
from the otherwise destined
control by that puppet-master
(a puppet-master beloved so
by its conformist puppets).

Thus, I am freed from the
controls of my own visceral
and corporal essence, and
also from the influences of
women and of relationships
(if anyone even exists
besides myself).

(Also, I am ugly..

So why bother? I must
save my energies for
other things at which I
MIGHT possibly succeed.)


The rest of my "funniness"
today is to be directed
So beware.

[Caution. Politics below.
Caution. Politics.]

Oh, and we just had some
election-thingy here in the US.

The US presidential election
is kind of a sporting-event:
The 'Elypics'?
The 'Olection'?

And as you all must know by now,
B Obama won the gold-medal,
and M Romney won a silver-medal.

Who won the bronze, however?
This does not matter in US
politics, unfortunately.

Regarding America's
'Two-Party System':

They say,
Do not vote third-party,
especially if you live in
a "swing-state".

They say, vote for only a
viable candidate.

But the problem is,..

All of the 'viable' candidates..
are the most 'buyable' candidates!

One can vote "third-party" if one
wishes to, of course, but the only
practical purpose of doing so is as
a protest-vote: The proverbial
"None-of-the-above" vote, where
"none of the above" only refers to
the Democrat and Republican
No other candidates matter, period.
In fact -- you non-Americans should
know -- voting third-party in the US
may even be counterproductive, and
may actually lead to the one (of the
two major candidates) the third-party-
voter DISLIKES the most winning.
(This may be what happened in 2000 in
the US. It seems* that third-party
candidate Ralph Nader had gotten many
more votes for president in the state
of Florida than were needed for Al Gore
to have beaten GW Bush there. So,
Bush won Florida, even though by far
Gore was on-average much more favored
by the Nader-voters than Bush was.
So, Bush won Florida. And because
of the US "Electoral College" system,
hated much here, Bush won ALL of the
electoral votes in Florida, a state with
relatively many electoral votes, and so
(even though Gore won the nationwide
popular vote!) the next four years
(then the four after that) sucked
here in the US much more for most
everybody, but especially for the
type of person (like myself) who would
have voted for Nader.

*(Although exactly what happened is uncertain.)

(Okay, tutorial for non-Americans over.)

As for the term "Third-Party",
I think that any proverbial "Third Party" suffers from the same nomenclature problem as the "Fourth Dimension". There are MANY dimensions, an infinite number perhaps even, beyond the three we commonly know. Any of those could be arbitrarily declared the "fourth dimension". Same deal with all those multiple "third parties", of course.
But, of course, they might as well all just be labeled "zeroth parties", because they all have absolutely zero chance of winning any races ever under our American voting system; and they can only serve to actually lead to the more awful candidates winning by being spoilers -- almost as if America's "Founding Fathers" were morons or something when they designed our crap-system.

When I was a kid, as do many kids (and probably some American adults also), I thought that the "Electoral College" was the "Electrical College".
(This wasn't too long after I had learned, I think I recall, that "electricity" was not really "lectricity", too.)
So, I guess I was an optimist as a kid? I thought America might be a meritocracy, perhaps run by academic, skilled and erudite electricians...
(They will fix what is wrong!)



Sunday, November 4, 2012

Weirdly Usual

Blog-post # 342:
(342 = 3*2*19*3)

Eight images again:
(This is becoming a pattern.
Now two blog-posts in a row
-- in a row, mind you --
each with eight images in them.
Call the tabloids.)

Paradox Sans Consent Of Contingency

Knots Disentangled Beyond Themselves

Creation Of Creation Of Time Forming Time

Interstellar Drought

Incarcerated, Incinerated, And Carcinogenic

Plurality Fragmented To Be Singular


Callously Celestial Colossus Of All

The only neology among the
image's titles today is
"Psycho-calypse", which is
formed from "Psycho",
of course, and "Apocalypse".

I like the bottom image above
and its title; much, actually.
But the title does not really
complement the image, however.
(I just had to, after thinking
of the name, call my next
image that, no matter how
inappropriate doing so
would have been.
That happens a lot.)

I do like the image names here
today, though, at least the
longer names.


(Five, again; the number of
anagrams in my last post.
So, those are two cases of
two numbers of something being
the same from two of my
blog-posts in a row.
That surely is the most
phenomenal coincidence..)
(Pre-script to the anagrams:
I much like the top anagram

Not early; not late;...
only to alternate.


Of pure causality,
more depends;
.. as yourself,
predicated upon me.


Worthless finality there:
Its Hell now is farther yet.


In our lasting
chromatic failures:
Their cosmic ruin,
again of all rust.


Glass is interwoven so.
As I, it loves wrongness.


Mathematical theorems about
the infinite:

These come to their conclusions,
their final paragraphs,
prefaced by..


(And in conclusion,
there is no conclusion..)


Science and its theories do exist
(and maybe so too
do the scientists),

... in-theory..


An id + the smallest mind =


(That's my future band-name;
one of the many of these names.
And I don't even like this name.)

(I used to comment much more
than I currently do on
politics here in this blog.
But now so, more so, I post
regarding word-play.

... From making fun of idiots,
.. to making fun of idioms.)

Asking about the universe?
About laundry?

Visit the..


There are definitely the most
substantial of questions asked
here,.. and answered perhaps.
But your questions are answered
only after depositing your change,
and waiting, then waiting,
then waiting, and remaining
worried about your missing
laundry items and about those
existential and surreal yet
germ-covered washing-machines.

That is life. It will
encircle you like that, like
your own soiled clothes circling
(and encircled by) themselves.


Now I have become trendy,
so avant-garde.
As I am now being so..

Yes, so pretentiously trendy,
so hip,
we creative artists are.

Not merely starving,
we are, however.
But more so.. anorexic.

(A jaunt into the gaunt,..
for art.)

[Okay, this is an odd switch..]

I figured it out.
Cats must puke so much
by evolutionary design,..
because... Why?

.. Then they can get at least
SOME exercise..


(The granite, granted,
is slanted.)


What is a 'paramour'?
More than a 'paragon'?
But where has that gone?
Where there are polygons?

More polygons than a pair?
Where? Where there is a
plexiform paradox,
as perplexing, as
paramount as any amount
of paranormality? Surely,
the parallax lacks
its parallels. And these
parallels are neither
alliterated nor as literal
as any anything, nor as all.

(This is outstandingly
outlandish, and unlike myself
and what I am.)