Thursday, November 15, 2012

As Mis-Seen Things Mis-Seem

Blog-post # 345:
(345 = 3*23*5.)

Six new images:

(Only six; so sad.
But these aren't bad.)

Undrawability Of Undrawability

Unvaryingly Opaquely Univariable Opalescence

Into Indeterminably Minimal Maxima

Lens-lessness Else Is As This

Likewise Unlike Mis-seen Hallucination

Impending Knottiness Of Angles


[Five; Doing five
is what I've revived.]

Arise; churn.


These swirls of
In the fast or
slow coil is less.


One square sphere weaves.
Opaqueness ever was here.


A string ties via only
fakest nothingness.
Any knotting of its
angles never is as this.


So, this refraction
was being...
these rainbows
of its arcing.


What is scarier than even
The Minotaur?

The Maxotaur!..


Who is the most truthless?

The ruthless!

(Or vice-versa.
Never virtue-versa.)

[A bit politically apt, this is.
Sorry for not having a warning
of impending politics.]

So, what type of tool holds
items in its grasp so really
very very nicely?

A virtue-grip,
of course.


Why do they call that thing you
punch to determine the hours
you worked a 'time-clock'?

To distinguish it from a

Otherwise, quite a redundant
name. (Although, to be fair,
'grapefruit' refers to a fruit,
but not to grapes. So, you
can never be too careful or
too redundant in naming
something, I suppose. I mean,
what if a 'time-clock' was
indeed a clock, but not of
time; maybe it being more so
a measuring device of how much
life-force and freedom has been
forcibly taken from your soul?..
.. Oh, then. I guess that is
what it is indeed, essentially..)

Hey, though.
What device do physicists use
to punch-in when they arrive
at their lab at the university
(or wherever they work at)?

The 'space-time-clock', obviously.

(Boss: "It seems you only worked
30 hours on Tuesday, Dr Johnston.
You must have been traveling very
very quickly, and so, relatively
for you, it was only 25 hours.
Thus, I will have to 'Doc' your


Speaking of clocks:
Just a note regarding the
saying, "Even a stopped clock
is right two times a day."

This is a bad thing for people
to take seriously, since,
as I think it might be so, a
clock moving BACKWARDS (at the
same rate) is correct FOUR
times per day.

(You do not want to encourage
certain powerful people to use
their influence to have our
society not progress at all,
surely; but you definitely
don't want to encourage a
retrogradation of social values,
and especially not because
some of these powerful people
think the 4-times-a-day
variation on the old proverb
should be taken somewhat
too literally.)



Why does bile smell funny?

of its scents of humors..

(Did I publish this joke here
already? I probably heard it
before. I certainly know it
is likely to have been
reinvented over and over
by many different people.)




Anonymous said...

Or would the backward-moving clock be right just three times per day? Because one of those times is exactly 24 hours later, so could be said to belong to the next day??? Confusing.

Amorphous Trapezoid said...

Now I am confused. THIS is exactly why I have not (yet) built a time-machine.
But maybe I will still build one someday, anyway.. (Perhaps I will in the past? Or perhaps I already did in the future?)