Thursday, November 8, 2012

Oxomoronic Loxydrome

Blog-post # 343:
(343 = 7*7*7.
Wow, 7 cubed.)

Six new images
(but not 7, sadly):

As Sur-Existentialism Aforementioned

Monotonically Meandering, Counter-Otherwise

Lengthlessness Surely Aswirl

In Integers Precessing To Human-Unbeing

Specifically Spherically Loudly Undetectable

Oxymoronic Loxodrome


A most surreal of Existentialism,
a play upon surrealism
via existence.

Likewise. (Especially
in relation to the direction
of rotation.)

The characteristic of being
without definable length
or of having zero length.

A nonexistent human
individual, or the
nonexistence of us all.

Regarding about the bottom
image's name:
Note, it is not the same as this
blog-post's title. (The blog-post
title is like a spoonerism, yet
with inner letters exchanged
instead of the words' initial
letters, in case you didn't
notice that.)


(Then ten..)

The envisioning really was.
Everything is all;
None I saw.


Above us all:
So valuable.


The bane:




We so were greatly
above this sin.
Yet, below-average
is worthiness.




Any moon exits ours.
It uses an oxymoron.


All is too
compressed therein.
More does roll
than its pieces.


As their very hat-like holes,
they ever are this silk halo.


The woven souls are
as all, I felt.
Real love itself
thus was alone.


No real jokes today
(nor fake ones).

I might start calling non-human
animals, especially when
referring to individual ones,
influenced by how it is already
done in regard to "Human-Beings".

Maybe I should be more specific
when necessary, too, and refer
to "Cat-Beings" or "Dog-Beings"
or "Wildebeest-Beings".
(But will calling them this,
in the last case, cause them
to only become even more so
the "bewildered-beests"?)

(What do "welder-beests" do,
however?.. Create from metal
something that is gnu.)



Romantic love and even sex:
I must forego them.
But why?
Because they are as a
drug-addiction, forced by
biology and chemistry upon
our minds: controlling us,
controlling our desires,
our emotions, our thoughts.

These limbic emotions
are force-fed to our souls;
and yet we still desire to
believe we are in any way

However, celibacy frees me
from the otherwise destined
control by that puppet-master
(a puppet-master beloved so
by its conformist puppets).

Thus, I am freed from the
controls of my own visceral
and corporal essence, and
also from the influences of
women and of relationships
(if anyone even exists
besides myself).

(Also, I am ugly..

So why bother? I must
save my energies for
other things at which I
MIGHT possibly succeed.)


The rest of my "funniness"
today is to be directed
So beware.

[Caution. Politics below.
Caution. Politics.]

Oh, and we just had some
election-thingy here in the US.

The US presidential election
is kind of a sporting-event:
The 'Elypics'?
The 'Olection'?

And as you all must know by now,
B Obama won the gold-medal,
and M Romney won a silver-medal.

Who won the bronze, however?
This does not matter in US
politics, unfortunately.

Regarding America's
'Two-Party System':

They say,
Do not vote third-party,
especially if you live in
a "swing-state".

They say, vote for only a
viable candidate.

But the problem is,..

All of the 'viable' candidates..
are the most 'buyable' candidates!

One can vote "third-party" if one
wishes to, of course, but the only
practical purpose of doing so is as
a protest-vote: The proverbial
"None-of-the-above" vote, where
"none of the above" only refers to
the Democrat and Republican
No other candidates matter, period.
In fact -- you non-Americans should
know -- voting third-party in the US
may even be counterproductive, and
may actually lead to the one (of the
two major candidates) the third-party-
voter DISLIKES the most winning.
(This may be what happened in 2000 in
the US. It seems* that third-party
candidate Ralph Nader had gotten many
more votes for president in the state
of Florida than were needed for Al Gore
to have beaten GW Bush there. So,
Bush won Florida, even though by far
Gore was on-average much more favored
by the Nader-voters than Bush was.
So, Bush won Florida. And because
of the US "Electoral College" system,
hated much here, Bush won ALL of the
electoral votes in Florida, a state with
relatively many electoral votes, and so
(even though Gore won the nationwide
popular vote!) the next four years
(then the four after that) sucked
here in the US much more for most
everybody, but especially for the
type of person (like myself) who would
have voted for Nader.

*(Although exactly what happened is uncertain.)

(Okay, tutorial for non-Americans over.)

As for the term "Third-Party",
I think that any proverbial "Third Party" suffers from the same nomenclature problem as the "Fourth Dimension". There are MANY dimensions, an infinite number perhaps even, beyond the three we commonly know. Any of those could be arbitrarily declared the "fourth dimension". Same deal with all those multiple "third parties", of course.
But, of course, they might as well all just be labeled "zeroth parties", because they all have absolutely zero chance of winning any races ever under our American voting system; and they can only serve to actually lead to the more awful candidates winning by being spoilers -- almost as if America's "Founding Fathers" were morons or something when they designed our crap-system.

When I was a kid, as do many kids (and probably some American adults also), I thought that the "Electoral College" was the "Electrical College".
(This wasn't too long after I had learned, I think I recall, that "electricity" was not really "lectricity", too.)
So, I guess I was an optimist as a kid? I thought America might be a meritocracy, perhaps run by academic, skilled and erudite electricians...
(They will fix what is wrong!)




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kikinotdee said...

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