Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Blog post # 262:
(262 = 2*131.)

Astronomical Impropriety

Arctangents Suspiciously Unmade

Diameters Depleted



An anagram times three:

Pieces lost...
to eclipses.


Imbalances At Rest
A limber stance sat.


It seems within...
when its time is.


So, there is so-called "head-cheese".
Why not then "limb-cheese"?
(Not to be confused with kimchi.)

Then we could have limb-cheese burgers!
Makes sense, since we already now have
Limburger cheese!...


Yeah yeah, old joke:
Why do they still call it a "bathroom" even when there is no bathtub in it?

Maybe they should call it instead the
"inside-out house".

Whoops, I mean, the "inside out-house".

It's all how you hyphenate it
(and hype it).
Hyphen it!
(However, the hypothetical hyphen-hype is hyper-hypnotizing.)

Enough of the hyper-hyphenation!



The vague merging of the many:


Even math has its plusses.


Even insurance-companies have their benefits.



Saturday, January 28, 2012

Severed Aesthetics

Blog post # 261:
(261 = 3*29*3.)

Semi-Diagonal Concentricities

Outlandishly Somewhat

Deviation From Dreams

Unaccelerated By Ascent


I am not incredibly ultra-happy about any of these images, but I think I prefer the bottom two images the best. (And I like the name of the bottom image, "Meta-Mythological", because it is a counterpoint to the word "metaphysical".) I also somewhat (and outlandishly so) like the second image, "Outlandishly Somewhat".


Anagrams (just two, but I like them):

A sun is once paraphrased,
since sad auroras happen.

(^In honor of the recent solar-storm hitting Earth.)


Reality leaves me,
the loner is cast.
All aesthetics I
sever more neatly.


What's 'improper'?
An 'imp-roper'!...


(I KNOW this is unoriginal. But it is true.)

Reality is like a defunct perfume-factory.
It makes no scents.
And it is all out-of-odor.


Some new words/hyphenated word-pairs to consider:

Allwhat .. (as opposed to "somewhat")
.. Allwise!


(Speaking of being quasi-extreme..)

I had a movie idea. But I am definitely not going to write the screenplay. I won't even write a summary just a little more detailed than the one I am about to write here. That would be too hard. And... probably too dangerous (if it gets out).

(I am unaware of the plots of most movies/fiction that have been written/produced, especially over the last couple decades. Please forgive me if this story has already been written/produced. The title may also be unoriginal -- most likely definitely is.)

Title: "The Lobbyist"

A high-powered Washington DC lobbyist moonlights as a political assassin,
killing those politicians, as well as business executives, other lobbyists, and political-activists, who oppose whom and what he is lobbying for (at least at first).

Maybe as the movie progresses, he has self-doubt or something, and starts killing off not just those politicians who are opposed to the causes he has been lobbying for, but other politicians and others also... or something..

This all could be some kind of metaphor for big-money in politics -- that big-money influence as a result of recent Supreme Court decisions and of just plain corruption by those (VICs) "Very Important" Criminals (not VIPs) in Washington.

Anyway, I am imagining this "lobbyist" is at least somewhat an antihero, if not necessarily a very sympathetic one.
(Or is that just a little too cliche??..)



Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Thorn Unimagined

Blog post # 260:
(260 = 2*5*13*2.)

Astronomies Once Obsolete

An Unlikely Unimagination

Anarchically Analytical

Quasi-Mathematical Desecration

Within Withered Ooze

(I think I prefer "An Unlikely Unimagination" -- the second from the top -- the best this time. But it looks better at a higher resolution.)


Unaccidentally: Anagrams:

Retort, Sir?!


Unimagined Thorn
Ruin nothing made.


And/or only guys.


All its weirdness
News is still read.


There is tons of
brain-Washington (DC)
goin' on!


I'm not now "middle-aged"!

No, it is better to say that
I'm now "medieval-ed"!


Kids are too difficult for me to ever take care of.
(Good thing the ladies all agree with me that I should never have children!)

For instance, it seems that all toddlers
like to eat lead paint, if they could.
And then they finally grow out of that,
and grow...
until they are teenagers.
Then they all seem to want to
SMOKE lead paint!..

(Kids are funny that way.)



Friday, January 20, 2012

Hypocritical Lollypop

Blog post # 259:
(259 = 7*37.).

Contentious Oculi

Predicates Via Non Sequiturs

Unanimously Ephemeral

All Heresy Of Bewilderment

Anthropomorphically Lopsided

(I personally prefer the bottom three images more than the top two.)


Triad of anagrams:

If arc-lines outstretched so
of strained electric shouts.


Counted Stirs


I am any energy.
Yin/Yang are me.

(I like the last best, I suppose.
Did I already post it a long while ago?)


There's a hypocriticality in my reality.


An asymmetrical candy sucker is...



Be wilder...


I once was ... planning ..
on being an architect.


They say you should cut out all processed meat from your diet, for health reasons.
Yes, you should quit
even cold turkey cold-turkey!

(Damn me, I must have heard THAT one before..)


New slang for pair of boobs:
Her "double entendres".

(Also works for pair of buttocks,
or for pair of man-balls.)

Insider-trading, bribery, bank-fraud,
tax-fraud, etc are
... capital-crimes!...


e e cummings didn't really
capitalize on his name.


The reasons for the US beginning the
Iraq War are rather ... Oil-wellian..

(I might have posted this joke before.)


If you have a good 'grasp' of a concept,
then you are ... "comprehensile"..


Cheese does please,
but I'm not in it for the rennet.


I really hate...
having a hole lot of socks.



Sunday, January 15, 2012

Counterproductively Controversial But Counterclockwise

Blog post # 258:
(258 = 2*43*3.)

Properly Problematic

Introspective Empathy

Metaphorically Mesoscopic

Deactivated Whereabouts

Unsurpassed By Nuance


Okay, them anagrams you all adore allegedly:

As you are grotesque,
a queasy gore so true.


A thin cry it is.


All Orthogonalities Spun
Ah, its loops lie along turn.


Luddites are
'activists for deactivation'.

"de-activists", therefore?


Porn movies are ...

(And, of course, in them
enter-tainers often enter-coarsely...)


Okay, NOW things are about to get ugly here!...

(Cough, .... as that one person in the back row always does during each live speaking-performance just right after someone says something possibly potentially a little bit controversial.)

Speaking of my last post's essay on bigotry, I have to ask:
Why do serious discussions about race, it seems, always now days end up being counterproductive, potentially doing more harm than good for race relations?
(They almost ALWAYS seem to degenerate, for just one thing, into, "Well, White people all are like this!" or "Black people, however, are all like this!".. Not a good sign for humanity, if things keeps going like that.)

Black guy*: "Let's talk about race."
White guy: "You mean like NASCAR?"...

*(Sorry, I saddled the Black guy with asking this question. I did so because of my own stereotypes about minorities supposedly being the ones who always 'want to talk about race'. Except that now *I* am wanting to talk about race {unprompted this time}, and I'm White. {Well, GOOD for me, geesh!})

Anyway. NASCAR: Is that even a race?
Or is it just to see who can drive the longest (around and around and around and...) before running out of gas?
.... Yes, NASCAR is all about
(Geesh! Definitely, right, idiot.)

Anyway, talking about race -- whether that race is of the human type or is NASCAR -- can in either way get you talking in circles...


Even more hatred, more ugliness! (Yipee!)...

If Hell doesn't exist (as I suspect it doesn't), then NOTHING therefore exists.
This is because EVERYTHING is Hell!


You may have heard about the so-called "love hormone" oxytocin.

Supposedly this hormone is at least somewhat responsible for everything from our sex drives to our feelings of love, empathy and sociability and desires to share, plus for mothers' emotional-bonds with their newborns, etc.

So, oxytocin should NOT be confused with the similar-named Oxycotin.
(Though lots of people still make this mistake.)
The two substances are NOT AT ALL the same...

So, ....
There is (the aptly first-named) Rush Limbaugh looking to get his fix.
And he makes the dreaded mistake (Rush IS mistaken, you know, on SO many issues... But I digress.),
and grabs the oxytocin instead of the intended Oxycotin.

And, behold! He is transfered immediately into a loving, empathetic, caring, sharing, peace-loving...

Oh, the humanity!

But wait! He may actually want to INTENTIONALLY take oxytocin..
Because I just read online that when these lab-animals are injected with the hormone,
it causes "spontaneous erections in rats"!...

Party-time for Mr Rush!... (the rat)
(Now, where is that plane-ticket for the Dominican Republic?...)


Sad note:
Hopefully nothing comes of this.
But there have been some developments that could mean my blog is coming to an end soon.

First, Google likes to block people's blogs for violating their terms, but often the (automated) process to determine whose blogs should be blocked is faulty and get false-positives all the time -- at least it seems this way to me.

Second, many people are leaving blogging here because Google is experimenting with "updating" (ie. totally wrecking, most likely) their (blogging-users') forum's interface. (I hope this won't affect the blogs themselves. But the forum switch alone will alienate so many people, it is predicted by many, that no one will be left to bother with blogs hosted by Google anymore. We will see, though.)

Third, more generally, two bills in the US Congress could literally mean an end (via their unintentional consequences) to all blogs on Google (or, more precisely, they all might become blocked for US internet-users, if not for everybody) or even mean the literal end of the entire internet itself!
(And even if the entire internet is not blocked, the blocking of other popular websites would also likely occur anyway -- websites such as Facebook, Youtube, Myspace, Orkut, Google +, Reddit, Tumblr, etc etc etc.) This is because the bills -- the US House's "Stop Online Piracy Act" (SOPA) and the Senate's "Protect IP Act" (PIPA) -- are so poorly written that they could allow even ONE accusation (without any need for court review, even!) of even ONE blogger or site-user (out of the sometimes 100s-of-millions of users on each site) uploading allegedly pirated material to the site, or even simply a LINK to allegedly pirated material, for the ENTIRE site to be banished to oblivion.

You probably have heard very little about these extreme bills in the non-internet media.
That is because that media is often owned by the very supporters of the bills themselves, wealthy corporate supporters including big HO-llywood studios and the music recording industry. These proponents have spent about TEN TIMES (as of last I checked) as much on lobbying as opponents have -- and this is despite the fact that many of the opponents are internet billionaires. But the proponents are much richer still.
And money talk. Congress bipartisanly LOVES these bills, although the vast majority of we regular unimportant people who actually use the internet (unlike any members of Congress!) and who know about these bills' ramifications HATE these bills.

Congress MUST be stopped from literally destroying our internet!!!!
(As they ALWAYS need to be stopped on almost every issue! Why is it that they are always so terrible?)



Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tough-Hate: moral, social, and intellectual retrogradation

Blog post # 257:
(257 = a prime.)


Bizarre Unstickiness

Otherwise As Likewiseness

All Reckless Symmetry

Explosively Quiet


Anagrams, of course.

See as scribbled
a Bible's screeds.


So like angry young verse,
an egg-yolk is never yours.


Its three-fourths
of his trust there.


Oh, sad pi arcs alone,
ah, as rope and coils.

(All absolutely abysmally awful.)


The last decade's worsening bigotries -- racial, ethnic, religious, political, sexually-orientational, etc -- (seemingly by and against almost everyone) not only contribute to our society's not-so-gradual dystopianization, which is accelerating for many other reasons too, but these bigotries also are often quite unjustified and tend to greatly increase the general overall ignorance of the whole of humanity, just as that very ignorance has in-turn itself led to an even greater amount of bigotry in society.

No. Society is NOT tending towards a more enlightened plane where racism and other bigotries are becoming less and less common.
Quite the opposite, despite what (unfortunately, fewer and fewer) people want to believe.

Maybe it is the internet and the ease now days that hateful people can spread their contagion of bigotry.
Or maybe it is even that America has elected a (half-)Black president (who is getting less and less popular among both liberals and conservatives).
Maybe it was the 9-11 attacks, and how they created a pandemic of xenophobia and irrational hysteria around the world, most notably in the US.

But, whatever the cause, it seems to me that people in America and elsewhere are on-average FAR more prejudiced today than they were a few decades ago.
Yes, being "politically-correct", for instance, is considered by most these days, it seems, to be far worse a crime than being a racist or any other kind of bigot.

Even the government -- which at least pretends to be the higher (unemotional) authority of truth and knowledge -- now days engages in mass-arrests sometimes based on racial-profiling and not much else -- just ask the Blacks and other minorities who have always been disproportionally harassed by the police around the country, or ask the Hispanics in some US states accused of being "illegals" (even if not), or ask some of the Arabs and Muslims accused of being "terrorists" by the US government (and sometimes arrested, held for maybe forever without trial or charges filed, and even tortured without any proof of their guilt at all... no 'proof' except their ethnicity in many cases).

I have read HORRIBLE comments online -- today in the 21 Century even -- about Blacks and Hispanics and gays and Muslims, etc that fill some message boards and internet forums almost unanimously.

All I can say is humanity itself will never achieve enlightenment. Never.
There are too many powers encouraging and even enforcing ignorance and mass-delusion.
Even science and environmentalism and world-peace are considered by many these days to be somehow "Satanic", or (worse) "elitist", or maybe something even worse still. We are definitely in moral, social, and intellectual retrogradation.

But, of course, when those very bigots who themselves are engaged in backwards-thinking have a chance to be critical of others (such as Muslims) and accuse those others of being backwards, the ugly slurs and the hateful slander are immensely forthcoming, of course.

But what am *I* to do about it?
People such as I still go on and on about how good it is to not be bigoted. But even some of us (maybe even I) are ourselves bigoted, at least to some degree. And people really tend to regret being told how to think. (Resulting in that backlash against being "politically-correct", I told you about.)

Anyway. Yeah, go ahead and be bigots, you asinine jerks.
But YOU are therefore a lesser person as a result. And even though you may be actually proud, even, of your bigotry and of your ignorance, remember that being ignorant and hateful are NOT good things (even when they do not directly harm anyone else, let alone when they do). You certainly will get your comeuppance for your stupidity.
And being a bigot IS a sin, if you believe in that kind of thing such as sin.
YOU, as a bigot, are therefore inferior as a human-being. In fact, bigots are SUBHUMAN, the very kind of vile pathetic failures they sometimes angrily and always hypocritically accuse others of being (often wrongly, by the way).



Friday, January 6, 2012

Cosmological Hippocampus

Blog post # 256:
(256 = 2*2*2*2*2*2*2*2. Too many 2's?)

Itself Imperfectly Impure

Whereabouts Of Everything

Contiguous Lopsidedness

Annihilation Of Shapelessness

Electromagnetic Hypocrisy

(These are all fine, okay, and swell. Tepidly fantastic, I guess.)

Anagrams, as always almost:

Note a cosmic error.
It arcs once or more.


Rip so, given a split.
Its overlapping is.


It's implied,
Its imp lied.


(It seems somewhat significant that)
"Not a gem" is the reversal of


(Speaking of impish megatons...)

[Warning! Dirty joke! Warning!]

Men's .. things.. often ...
.. LONG... for sex.


Not only is the
"cosmological hippocampus"
often philosophical,
but so is the "philosophical esophagus",
it's obvious.
The latter sleeps in the
sarcophagus among us.
Yes, it is a sarcastic sarcophagus, plus...
it knows of that hippocampus,
that particularly peculiar
cosmological hippocampus
thinking of a hippopotamus
and its esophagus thus
of a cosmos both cosmetic and chasmic
But also quite philosophical
(almost as much as filo dough, but not
as much as doughnuts, no. Do not
eat the doughnuts, despite
doubt doubly dubious).
Think of mental metal
or its metallic mentality
therefore thereafter
composed completely of computational
compounds, none of which are commies or
pounded, but yet are indeed
complexly perplexing,
as are the paradoxes of parabolic paragraphs
each implied as imps, as lies aware
of weird werewolves wrongly wrung
into such rings roundly rotund
but never rotary, unlike the rosaries
seen by my superstitious superlatives.
(Beware the super-laxatives.)
Think only of hypocritical criticalities, of
hippocampi hyperbolically superb, surely
but not certainly ascertained or so.

(Improvised impishness needing improvement!)


Monday, January 2, 2012

As Piles Of Holes

Blog post # 255:
(255 = 3*17*5.)

Irrelevantly Traumatic


Antecedents Once Atomic

An Isosceles Undertaking


Anagrams. Anagrams.

Phase's lies fool,
as piles of holes.


Sewn askew into net,
as we entwine knots.


The lemonade-stand executive asks:
"We earned how many quarters
in the first-quarter?"


Ironically, when you are "HIGH on drugs", you are therefore "UNDER the influence".
And the more you are "high", even, the more "under" you are therefore.
(Well, I suppose that that influence you're under must itself be really really high, way up there, then.)


Poor us, we're porous..


Late-night TV ad:


"When you must get rid of that pesky cheese. You know that cheese, always intruding in on your favorite foods. Gross!
Do away with it now with Cheese-Away."


Some people never grow-up.
Eventually they become...

(Damnit trying to express this "joke" in writing, since it works only really when it is spoken. Screw different pronunciations with the same spelling.)


You know what kind of cans definitely are lined with BPA?


(They don't need no EPA or FDA keeping THEM safe!)