Sunday, January 15, 2012

Counterproductively Controversial But Counterclockwise

Blog post # 258:
(258 = 2*43*3.)

Properly Problematic

Introspective Empathy

Metaphorically Mesoscopic

Deactivated Whereabouts

Unsurpassed By Nuance


Okay, them anagrams you all adore allegedly:

As you are grotesque,
a queasy gore so true.


A thin cry it is.


All Orthogonalities Spun
Ah, its loops lie along turn.


Luddites are
'activists for deactivation'.

"de-activists", therefore?


Porn movies are ...

(And, of course, in them
enter-tainers often enter-coarsely...)


Okay, NOW things are about to get ugly here!...

(Cough, .... as that one person in the back row always does during each live speaking-performance just right after someone says something possibly potentially a little bit controversial.)

Speaking of my last post's essay on bigotry, I have to ask:
Why do serious discussions about race, it seems, always now days end up being counterproductive, potentially doing more harm than good for race relations?
(They almost ALWAYS seem to degenerate, for just one thing, into, "Well, White people all are like this!" or "Black people, however, are all like this!".. Not a good sign for humanity, if things keeps going like that.)

Black guy*: "Let's talk about race."
White guy: "You mean like NASCAR?"...

*(Sorry, I saddled the Black guy with asking this question. I did so because of my own stereotypes about minorities supposedly being the ones who always 'want to talk about race'. Except that now *I* am wanting to talk about race {unprompted this time}, and I'm White. {Well, GOOD for me, geesh!})

Anyway. NASCAR: Is that even a race?
Or is it just to see who can drive the longest (around and around and around and...) before running out of gas?
.... Yes, NASCAR is all about
(Geesh! Definitely, right, idiot.)

Anyway, talking about race -- whether that race is of the human type or is NASCAR -- can in either way get you talking in circles...


Even more hatred, more ugliness! (Yipee!)...

If Hell doesn't exist (as I suspect it doesn't), then NOTHING therefore exists.
This is because EVERYTHING is Hell!


You may have heard about the so-called "love hormone" oxytocin.

Supposedly this hormone is at least somewhat responsible for everything from our sex drives to our feelings of love, empathy and sociability and desires to share, plus for mothers' emotional-bonds with their newborns, etc.

So, oxytocin should NOT be confused with the similar-named Oxycotin.
(Though lots of people still make this mistake.)
The two substances are NOT AT ALL the same...

So, ....
There is (the aptly first-named) Rush Limbaugh looking to get his fix.
And he makes the dreaded mistake (Rush IS mistaken, you know, on SO many issues... But I digress.),
and grabs the oxytocin instead of the intended Oxycotin.

And, behold! He is transfered immediately into a loving, empathetic, caring, sharing, peace-loving...

Oh, the humanity!

But wait! He may actually want to INTENTIONALLY take oxytocin..
Because I just read online that when these lab-animals are injected with the hormone,
it causes "spontaneous erections in rats"!...

Party-time for Mr Rush!... (the rat)
(Now, where is that plane-ticket for the Dominican Republic?...)


Sad note:
Hopefully nothing comes of this.
But there have been some developments that could mean my blog is coming to an end soon.

First, Google likes to block people's blogs for violating their terms, but often the (automated) process to determine whose blogs should be blocked is faulty and get false-positives all the time -- at least it seems this way to me.

Second, many people are leaving blogging here because Google is experimenting with "updating" (ie. totally wrecking, most likely) their (blogging-users') forum's interface. (I hope this won't affect the blogs themselves. But the forum switch alone will alienate so many people, it is predicted by many, that no one will be left to bother with blogs hosted by Google anymore. We will see, though.)

Third, more generally, two bills in the US Congress could literally mean an end (via their unintentional consequences) to all blogs on Google (or, more precisely, they all might become blocked for US internet-users, if not for everybody) or even mean the literal end of the entire internet itself!
(And even if the entire internet is not blocked, the blocking of other popular websites would also likely occur anyway -- websites such as Facebook, Youtube, Myspace, Orkut, Google +, Reddit, Tumblr, etc etc etc.) This is because the bills -- the US House's "Stop Online Piracy Act" (SOPA) and the Senate's "Protect IP Act" (PIPA) -- are so poorly written that they could allow even ONE accusation (without any need for court review, even!) of even ONE blogger or site-user (out of the sometimes 100s-of-millions of users on each site) uploading allegedly pirated material to the site, or even simply a LINK to allegedly pirated material, for the ENTIRE site to be banished to oblivion.

You probably have heard very little about these extreme bills in the non-internet media.
That is because that media is often owned by the very supporters of the bills themselves, wealthy corporate supporters including big HO-llywood studios and the music recording industry. These proponents have spent about TEN TIMES (as of last I checked) as much on lobbying as opponents have -- and this is despite the fact that many of the opponents are internet billionaires. But the proponents are much richer still.
And money talk. Congress bipartisanly LOVES these bills, although the vast majority of we regular unimportant people who actually use the internet (unlike any members of Congress!) and who know about these bills' ramifications HATE these bills.

Congress MUST be stopped from literally destroying our internet!!!!
(As they ALWAYS need to be stopped on almost every issue! Why is it that they are always so terrible?)




Robert Hurst said...

Fuel efficiency and range are very important but NASCAR is really about heat management, if you think about it. And air resistance. Drafting is the critical strategem, as in bike racing.

Psycho Babbling Basher said...

Firstly, had a great lol with Porn Mivies and Oxytocin.
2ndly, should we be up in arms on the SOPA and PIPA?