Monday, January 2, 2012

As Piles Of Holes

Blog post # 255:
(255 = 3*17*5.)

Irrelevantly Traumatic


Antecedents Once Atomic

An Isosceles Undertaking


Anagrams. Anagrams.

Phase's lies fool,
as piles of holes.


Sewn askew into net,
as we entwine knots.


The lemonade-stand executive asks:
"We earned how many quarters
in the first-quarter?"


Ironically, when you are "HIGH on drugs", you are therefore "UNDER the influence".
And the more you are "high", even, the more "under" you are therefore.
(Well, I suppose that that influence you're under must itself be really really high, way up there, then.)


Poor us, we're porous..


Late-night TV ad:


"When you must get rid of that pesky cheese. You know that cheese, always intruding in on your favorite foods. Gross!
Do away with it now with Cheese-Away."


Some people never grow-up.
Eventually they become...

(Damnit trying to express this "joke" in writing, since it works only really when it is spoken. Screw different pronunciations with the same spelling.)


You know what kind of cans definitely are lined with BPA?


(They don't need no EPA or FDA keeping THEM safe!)



Anonymous said...

Cheese-Away sounds like a terrible idea! Especially since Cheez-B-Gone is already on the market.

Psycho Babbling Basher said...

Totally enjoyed this posts Leroy ... Happy 2012 to you and yours! Salut!