Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ostentatiously Autocratic

Blog post # 67:

First, the pictures (made yesterday and today), then the serious stuff:

Deprived Of These Roundnesses

Absolution Of Autocrats

I like that the title of the first picture uses the plural of "roundness".
In math there is some discussion of "geometries". (These would be geometries in positively curved space, flat space, and negatively curved space, or in some other kinds of spaces.)
So, using that idea, "roundnesses" would be different types of roundness, whatever that means. You interpret it as you want.

The second picture's title was inspired by my anger today (a rather typical anger, for me).


Speaking of the second picture's title:

Hey, 'autocracy' doesn't mean government by car!

But we ARE on a collision course with it!


The next president, likely to be elected in 2012, will make both Dick Cheney and Adolph Hitler look like peace-loving lefty hippies, I predict!

After we suffer that villainy, Americans will even start to refer to Hitler as...

Adolph HIPLER!....

Damn "socialist"....


Speaking of fascism, why is almost everyone these days, it seems, actually PROUD of their own bigotries?
What you don't want to be, at any cost, these days is "politically correct". Heaven forbid that.

Even progressives are now blatant about their prejudices, let alone conservatives.

I won't tell you what ethnic groups *I* hate. Well, I don't really HATE any ethnic groups, but I am not happy with some ethnic group's own bigotries (among the average members of these groups, not among all members) to the point that I am bigoted against those particular members of the groups that are themselves bigoted.

And sometimes it is just easier to hate EVERYBODY in those groups, although I do know better and try not to.

Who do YOU hate? (Maybe I should make this the poll question!)

In any case, the rise of the far right in this country reminds me of a punk song I wrote a couple decades ago.

Here are most of the lyrics:

There's a man I see on the television.
The masses say he has charisma.
He says he's going to solve our problems.
He says he's going to fix what is wrong.
He's going to punish the whipping-boys.
Radical methods, he will employ.
Well, majority-rule
is the fool.
I think I've seen it all before.
I don't think I want to see it any more.

Hey, Hitler.
What's your plan?
Is it just rhetoric?
Hey, Hitler.
Will you take care of what makes the masses SICK?
Hey, Hitler,
Will you win this time?
Hey, Hitler.
Hey, Hitler.
Heil Hitler!

(By the way, FUCK YOU, Aryan-zone-a! And fuck all the rest of the states that try that racist shit.)


Ah, a poem I wrote today inspired by my mood and by the mood in this country:


You do love the hate implied by your porous brain.
You do hate so as to quench your hungry anger for
The innocence you deem to be atrocious. Yes, you
Torture the spirit of peace, of intellect, of truth,
With the sodomy of your own ghosts and bigotries.

And you speak those plagiarized words of
The repulsive anti-logic you indeed adore. Then
You suck the cocks of imbeciles, simultaneously
Despising such absolution and damning its adherents.
Oh, you are an impressive fascist, yes, as are we.

And your evil will condemn you to your
Very collapse; inwardly you will descend unto
A singularity of cursed humanity seething.
Yes, you are pitifully selfish and superficial.
And yet you obtain the might and force of
Governments and punditry. But surely, you will
Collapse into a point. You will ultimately
Be vanquished by your own ugly thoughts, by mine.

And soon your autocratic knot will untie.
Then you will cease, perhaps not forever, but you
Will cease the travesty of your violence and life.
And you will exactly fail, and then we will rejoice
In your pathetic and timely and always overdue riddance.


Goodbye. I think I will go take it easy now and think of beautifully oblate women...


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Darkness

Blog post # 66:

Very recent pictures:

Geometry Of Whispers

Inertia's Knot

The latter picture was inspired by the poem below. The "inertia" part comes from my suspicion that inertia is caused by "knots" in subatomic "strings" (See "String Theory"), but those knots probably look nothing like my picture, even if they exist in the first place.


So, the question today is: If a cataclysm indeed kills off a good percentage of the world's human population in the future, what will that (next) cataclysm likely be, in your opinion? Some possibilities: Nuclear war, astroid or comet impact, disease pandemic (either naturally-caused or engineered), black hole or vacuum decay or strange matter created by a super-collider, climate-change tipping point, mass-suicide caused by some horrible but otherwise non-lethal situation, mass-starvation or thirst, gamma ray burst in the vicinity of Earth, extraterrestrial invasion,etc etc etc. Maybe some of you can come up with other possibilities.
Please post them as comments to this blog-post. I may use the suggestions in a future poll on this issue.


The only true reality is the darkness.

I suspect that none of you exist, that I am just dreaming this, and that I am really either in a coma or am in suspended-animation somewhere (possibly aboard a space-craft or buried deep underground).

First, if so, I want to wake up. But I cannot yet do so, no matter how hard I try to.

Second, I hope, IF I am dreaming, that all I write and art I create in this dream is being recorded by technology that reads my mind. Hopefully, my creations are being shared with humanity, if anybody is alive at all out there still.

You see, years ago, back when I was a teenager in the hospital, voices told me I was going to be put in a computer-controlled dream (like in The Matrix -- but this was years earlier than the movie). This was somehow going to help humanity, but I still fail to understand how exactly.
Anyway, I came to believe later that I was just hallucinating those voices, and that they were the result of my great weight-loss I suffered just before the hallucinations occurred.

But over the decades since, every now and then something happens to me that makes me wonder if I AM really dreaming and that those voices were actually the last bit of reality I have encountered.

Tell me people, do you exist?

Like ET, I am phoning home.

Let me wake up, please.


The promised (threatened) poem:
It is related to the topic immediately above.

Knotted As Dreams

I do not dream of knots. But each dream of mine is
Is itself a knot, is itself a tangle of thoughts
And maddening illusions never quenched. Oh, I
Do indeed dream of introspection; and I do depict
This as made of string and straps and everything.

Oh, I do desire the realities of my own
Artificiality. But I am despised by idiots. And I
Am asleep within these dimensions inscribed into
My thinking. And the knots tangle ambiguously amongst
All circumstances, amongst all coincidences formed.

Then I wish for my waking. But I am still
Comatose inside the cosmos' vanishing truth, a
Truth unseen even by ghosts. I do attempt
To scribble and sculpt each paradoxical coil onto
Its temptations tied thickly. Yet I am only
Obscured by my slumber. I am only strung
Along my linearity. And I am only knotted as
Dreams, as randomness' spirals of image, spirals of
My mind's facade intuitively distracted.



Saturday, April 24, 2010

Short And Bitter

Blog post # 65:

Yikes. I'm posting a new blog post just a day after the last time I posted one. (I'm going to freak out now.)

Two pictures, both made today.

Rotation Formed From Stillness

Dodecagonal Arrangement

Note: These pictures are both VERY MUCH plagiarized. The first I like, but only because it looks like someone else's art I saw years ago.

The second picture isn't even art, officially. It was made so as to illustrate a point.


The point: In my last blog post, I wrote that the two pairs of regular polygons (square/pentagon) and (triangle/octagon) were the only pairs of regular polygons of number of sides m and n, where they could be arranged in alternating fashion so as to form a big regular polygon in the center with exactly {m times n} sides.

What I should have said is that these are the only pairs of types of polygons if the smaller polygons are arranged along the OUTSIDE of the perimeter of the one large polygon in the center. If you arrange the smaller polygons along the INSIDE of the perimeter, then we could have polygons of m = 3 sides (triangles) alternating with polygons of n = 4 sides (squares), forming a polygon of {m times n} = 12 sides (dodecagon), as seen in the second picture above.

I hope this news isn't too upsetting to any of you.


One last thing. Remember that the full potential definitions for my latest poll can be found in the last blog post ("Polygonal", Blog post # 64).

No one has voted yet. Please get on it, people!



Friday, April 23, 2010


Blog post # 64:

Made this first picture just today.

Unintentionally Transparent


Made this next picture about 6 years ago.

Four Times Five

Made this picture below (which is related to the picture immediately above) just yesterday.

Three Times Eight

Notice that for the 2 last pictures, there are regular polygons of m sides (m is a variable) alternating with regular polygons of n sides. Then the big polygon these smaller polygons encircle has exactly {m times n} sides.
(Squares alternating with pentagons in the first of the two pictures, triangles alternating with octagons in the last picture.
4 times 5 = 20 sides of the one larger polygon in the first of the two pictures; 3 times 8 = 24 sides of the one large polygon in the last picture.)

The only pairs (m,n) where regular polygons of m sides alternate with regular polygons of n sides AND the one regular polygon they are placed around has exactly (m times n) sides are m = 4, n = 5; and m = 3, n = 8.

There are no other such pairs of m's and n's.

Note: You can make one large regular polygon by alternating two other types of smaller regular polygons, but except for the two pairs of polygon types above, the number of sides of a type of small polygon times the number of sides of the other type of polygon will not equal the number of sides of the one large polygon they encircle.


The latest poll has closed.

Question was: Which nonsense word do you like best?
"Thillop" wins with two votes. (It's a landslide!) "Rix", "Ryirty", and "Wuvxseoieid" each received one vote.

I should note that my own favorite 3 words were the words -- "Quune", "Estarial", and "Ostimaxillus" -- that received absolutely no votes at all.

Okay, now I have to improvise some possible definitions for "thillop".

Poll question:

Which definition do you think "thillop" should have?

1) (Noun) A type of martial-arts move involving the elbows.
2) (Noun) An obscene gesture made by making a V with the fingers of both hands, and repeatedly forcing the cusps of the V's together so that the four fingers represent two people's legs during a sex act.
3) (Noun) A type of small space vessel used by the extraterrestrials who in the future will destroy all life on Earth.
4) (Verb) To wrap an egg in polyester ribbon.
5) (Noun) A type of "spiral" that starts on the outside, proceeds to near the center, but then ends in an intermediate region.



Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Blog post 63:

Here are some crappy pictures I made over the last four days.

Inadequate Circumference

Curlicue Causality

Mentality's Flames

Scalene Is My Certainty

Sorry about these pictures. I really should start posting pictures that are actually good -- even if I made them a long while back. But I will just keep posting newer pictures anyway, no matter how much they suck.



How many Leroy Quet's does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Answer: Zero. I would rather just keep living in the dark than bother my lazy self with changing any stupid lightbulbs!


The libel in the Bible is often rather tribal.


A little politics. (WARNING! WARNING!)

(With apologies to Bill Mahr.)

The real difference between US (United States) and THEM (Terrorists Hating Every 'Merican) is:

THEY blow up themselves too whenever they blow up a bunch of innocent people.

WE, on the other hand, blow up a bunch of innocent people from the comfort of our unmanned-drone-controlling stations.


By the way, I suck. (As you all know.)
I wrote "duel" in a poem I posted in early February, when I meant "dual" instead. I will edit that shortly.
(The poem I am referring to is in the Feb 1 post (Blog post # 41): "Deja Vu, Deja Vu".)

Gosh, I hate homophones.
(I guess I am .... homophone-phobic!)


Finally, as of today, there is less than one day until the latest poll closes. In my next post, if I remember to, I will post a new poll with a set of definitions for the winning word to vote upon.



Saturday, April 17, 2010

Of Lies And Truths

Blog post # 62:

These two pictures I made yesterday and today.

Shapeless Colors

Inertia Sipped




Here are some anagrams.




(I love this one, but I am CERTAIN that I heard it before. I especially appreciate that it is a double entendre and that it is likely true whichever way you interpret it.)


The last two have accurately described the people named. But I sure hope the next one does not!



Speaking of Obama, you have heard of the "Birthers", right?
Well, I propose those liberals who are with it mentally, in contrast, call themselves the...

(Earthers to Birthers. Earthers to Birthers. Come in, Birthers.)

Speaking of Birthers. WHY do these people want to use such a lame excuse to unseat President Obama? Do they REALLY want Joe Biden to be our president instead!? I really don't think they would like that either.


Back in the day...
I used to try to make up clever lies on those occasions where I needed a story to cover my tracks. But then I realized, hey, the best "lie" is usually THE TRUTH! Yes, the best story -- best in so many ways -- usually is the one that REALLY DID happen!

So, before you lie your way out of something, next time ask yourself, would it really be so bad if I told the actual truth? Maybe it would be even BETTER than any lie!

Trust me.


More politics. WARNING! WARNING!

No matter who is running for president, I think every presidential election the choice is between ultimate pure evil and the candidate who is only infinitely worse still.

USA = Unaccountable Sadistic Assholes.
That is the way I feel, really. Pure evil ALWAYS gets away with it, while true heroic patriots are only prosecuted as terrorists or as traitors. (Yes, even under Obama.)

Maybe it was actually BETTER when GW Bush was president. Obama = Bush in so many ways. (Yes, we still torture. No, you don't have any rights or liberties. No, you never will!)

But WORSE than Bush? Well, you see, Bush wasn't fooling anybody!


"Right-wing think-tank" is an oxymoron. Well, not the "tank" part.


A poem: This poem I just wrote today. It is an ode to the second picture above.

Of Perfection's Claw

Beheld and held, still within the edge, the grasp
Of perfection's claw, it rests just precisely upon
The ripples it presumes. And it just touches
The concentric whispers of this water's vanguard.
It just barely seems to imagine its resemblance as
Somewhat a nautilus, somewhat a loop of being.
And it creates the outward rings of our interaction.
But we dare to seek its sipping tongue. Yes, we
Behold and hold it aloft against its flotation.

For, in the syrup beneath it, it is transformed
Into transparent air made of water and equilibrium.
But it stays suddenly amongst this pivot between it
And its own cutting spikes. Yes, it demands its
Position within its balance, within that partition
Of space into substance and again into thoughts
Of winglessness, into thoughts of claws and knives
Themselves cleaved, themselves stubbornly poised,
Stubbornly and delicately woven as such ripples,
Woven as such inertia ambivalently strung.



Thursday, April 15, 2010


Blog post # 61:

I don't feel very wordy today, so I will post almost nothing but these four pictures (made relatively recently).


Contiguously Abrupt

Suddenly Continuous

Trigonometries Traversed

(Note that the names of the two middle pictures complement each other.)


And since I am in an arty, but not wordy, mood, I will post this typewriter art:




All I feel like saying on the political front is:

If you, like me, are too lazy to stand up against the threats facing you and the world, then SIT UP for justice!


By the way, only days until the latest poll closes.



Saturday, April 10, 2010

Calling For Blood

Blog post # 60:

3 pictures, each made sometime over the last 4 days.

Flatness Upon Roundness Upon Cusps

Thicknesses Foreseen

Somewhat A Complement

Sorry that these pictures suck.


Remember that I have had a new poll up for a while. Please vote if you have not yet voted!

Also, I answered that puzzle about the numbers 0 through 9. See the comments section of blog post # 56 ("Scramble") for the solution.


In the Too-Much-Information Department:
I am so opposed to having my own children -- not that I can get any woman to procreate with me anyway -- that I have decided that I will probably like to stay celibate until I am old enough that menopausal women are attractive to me... Then, no worries about having kids! And no need for a vasectomy! Woooo-hoooo!


You know what is nauseating to me? Food that is not, in my mind, supposed to be sweet, but it has even a little sugar added to it.
For example, why do they add sugar to canned beans (and not just to baked beans), spaghetti sauce, peanut butter, salsa, etc.?

I want to puke!

Ironically, though, if something like peanut butter has a LOT of sugar in it, it is REALLY tasty to me. But if it has just a little sugar, there better be a toilet nearby, because I am going to vomit.


[Politics Alert! Warning! Warning!]

President Obama, as you may know, has given the okay for the US government to try to kill US citizens overseas without trial. Obama actually has always had a "license to kill" when it comes to assassinating -- all without the use of any trials -- so-called "insurgents", "militants", foreign civilians (allegedly by accident, but we know better), and now American citizens. He can carry out these assassinations (murders, really) with the use of the US military, the CIA, and unmanned drones, for example.

I guess the president is...



Speaking of the US president, Obama's nominee for the Justice Department's Office of Legal Council, Dawn Johnson, has withdrawn her name for consideration. Why has she? Because she was heavily criticized by Republican lawmakers. Why the criticism? Because...


Yes, she DARED to criticize the Bush administration's use of torture and the attempts at justifying torture by the Bush administration's own Office of Legal Council!
Geesh, I'm surprised her name was ever considered! I THOUGHT I was just joking when I said I must be a FAR FAR LEFT ULTRA-Progressive just because I oppose torturing innocent people to death, but now I see that that was literally the case!


Speaking of the Bush administration and the torturing of innocent people to death:

Now it turns out the President Bush personally knew that the majority of inmates at Guantanamo were COMPLETELY INNOCENT!!!

But you know what, most of these inmates were *still* TORTURED, some TO DEATH!
(And the cover-ups of these deaths continue.)

I have had arguments on-line with rightwingers who say that "terrorists" don't deserve ANY human rights, not even the right not to be tortured to death. And these rightwingers claimed that ALL of the Guantanamo inmates were evil terrorists.

And remember how it was said by Cheney and such that those in Guantanamo were "the worst of the worst"?

Well, now it comes out that Cheney knew too about the vast majority of the inmates being innocent, but he thought that to get just a few terrorists, it was justified to lock up INDEFINITELY and TORTURE hundreds of INNOCENT men (mostly just because of their nationalities and religion)!


Yet Cheney and Bush still walk free, not even being investigated by the Obama administration, let alone prosecuted.
If real terrorists don't deserve any human rights, let alone innocent people accused of terrorism, then these REAL TERRORIST MONSTERS certainly do not deserve ANY human-rights themselves!!!!



Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Little Blog-Post From A Little Guy

Blog post # 59:

Quite a counterintuitive oxymoron, yup. What?


Two pictures today, the first made yesterday, the second made today.

Dreaming Of That Perimeter

Aftermath Of The Eclipse


I hate to lose readers this early in the post, but I think I should post right after the pictures the poem I wrote today, since the poem complements the picture "Aftermath Of The Eclipse".
If you hate reading my poetry, then skip to the next item.


Ecliptic -- eccentric -- the concave sphere is
Obtained in its rest upon such a circle as this,
Upon itself and those visions turned. But yet,
The billowing sun, which it is, it protrudes
From a spike upwardly spinning and from another
Rightward spun. It casts its light towards
Our own diameters, yes. And as a star, it
Is the moon, is the distances within this earth.
Oh, as our sky, it is our ground. It is
Our human artificiality now opaque, now
Counterclockwise. Yes, this is an eclipse of
Paradoxes and paraboloids, of my knotted tableaux,
An eclipse of atrophy made vengeful.
However, we waste among it our purity, true.
But it still screams in its afterglow; it still
Strangely succumbs to our own beauty. It
Still swirls as all reality, as all winding shadows
Seen upon such a dull crescent also fading.


Okay, so I bought a bottle of shampoo referring to itself on the label as one of the "naturals" line. So, what is in this shampoo? Let's review: Water (so far, so good), Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate (a little scary, but I think this is what causes the lather. Maybe.), Ammonium Laureth Sulfate, Ammonium Chloride, Cocamide MEA, (I'm starting to get concerned here), Fragrance (sounds innocent enough, but I once read that manufacturers often put banned substances in fragrances), PEG-5 Cocamide (New and improved over PEG-4!), Hyrdoxypropyl Methylcellulose, Polyquaternium-10 (Isn't that what they found in the super-collider?), Tetrasodium EDTA, DMDM Hydantoin (okay...), Citric Acid (Ah, something I recognize!), Tocopheryl Acetate [which I read here is vitamin E acetate], [Okay, this is my favorite:] Methylchloroisothiazolinone [My spell-check certainly doesn't like that one! 27 letters, and a triple-word score. Mucho points.], Methylisothiazonilone [When simple Methylchloroisothiazolinone won't do.], Prunus Serrulata Flower Extract [See, it IS natural after all!], Red 33, and Yellow 5. Yes, I may have mistyped something or forgotten to include something. That is likely. Do any of you know what any of these ingredients actually do? Would you be okay if you swigged a bottle? My cat got some on her fur the other day? Will she be okay? Geesh, who really knows? :)


[Politics, WARNING! Politics, WARNING!]

You all should know what an ass Senator Kyl (R- AZ) is. Get what he just said. Supreme Court Justice Stevens is thinking of retiring soon. Kyl said that if President Obama picks a nominee who has any "preconceived" ideas such as "Helping the little guy", then Kyl will lead a Republican filibuster against the nominee!

That's right. Kyl is OPPOSED to the nominee in any way helping the "little guy"!!!

Kyl also doesn't want any nominee who has any "preconceived" ideas about keeping the chief executive from becoming an absolute dictator.

Kyl says there has been too much helping the little guy lately (Remind Kyl that the Supreme Court just allowed big corporations to give any amount of money they desire to political campaigns!) from the Supreme Court, as well as too much opposing absolute presidential power lately from the Court.

Maybe Kyl, knowing of the corporate campaign-money ruling (Does he watch the news? Or is it too "liberal" for him?), is trying to get in favor with big corporations so that he will easily be reelected by getting the ultra-mega-hyper-bucks.

And maybe Senator Heil-Kyl will only get MORE into favor with the voters in Aryan-zone-a with his anti-little-guy talk. I don't know.

And what gets me is that this is FAR from the most asinine thing Senator Kyl has ever said or done!

In any case, this is my prediction: President Obama picks a nominee who does NOT in any way "support the little guy". Yet, still, the Republicans will filibuster that nominee ANYWAY!

I'll bet on that!



Saturday, April 3, 2010


Blog post # 58:

Only one picture today. I just made it.

Theoretical Tantrum


(You can have a step on a ladder.
So why can't you have a rung on a staircase?)


Warning! The rest of my post is political. Except for the poem. But even that is political as well.
Double whammy!


"Tea Party" activists are actually anti-hippies.

Instead of "Make love, not war", the Tea Party motto should be:

Make crazy accusations and violent threats,
not sense...


The news media -- whether it be newspapers, CNN, NPR, even the BBC -- is moving further to the right lately so as to seduce those Fox "News" viewers.
The American people too are moving further to the right lately, even to the far-far right.
Violence and revolution are being threatened -- the American people are finally getting off of their asses and rising up -- but only on the right, not on the left.

Americans, both left and right (but mostly on the right, if only because there are more rightwingers than leftwingers in America) are sick of the Democrats, even of the Republicans, but mostly of the Democrats.

My prediction: The Democrats will never again get even 10% of the vote in any election from now on. The party won't perhaps even qualify for Federal Matching Campaign Funds ever again! But the Republicans sure will, definitely.

Fox News proves: If you use covert threats of violence and you lie, you can get ANYTHING you want here in America. Ah, living the American dream, as much as any mega-corporation can (which is MUCH more than you ever could!).


Poem (written today). It is about either leftwing or rightwing political activism.

Cursed In My Vindication

I dare perceive the crooks and bends in
This zigzag of my existential liberties.
But yet, that facade of such anger, it does so
Cleave the knives within my vengeful hate.
It does so sever my passivity from my
Consciousness, from my conscience now conforming.
I dare to jut in my screams about this edge
Of coincidences and consequences surely faulty.
But I am a pundit of thoughts never yelled.
Ah, I am a sick ghost denied its calculations
Amongst my sour brain. However, I still dare
To become sharp in my tantrums. Yes, I dare
To concur with my own politics otherwise
Autocratic. Yes, I am a dangerous spirit;
For, I am cursed in my vindication. Oh,
I am imperfect in my own exactness denied.
Yet I violently betray such dreams as this.
Yes, I violently become the cowardly truth of
My exaggeration, become the zigzags all tangential,
All vaguely antithetical to my threatened theses.



Thursday, April 1, 2010


Blog post # 57:

Pictures, made the day before yesterday, and made today:

Toxic Viscosity

Aspects Of Subsets


Right after I post this blog, I am going to post a new poll.

Which nonsense word do you like best?


Then, after this new poll closes, I will have a vote on some of the winning word's possible definitions.
(No longer simply nonsensical, it'll be.)


Speaking of language, I have one thing to say about Spanish.

I can't roll my r's,

but I sure can roll my i's!...


My eyes are ringing...


First a little politics (BEWARE!), then some poetry (DOUBLE-BEWARE!):

I am a little on the left, politically. I'm not exactly a hippy. But let me tell you how progressive I am.

I am, as many of you must know by now, SSSSOOO far left that I am even against...
whether in my name or just because you are some crazy loner (nothing against loners, I'm one myself) who kidnaps pretty ladies to torment. (I'm not one of THOSE kind of loners, though.)

As a matter of fact, I am so against torturing innocent people to death, then covering it up, that I am even EVIL. (That is because the accepted morality of these times demands support of torture to be pure of heart.)

You could say that I am SSOO evil and left wing that I am an...

Antisocial Socialist.

Hey. Call me bloody pinko.


You know what is scary?

Scientists are working on ways -- for the benefit of private corporations, intelligence agencies, and the military -- to manipulate us and control us. (For example, just yesterday there was a story about how a magnetic field applied to the correct part of the brain can supposedly switch off your moral judgement. Now, I don't know why the military would want to apply THAT to the brains of new recruits!...)

Anyway, the breakdown is now like this:

Religion controls politics.
(This is self-evident.)
Politics controls science.
And science controls YOU!
(Religion controls you directly, too.)

Bottom line, it is all about control. And YOU are at the bottom of this pyramid scheme.


Okay, as I warned, poems! Written the day before yesterday and today.



These drips droop in disarray. And you
Sip the sap now toxic, now intoxicating, yes.
But that metaphorical amber is surely
A literal and lateral extraction from such an
Oxymoronic wood. It is surely a timid syrup
Made via the absolutions now themselves
Fermented. And these drips droop downwardly
From your cup, from that sickening pulp.
But you do drink again such sugars. You do
Again taste the ambiguous salt and its liquid
Exaggeration. Yes, these drips allude to our
Humanity formed from coincidence and its
Substances. And you drink those droplets sweetly
Delicate, yes. You drink those sticky globules
Of conformity, of purpose. And they deceive your
Enlightenment. Oh, they only vainly deny
Your tongue its imperfections. They only deny
Your soul the very viscosity itself intrusive
And weirdly tangy.


Idiotic Spirals

Idiotic spirals tilt in these increments within
Such a mathematical sum. And as meaninglessly as
In my typical dreams, I only prove that they
Cannot connect to any theorem formed from
Elastic or mental blubber. Oh, idiotic spirals
Each conform to the loxodromes of Mercury's moon.
But I detest the equilibrium composed as tantrums
In this curled shape. Ah, I design the ambiguity
Conforming to my uncertainty, ha. Yet the spirals
Are transformative and not erudite. They are
Revolting in their illiterate revolution about
Pseudo-circumferences compromised by thought. Oh, I
Am tangled amongst those linear substances, surely.
And I do again draw the sequences of those spirals.
For, they are plagiarized via their winding. And they
Are inert within their entropy. Yes, they spin
And are added and somehow multiplied. Then they
Forget this learned truth of our existence. They
Forego their minds' geometries once converging
Inwardly, once idiotic, once segmented into every
Limbic excretion of that articulated symbolism,
Of that porous algebra absurdly actual.