Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ostentatiously Autocratic

Blog post # 67:

First, the pictures (made yesterday and today), then the serious stuff:

Deprived Of These Roundnesses

Absolution Of Autocrats

I like that the title of the first picture uses the plural of "roundness".
In math there is some discussion of "geometries". (These would be geometries in positively curved space, flat space, and negatively curved space, or in some other kinds of spaces.)
So, using that idea, "roundnesses" would be different types of roundness, whatever that means. You interpret it as you want.

The second picture's title was inspired by my anger today (a rather typical anger, for me).


Speaking of the second picture's title:

Hey, 'autocracy' doesn't mean government by car!

But we ARE on a collision course with it!


The next president, likely to be elected in 2012, will make both Dick Cheney and Adolph Hitler look like peace-loving lefty hippies, I predict!

After we suffer that villainy, Americans will even start to refer to Hitler as...

Adolph HIPLER!....

Damn "socialist"....


Speaking of fascism, why is almost everyone these days, it seems, actually PROUD of their own bigotries?
What you don't want to be, at any cost, these days is "politically correct". Heaven forbid that.

Even progressives are now blatant about their prejudices, let alone conservatives.

I won't tell you what ethnic groups *I* hate. Well, I don't really HATE any ethnic groups, but I am not happy with some ethnic group's own bigotries (among the average members of these groups, not among all members) to the point that I am bigoted against those particular members of the groups that are themselves bigoted.

And sometimes it is just easier to hate EVERYBODY in those groups, although I do know better and try not to.

Who do YOU hate? (Maybe I should make this the poll question!)

In any case, the rise of the far right in this country reminds me of a punk song I wrote a couple decades ago.

Here are most of the lyrics:

There's a man I see on the television.
The masses say he has charisma.
He says he's going to solve our problems.
He says he's going to fix what is wrong.
He's going to punish the whipping-boys.
Radical methods, he will employ.
Well, majority-rule
is the fool.
I think I've seen it all before.
I don't think I want to see it any more.

Hey, Hitler.
What's your plan?
Is it just rhetoric?
Hey, Hitler.
Will you take care of what makes the masses SICK?
Hey, Hitler,
Will you win this time?
Hey, Hitler.
Hey, Hitler.
Heil Hitler!

(By the way, FUCK YOU, Aryan-zone-a! And fuck all the rest of the states that try that racist shit.)


Ah, a poem I wrote today inspired by my mood and by the mood in this country:


You do love the hate implied by your porous brain.
You do hate so as to quench your hungry anger for
The innocence you deem to be atrocious. Yes, you
Torture the spirit of peace, of intellect, of truth,
With the sodomy of your own ghosts and bigotries.

And you speak those plagiarized words of
The repulsive anti-logic you indeed adore. Then
You suck the cocks of imbeciles, simultaneously
Despising such absolution and damning its adherents.
Oh, you are an impressive fascist, yes, as are we.

And your evil will condemn you to your
Very collapse; inwardly you will descend unto
A singularity of cursed humanity seething.
Yes, you are pitifully selfish and superficial.
And yet you obtain the might and force of
Governments and punditry. But surely, you will
Collapse into a point. You will ultimately
Be vanquished by your own ugly thoughts, by mine.

And soon your autocratic knot will untie.
Then you will cease, perhaps not forever, but you
Will cease the travesty of your violence and life.
And you will exactly fail, and then we will rejoice
In your pathetic and timely and always overdue riddance.


Goodbye. I think I will go take it easy now and think of beautifully oblate women...



Anonymous said...

When you say you’re going to think of perfectly oblate women do you mean oblate in the shape sense or the religious sense? Because surely religion must cause you some vexation? Liked the punk song, very nice. You asked what your readers hate? Well I hate the mindless masses trotting around today, filled with narcissism and covered with stupidity, I hate that they have turned the platform of intellectualism(university) into their feeding ground.

Amorphous Trapezoid said...

Very good comment. Thank you. By "oblate", I definitely mean in the shape sense. I like shorter and plumper women, not that there isn't anything wrong with other physical types of women. :)