Saturday, May 1, 2010


Blog post # 68:

Just a few things today, not much.

Somewhat Potentially (made yesterday)

A Dangerous Aesthetic (made today)


I tried and tried to come up with an anagram that describes the bigoted anti-immigrant feelings in Arizona.

The best I could do (within 20 minutes) was this:


Oh, well.

I guess it could refer to the fact that sand is kind of whitish, like white sugar, white like white skin. And white sugar is sweet, like Arizona's disgusting disgust.
Yeah, that's it. I must have been thinking about how I had a dream last night I was eating lots of brown sugar...


Remember, as far as the latest poll is concerned, the COMPLETE definitions that you are to vote on can be found in blog post # 64 ("Polygonal").


Finally, a poem. ("Ah, shucks, Leroy! Not another poem. That's so not swell.")

Written today:

A Pitiful Insect

The entirety of this insect is wondrously disarrayed.
It hides within its counterintuitive anatomy.
Its cursed knives conjoin and abut that one wing,
A flap flung in retrograde unto such headlessness.

And in the pairing of beauty and transparency,
This bee, this wasp, this spheroid, yes, it departs
Within its arrangement, despite those combinatorics.

And it hypothetically arcs into its twin cusps.
And it does only obtain this attenuation of all
Flight, of all thoughts now autonomic.

Yet it glistens of my blood and of silt and
Of saliva and transition. Oh, in its equilibria,
It is random and dangerous. But it does dare
To sting us; for, it is angry. Ha, it is
Angered by its malformation, surely. But it
Is soothed by the refractive twisting of that
Very light within it. Ah, it is corpulent
And yet angular. And, alas, it does not love.

For, its geometry is arrogant, and its aesthetic
Is pitiful. It is grand, though, because it is
Absolved of our humanity. Yes, it is psychotic
And grotesque and impeded. But it will
Be the weirdness of our conformity. It will
Be our own fluttering descent unto such
Toxic artificiality we have proclaimed to be
Our elegance unjustifiably immune to insects.




Anonymous said...

Somewhat Potentially is a really awsome one, rather different

Amorphous Trapezoid said...

Thanks. I try to be original in my art, but I often fail at that. I think I ripped of the idea for Somewhat Potentially from somewhere, actually.