Monday, May 10, 2010


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These two pictures were made within the last 3 days.

Bending Of Sleep Into Dreams

Ad Finitum


Okay, please forgive me people, but I have not much to post today but a couple poems and one political observation. Please don't be upset with me...

[Poetry alert! Poetry alert!]

Here is a poem I wrote today:


We measured those numbers so as to ascertain
Each ad infinitum. We assigned these algebras
To the calculations of truth; and then we
Voiced words to describe such definitions, to
Describe such colors and pluralities. For, the
Amplitudes of all integers were depicted in
Their process, were deduced in the progression
Of mathematics into space, of geometry into
Coincidences, intentions, and redundancies.

Measured were those edges formed from thoughts.
And yet our minds are incomprehensible. Yes,
Even our visions are not drawn, despite each
Of symmetry's conjectures. Thus, the
Conclusiveness was but theoretical, and the
Numbers were undetermined. And these impressions
Of values and equations were unsound. Yes, they
Were metaphorically placed amongst all radii
(Ha, I speak of dimensions),
Amongst all numermetry itself parameterized.


"Numermetry" is a new word. The measurement of numbers. But aren't numbers themselves equal to their own measurements, you may ask? Isn't the measurement of numbers like the colors of colors, you may also ask?
Yes, but it all goes beyond that. Mathematics is in-part the study of the properties of numbers. So, this is the measurement of numbers. And, also, I like redundancies. So, the measurement of the values of numbers is interesting to me, because numbers are by their very nature measurements. Think.


Here is the poem I wrote yesterday.

Indescribable Exoskeleton

Indescribable is that quasi-exoskeleton within what
Equals existence. It seems to be fraught with
Everything and all. But among its retinue, it is
Plaid and parallel and dimly iridescent. Yes, it
Floats. Yes, it is odd. Yes, its cusps are both
Inverted and protruding, some upwardly, one backwardly
Into a single unidirectional tail. And that tail
Too ascends, as it is indescribable. And those
Horns also penetrate the madness of every wind.

But, where is the bug that completes this object?
Where is the solitude of being whole? Does
It too float inside a benign shell? Or does
It curse its lonely dissection again? Oh,
I attempted to impart those words of explanation
So as to define this corpse. But I fail anew
In my phonemes. Yes, I am careless in my scribbles once
Substantive. Oh, once I was perforated, but then I was
Contained inside the very exoskeleton that remains,
Remains stagnantly upon me, despite such dreams,
Despite such grim molt.


[Politics alert! Politics alert!]

Just a thought....

I bet the state of Aryan-zone-a arrests BARACK OBAMA the next time he visits,.... because there they think he is an "illegal alien"!



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