Thursday, May 27, 2010


Blog post # 75:

(I received the same error as last time I posted a blog-post loading these pictures below. The pictures appeared on my end, anyway, last time. Hopefully they appeared for all of you both times.)

I made these four pictures over the last 5 days. I am not really proud of any of them; but maybe I am proud of Cater-corner To Cosines mostly.

Imperfect Static

Cater-Corner To Cosines

Refracted Suffocation

An Inexact Eclipse

(Note an "Inexact" and an "Imperfect" in two of the titles.)

I see I have some new followers! If you missed my 74 earlier posts, please go back and read/look at as many as you all can stomach.


I hate to break this all to you, but all I have to post today are some political and anti-religious musings, and then a poem.
(I sure want to LOSE those new followers, don't I?!)


People say God = love. I say, I doubt this is true. But it IS true in one way.
Both our ideas of God and our ideas of love are based on BULL SHIT.
And both our ideas, past and present, of love and God have lead to some of humanity's most profound bigotries.

God, an artifact and an artifice of our own minds.


If many present-day Christians can portray all Muslims (not just the extremist Muslims) as evil and responsible for terrorism,
then I can portray all religious people as evil and responsible for terrorism. Where are we to draw the line?


An observation on the Tea Party: I think Sarah Palin will cause the Tea Party to self-destruct. Unlike many in the Tea Party, she is not at all libertarian in her political views. The only thing that she and many of the Tea Party activists agree on is lower taxes and hatred for Obama. For example, many in the Tea Party are against the Patriot Act. Do you think that Sarah for one second would try to eliminate the Patriot Act if she was president?? HELL, NO! She would magnify its evils 100-fold in any way she could! I think the only real reason the rest of the Tea Party puts up with Sarah is because she and they are both stupid and bigoted. They can relate to her. If the rest of the party, though, would take one second to think (hard for them, I know), they would see that Sarah is a liability to their world view.


[Poetry alert! Poetry alert!]

Wrote this just today:

Metaphorical Flower

This flower's petals were quite the wings of such a
Butterfly endowed with my contemplation. And the
Petals sprouted from a stem also a rope also
A rod, a twig transformed. And this flower's
Thorns were the cusps of my anger and voice,
Were the cones drawn of glass and crystal
And their cutting stereotypes. And each leaf
Of this was but a blasphemous skin of all
Humanity designed via our intercourse. Oh, this
Flower was impatient; for, it glowed as
The corona of an irradiant moon. And all
Those butterfly wings as petals, they billowed
And flew and coerced this oxymora to be only
Obvious in their asymmetry. Yes, the flower drew
Itself upon ellipsoids and did so inexactly.
But it was still impressive although beautiful.
Yes, it was surely a magnificent topology
Made from ribbons and origami. It did, therefore,
Perceive us wholly as being composed of expletives.
It did perceive us each as being cosmic, as being
Only dreamed. But we rejoiced in its circumferences.
We rejoiced in its poetry both spurious and
Complicated, in its metaphors sometimes wilting.



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