Saturday, May 22, 2010


Blog post # 74:

Okay. There was an error when I uploaded these, so hopefully they appear properly anyway.

Four pictures made over the last 5 days:

Lament Disarrayed

Psychosis' Equilibrium

Ugly Perfection

Of Oozing Crescents

Note how "Psychosis' Equilibrium" and "Ugly Perfection" don't follow my usual pattern of trying to have about the same amount of colors from different parts of the color wheel in each of my pictures. I am trying something new.

I hate to admit that my usual usage of a variety of colors in each picture comes from my attempt to have the printer not run out of one color ink before the other colors run out. A stupid reason to balance the colors, I know. But it looked good having the color balance.


I am deleting the results of my last poll today. And I will put up a new poll.

The new poll's question:
If you could commit any one crime without consequences, what would it be?

The answers:

Theft (Grand or otherwise)
Drug use

(Argg. I can't think of any more crimes. I better add a "Something else" choice too.)


That's all for today.



Legacy2000 said...

Regarding the poll, I had to select "something else." It would be a combination of several crimes, including some of those listed, committed against a specific individual towards whom I would have the benefit of feeling no remorse.

Christie said...

I am struggling with the poll! I just can't think of any crimes I want to commit. For now I will choose trespassing! It seems the least dangerous to myself and others!

Mrs Midnite said...

Loving of oozing cresents. I think its the shapes, not really sure.

With regards to crimes, I guess I'm not a criminal type because I'm struggling. I already did the take drugs one because I tried a dodgy chocolate drink in Amsterdam. I can't say murder because I couldn't but there are some people I'd like to slap until my hands hurt too much to slap anymore.

Anonymous said...

I heart "Psychosis' Equilibrium"