Friday, May 14, 2010

The Descent Into Hyperbole

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Such Quantum Circumferences

Truth Once Sculpted

Otherwise Unidirectional


Should I be dead?

Seriously, I contribute absolutely NOTHING to society or to the world. And I am just a parasite.
I'm ugly and crazy and unemployed. So, if evolution is to be our guide, I should be dead.
Survival of the fittest means death to the less than fit.

Of course, I won't reproduce anyway. I don't want to anyway, and I couldn't if I did want to. So there is no danger of me passing on my genes if I do stay alive.

But I am doing more harm to the world by being alive than I would do being dead.

Still, I WANT to live. But is that selfish?
Fuck yay! I'm selfish.


[Politics alert!]

You all must know by now about the bill -- cosponsored by Senator Lieberman (of course) -- to take away citizenship from Americans who are ACCUSED of aiding "terrorists" or are accused of engaging in "hostilities" against America or its allies.
When citizenship is taken away, then the US can arrest and hold you without charge or trial indefinitely, maybe torture you. You will have NO rights.
And what constitutes "terrorism" or "hostilities" against America or its allies, anyway? This is solely up to the administration.
(By the way, the Denver Post published my letter on the issue in the May 14, 2010 issue.)

So, I got to thinking about this, and about Arizona.
You see, TWO-THIRDS of Americans SUPPORT the anti-immigration law in Aryan-zone-a.
Only 20% of non-Latinos in America oppose this law.

So, I wonder, how are the authorities in Arizona going to make sure they don't racially profile Latinos in general, when many Latinos are American citizens?


Make a blanket ACCUSATION that ALL Latinos in Arizona are "terrorists". (After all, the definition of the word "terrorist" is arbitrary.) And then, if Lieberman's bill passes, ALL Latinos in Arizona or wherever else will not be US citizens anymore if they were before, and the authorities can safely arrest ALL Latinos, therefore. No legal issues at all.

Sound like extreme hyperbole?

Just wait until Sarah Palin is president. There will be NO SUCH THING as extreme hyperbole. There will only be reality, which USED to look extremely dystopian to the point of hyperbole.

Now, America actually NUKED Japan over Japan's fascism. Maybe someone should nuke the USA, if we try such fascist shit. After all, if our country "goes rogue" (not that it hasn't already!), then nuking us will "save more lives in the end", according to the rest of the world, much as we use this same excuse to this day to "justify" the double nuking of Japan.




Mrs Midnite said...

I love Such Quantum Circumferences.

Survival of the fittest, who is to say who is the fittest. In previous times that would mean those most able to feed themselves and fight / run away from attakers. I assume yu manage to feed yourself and are not likely to be eaten. Perhaps you are one of the fittest. My opinion is thatthe human race boke evolution because we support the weakest and ensure they survive thus allowing their genes to progress. Overall are we a weaker species because we are compassionate? Should have blogged about that myself, might now.

Amorphous Trapezoid said...

Thanks for your reply! I am of the opinion that "survival of the fittest" has outlived its usefulness, at least somewhat. This is because medical technology is letting those of us who get sick live, despite our illnesses, when back in the bad-old-days we would have just died from our maladies. Our society seems to be more interested in letting the physically attractive reproduce more so than it is in letting the healthiest amongst us do so.

Mrs Midnite said...

I agree with you in the technology aloowingthe less fit to survive and reproduce. I'm not sure about the physically attractive, I see that we are trained by the media to think a certain look is how we should all be but I'm not so certain that it is those people adding to the population. Its an interesting idea / discussion.