Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Blog-post # 341:
(341 = 11*31.)

Eight new images:
(How great, we elate;
There are eight.)

Non-Intuitively Counter-Deductive

Obscientifically Chromatose

Each Rectilinear Geometry Never Euclidean

Polymers Into Phosphors

Metaphorically Metronomic Happenstance

Unthinking Neurosystem

Formed From A Ceasing Lens

Knotted Concepts All Of Dis-Continuum

Spot the neologies in the titles.
And, oh,..
Spot the spirals in the images.
(Wow -- more spirals in my images.
Guess that is a surprise..)

Favorite neologies, however:
"Chromatose" =
Chromatic + Comatose.
"Dis-Continuum" =
Discontinuous + Continuum.
(Regarding the blurry quantum
pixels of all, and all that.)

A little less favored:
as in "counterintuitive",
but involving deduction.
almost a nervous-system,
but more systematic,..
and more neurotic.
scientifically obscene.

(By the way,
"metronomic" is not a neology;
it is the adjective form of



Hemispheres are as internal.
The sane spirals remain here.


As knotted concepts are also,
a solar peacock tends to nest.


Our commonsense era:
Once sums are no more.




What is nothingness
yet weirdly again?
Otherwise, anything
instead was lying.


What kind of primates are
so very very prone to rant?
(Aside from human-beings,
of course.)


(And you better give them
some lemon-harangue pie,
or else. Or else they will
have a serious talk with you...
Or is it orange-harangue pie?
You better ask them first
what they want; yes, and
they will tell you.)


The married couple who smokes
a lot of something together,
they surely live in...

'weeded bliss'..


Do neurotic terrorists
carry out .. panic attacks?
(Are they therefore..
{or would that be spelled..


A badly dubbed movie must be
scored with what type of music?

Out-of-step dubstep!
(of course)


They say there is a "balance"
between Good and Evil
in this universe.


At least there is not
a 50%/50% balance.
At best, perhaps, there is
a balance between the alleged
balance itself and the universe
being purely evil?
(So: 75% evil; 25% good?)

But maybe there is a balance
between that 75%/25% imbalance
and pure evil again.
(Thus: 87.5% evil; 12.5% good.)

Or, etcetera, etcetera, until
we finally arrive upon:
100% evil; 0% good.

See: Pure evil ALWAYS wins.
(Especially since it doesn't
mind cheating.)

Injustice: That IS the "Balance".
(A counterintuitive balance,
a counterbalance to intuition.
And both the angels and the demons
are laughing at us all, for we
are all just losers.
Yes, JUST losers, justifiably so.)


Dystopia; Dysphrenia;
Disturbingly Counter-Deductive;
Another Otherness: Hence
Anotherness: Anotherness-ness.
Concepts of


Anotherwise Counter(clock)wise,
but otherwise unwise.

All is
becoming all Dra(gnet)conian,
lately and greatly.
Yes, welcome to the Fall..
Of All.



Friday, October 26, 2012

Ignorance Only Thinks It Is Sad

Blog-post # 340:
(340 = 2*5*17*2.)

Six new images:

Abstract Alchemies Composed Of Images

Versus And-(And/Or)-Or Via

Its Misspelled And Nonexistent Math

As Was Its Essence Despite Us

Counter-Existential Anti-Predication

Realistically Absurd But Stained

(I like these I am posting today,
especially those with color in them.)


Just like the number
of images today.
Rah rah..
Route/root {for} 6-6.)

Spit is poorly arranged.
It drools, reaping spray.


Unevenly quartered halves:
Never equally and ever thus.


This sphere arose,
is cut into itself.
Those partitions
fuse their slices.


Solely counterintuitive
is an earth;
... as unto all vicious
entirety therein.


Those detach,
forming inside sadness.
As a notched design is,
this for me ends.


Every destined wet tear
I lost inside nothing,...
besides our species.
This snide ruse ends.
Its ignorance weeps,...
or yet it believed it does.


Update item:
A note regarding today's title:
First, it is an allusion to the final anagram above, which may be obvious to you already.

But -- and I may have written about this already long ago in this blog -- I had been pissed over the years at how superior-acting people used to tell other people (although I haven't heard this lately, thankfully) that, "You only THINK you are happy."

Ha ha; joke's on the superior-acting people; not, as they may think, on their supposed inferiors they are belittling.
Because last I checked, happiness is an emotion, and thus is subjective.
And if you THINK you are happy, how then can you only be BLISSFULLY unaware that you are NOT happy?
Yeah, yeah, I get that there are levels of self-awareness; and part of you may be in touch with how you SHOULD be feeling about your life.

But I am a words man more so than a pop-psychology fan; so I will make fun of the literal implications of such superior-acting peoples and their in-the-literal-sense nonsense.
That is my prerogative as a superior-acting person myself.
Or at least I will GLADLY think, if only think, that it is my prerogative, or whatever else.


Not much funniness today.
(Not much humor in the last
post either. But the earlier
posts are unlike these two:
They are fun-like that.
But, alas, these last
two posts have been..
unlike fun-like..)


A stupid comedian (for the even
stupider masses) might say:..

"Hey, why do they call 'em
'finger nails', anyway?
Why not call 'em
'hand-nails' instead?..
Do they think we would
get 'em confused with our
'palm-nails'? Geesh!"

(That, my peoples, is why I
don't appeal to the masses.)


Here is a pretty stupid joke,
(Is it the dumb blonde of jokes?
Pretty stupid?)

My place is SO small... that..
it is only a 'condo-minimum'..

(But I DO believe I have heard
this one before somewhere else,
now now.)

Okay, enough of the nonsense
(for now).

There are lots of cases of people who are
in-fact non-criminals being punished with serious jail time here in the US, as I have been hearing lately.

Meanwhile,... the REAL criminals in this country -- some who have directly and/or indirectly caused the deaths of thousands, maybe millions of Americans, or have stolen trillions of dollars, or have done worse even -- they too often not only get de-facto 100% immunity for their infinite crimes, they are sometimes even REWARDED for these crimes too, sometimes with thousands, often millions, of dollars in bonuses or in book-contracts and speaking-fees.

So, here I have it: The first draft:..

A proposed new American constitutional amendment:

Only those* subject to the laws of this United States and of its states and territories, and not immune to all penalties and punishments of such laws' violation, shall be considered "persons", whether in the legal sense or otherwise.
And only such persons, as so defined, shall enjoy any rights and privileges granted herein by this Constitution of The United States.

*And we might want to amend
this amendment to say,
"those human-beings" here, too.
(Suck it, 'Citizens United'.)


I know that people can be physically attracted to others mainly because the object of their current attraction reminds them somehow of someone else they were once attracted to before for whatever reason.
And of course, the previous object of attraction was probably attractive to the person because they reminded them of yet still someone else they were attracted to even before that. On and on.
(Suck it, 'facial-symmetry'.
That one psychology theory is
total Bull-Movement, I know.)

I guess I just do not happen to resemble any man that any woman who has ever seen me has previously loved or been attracted to.

Oh, woe, I am therefore alone.
I am thus then damned,
damned for this vile sin,
the most vile of all sins:
Not happening to resemble
anyone who is/was attractive.
(And there is no atonement.)


And finally...
a very very offensive joke.
(I have actually come up with a few, but only a few, very potentially offensive jokes lately; some of these jokes being so bad I cannot even email them to anyone at all,
let alone post them here. The following is actually relatively one of the least offensive of these. But.. it still is so wrong in multiple ways.)


[Warning. Potentially offensive.
Warning. Potentially offensive.]


You hear about the tranny who shot
a whole bunch of people to death?..
Yeah, she went all..
'post(op)al' on them...

(Now, that won't get me in
trouble or anything, will it?
Crap, I posted a BAD PUN.
Now THAT definitely will get me
in lots of very serious trouble.)


Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Astro-mat

(The Astro-mat is the Universe:
The laundromat of All.
And the load is unbalanced again..

Blog-post # 339:
(339 = 3*113.)

Seven new images.

Thicknesses Of The Sundial

Yet Unthought As It Is Unsketched

Virtuously But Not Virtually Non-Geometric

Time Defying Its Relativity

Multitonic Monoangularity

Isometries Transposed With Invariants

Axiom Of Oneness Unprovably Disentangled

(I am not in the mood today
to discuss neologistic titles.)


(Four is your score,
and seven images or so..)

Crafted here; a lone
ecliptic is spited.
I once did as it; the
greatest circumference
parallels pi.


The torus sins
and halved itself.
Love's DNA is rusted
in that flesh.


These envisioned
spirals are so;
as in their selves,
as rope is done.


It computes these images seen.
Then a timepiece guesses most.


Regarding sundials (as in the name of the first image above), etc:

Dial-shaped technology, generally, has been becoming obsolete.
then later "modern" clocks
(for decades now being
replaced with the
digital type);
dials on phones;
vinyl records and CDs;
Soon, maybe car-tires?

Yes, the circle itself is
becoming obsolete, it seems.

(Heck, even our Earth and
its orbit have been known for
centuries to not be circular;
since they are closer to being
ellipsoidal and elliptical

What comes around..
does NOT go around, then?

Not necessarily,
not anymore.


Now the funny stuff..

Atheists have been..
from religion.


No more funny stuff.
(Today's blog-post is
somewhat sucking. Yeah.)

Just one last thing, and
it is potentially offensive..

The following may offend.]

[{(.. The Nothingness.. )}]



Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Four-Ever... And Ever And Ever And Ever

Blog-post # 338:
(338 = 13*2*13.)

Seven new images:

In-istential Soliloquy

Atop Equiangularity Sans Equidistance

Ridiculousness Accused Of Infallibility

Undefinable Resonances

Calculuses More Numerous Than Images

Convergence Into Divergence

Perhaps Shaped As Its Depiction

Note about the top image's title:
"In-istential" is perhaps a neologism (or neology) which is the introspective/inward/self-oriented analog to 'existential'.
(In contrast, the prefix 'ex-' can mean 'outward', for one thing.)


(Four, the number inspiring
this blog-post's title;...
besides infinity. But I don't
have an infinite number of
anagrams for you today, though;

For, if every science is
an ending, instead,...
it converges inside as in
any difference.


Only the shapes do sag,...
as these polygons had.


Needed projections divide us.
Justice is done, proved, denied.


Anything is in the
really curved straightedges,..
then thusly deceiving
arrayed triangles' sight.


Yes, (as in the 3rd anagram above),

Justice is done...

(but only) with us all.


"I am employee of the month;

But I don't even have a job,
the economy is so bad.
Hey, do you know if the month
you are an employee of,
at least, is hiring?"


Observational people surely have..


Any leader who tries to wage war
just because he really loves wars,
well, he surely has a

.. which would be his..
interest of conflict.


Obama campaign signs should read:

"The president for president."

(Or, more precisely,
"Our present president
for president."


You hear about the
off-course runner?

Yeah, he lost track of the track.

(He lost track -- and lost --
by going off-track and
off-course, of course.)


Future fear:

The clone gangs:

"Hey, officer, it wasn't me,
I tell ya'. It was a
gang-member who just looked
like me. Yeah, he is my..



I always talk* to myself,
'cause I'm the only one
who will understand...

*(Whether whispering, screaming,
or speaking at mid-volume.)

My new moniker?:

The "Solilo-Guy"

That be me,

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Rest In Violence

(So, I didn't call this blog-post
"O-Rings And Orangutans", after all.
But, yes, both titles seem familiar
and unoriginal to me, anyway.
However, the title I did give this
post was inspired by my pessimistic
view of The After-Life(tm). R.I.V.)

Blog-post # 337:
(337 = a prime, it looks to me.)

Seven new art images,
visions seen via their very
transcendences of existence:

Therein Cusp-lessness Wherein As

Oscillation Perturbed From Aperiodicity

Annihilating All, As It Was Ours

Disjointed Is Its Rarity

Of All Alliterations, Rhymes, And Geometry

Our Distrust Itself Mistrusted

Therefore Evermore Moreover Everything


(I should do singing anagrams.)
5. (5 again; these may not be fewer in number than in my last post, but they are still lesser. Oh, and there were really 6 in my last post, sort of.)

Alone or less, I am a person.
Inner loops are also as me.


These ovoids and
ages pass through.
This thus gapes as
grooves had done.


As the brain,
yet as deactivating;
Again it has
created best vanity.


Entangled distances are
as our lying justice.
Tensely disjointed,
rare glances cut us again.


For, unto dimensions
are cast..
in most of our
near distances.

(Jokes and stuff:)

If the ladders had rungs,
do the.. latter ladders..
thus instead have..


Mathematicians give bad gifts.

But,.. it is the thought that..
does higher-order
differential calculus.


(US-centric observation:)

Why is there an overflow drain for
my bathroom sink*, and an overflow
drain for my bathtub, but.. not one
where one could REALLY potentially
be useful,.. on my toilet?

(Ohhhh,.. the irony..)

*(Not that the overflow drain on my sink doesn't get stopped up too anyway every time my sink clogs, or anything. Useless.)

(US-centric joke:)

You do know that George Washington
was VERY gullible, don't you?

Yeah, he could never tell a lie..

from the truth.

(True story!.. True.)

Potentially offensive joke.)

Are you offended by me and my jokes?

If you are offended, is it
because you are..

(Not so much a joke, but more a
new thing for them kids to say.


Okay, one last thing, a point:


As many of you now should know, the American voting-system, especially its voting-machines, is completely vulnerable to having the tabulations of votes and thus the results of elections changed by outside people or groups with evil intent and just a little technical knowledge. Frighteningly, these changes can be made by almost anyone very easily, quickly, to any extent desired, and (importantly) without any possibility of detection.

Yet there is a potentially GOOD consequence of this fact. (Good for us all generally, not just for those changing the votes to their favored outcomes.)

At least now there SHOULD no longer be a "need" for very powerful people and groups to fake international incidences and attacks, say, and get us into deadly (and expensive) wars based on lies,.. just as an example.
And there should be no more reason for those people and groups to engage in mass-scale brain-control, however that would be done (either via propaganda; or less conventionally via direct brain-control tech, if that is possible now -- although direct brain-control WILL soon be possible, at the very least).

Yay! Everybody wins! (as they say)

But,.. perhaps the fake-wars, and the self-inflicted attacks on US civilians for the purposes of our deception, and the mass-brain-control, and the-devil-knows-what-else will still be used by those with the real power anyway, even if these methods are not necessary anymore for their political candidates to "win".

But why? Because these people and groups find engaging in such villainy to be FUN.
Do not forget: These people and groups are evil, literally evil.

The morality of individual human-beings is not always as multi-valued and plexiform as people want to believe it is. Yes, it is sad to say, but some people are indeed purely-evil melodrama-style super-villains without any redemptive qualities at all; quite a significant percentage of people in power definitely are so.

(Although I heard that Hitler, anyway, was a vegetarian and he liked animals.. {Although he did end up poisoning his dog right before he allegedly committed suicide.} And Hitler drove one of the first VWs also.
Hitler: What a hippy..
'Flower Power' vs 'Aryan Power'?
Oh, how to decide? How to decide?..)


Update: For some weird reason, this blog-post had vanished since it had (as I swear it had) successfully been published yesterday.
I will post it again. (Hopefully it stays this time.)


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Truth Thickened By Its Own Hollowness

Blog-post # 336:
(336 = 3*2*2*2*2*7.)

Six new images.

Dimensionality Of Furthered Nihilism

Unusually Unusual, Quasi-usually

What Solely It Has Solely Had

Sums Of Some Corpus Callosum

Algebraically Corroded Cosmology

Eclipse Hidden By Its Diffraction


(Only 5 today.
Most of these are 'greater';
However, the other one is
somewhat of 'a regret' of mine.
Whoops, six anagrams now.)

Wise beauty of the flea's webs
impresses all its prey
sent there, alas.
But these flies, bees, wasps;
their nests are follies,
are always empty.


Ah, some moon's butterfly
wanes again.
The sun is aloft anew..
as my boomerang.


A conical thing:
It can coil, hang.


Analogously using a ruse,..
as in your soul's language.


Carnivorous flesh
so very regretted:
The cravings for
ourselves yet do err.

(The other stuff..)

It is less,... unless..
it is un-less..


They say that "Beauty is
in the eye of the beholder".

That is why I don't wear my
(needed) glasses.

Because I want to see with
my.. 'naked eyes'..


You know what was
an honest mistake?

Ever being honest..

("You Humans DESERVE all the
lies told to you! HaHaHaHa!")

Humming birds?!..

No, it is the hummin' humans!

(Because only the birds..
know the words.)


You know why the Industrial Age
brought the 'Fall' Of Humanity?

Because of all its..



You know why being a (straight)
fashion-reporter would be much
more preferable to me than
being a plumber?

Because which would you think
I think is better? Hmm?..

Plunging necklines?..
plunging sewer-lines?..


It's true..

Gamblers ARE the..
'better' people..


If your ship is lost at sea,
maybe the problem is that
you have a..

(My ship is lost, but that
is only because I can't
remember where I stored it.
You seen it?)


"You know, some middle-aged guy
rang my doorbell, then he left
and came back later and rang it
again; then he left and came back
yet again and rang it."

"You mean, a.. Boomer rang?"..


There is balance among the graves
there (where the dead are all..
feng shui'ed to rest), at the..



The best thing about dying?

No need to pack or unpack!

(Or so said the comedian I must
have heard a long time ago --
and that comedian was old THEN,
and his joke was even older
than he then was. .. Well, guess
he didn't have to later.. pack,..
at the very least..)

Perhaps, it's not a
"slip of the tongue"
to say some people have
"stung with their lips".


Let's get-down with the

Something to tell the idiots
during an argument with them:
('Idiots', as in,
almost everybody.)

"Come on, be a big kid now;
use your THOUGHTS!"


Why did they ever say,
"Yo' mama wears combat boots!"?

(To which they might follow-up
by saying,..
"And our country thanks
yo' mama for her service."..)

(I mean, WHAT did that put-down
even mean!? Why was it even bad?)



They say that
"Anything is possible".

Even that everything
is impossible?

Or by "anything", do they really
mean "something"?
As in,
"Yes, SOMETHING is possible".

Maybe it is possible that
something is possible.

(And finally this blog-post's
title makes sense to me now.)


Friday, October 5, 2012


Blog-post # 335:
(335 = 5*67.)

Seven new images:

Trans-Tangential Oneness Of One

As Verbs Converged On Nonexistence

Introspection's Neologistic Rebuses

Mysteriously Nonzero Mathematicalism

Permutations Of Causality

By All Indescribable Describability

Neurological Loci Sans Algorithms

I myself much prefer the first two and the final two images above over the middle three.
Notable neologisms in the titles above:
"Mathematicalism", which is the
meta-mathematical concept of all mathematics in general.
"Trans-tangential", adjective: Surpassing the tangent in question.
(Now one of my dictionaries is saying the more proper word I should have been using all this time is "neology", while "neologism" is more in regards to unacceptably-used words and psychotic ramblings. "Neology", however, is more in regards to words formed from other words, as is what I usually form. This dictionary may have atypical definitions for both words, though.)


(19, the most anagrams yet
in a single blog-post, I think.)

These many
electrical generators:
Machines rotate all
secret energy.


Things are as rotated,
Again, others started.


Solitude's sin:
Lost inside us.


All stays..
lastly as.


Existence is
all its paths.
Next, as I still
escape this.


Exit scene.


A theorem of my art's
pixels is then destined:
They are plexiform dots
in the mess stained.


Things remain:..
In nightmares.


Ultimate wounds..
now mutilated us.


Everything's destiny:
An unremarkable middle.
This deleted blame
ruined very many rankings.


Longitudes are distantly
eroded there in us.
Their endings outlasted
reality so endured.


Distant layers of
things do ply..
in the oddly soft
lasting spray.


It mortally errs.


Be alarmed:
Dare blame.

(^These last two are
for all you 9-11 fans.)


Truth is:
It hurts.


Own me.

The final three anagrams are of
a sexual nature and may offend.]

Vaginas, indeed:
An id is avenged.


One's purely
sexual stupidity:
Deluxe lust preys
upon it, I say.


As the libido in
our genders:
Their nuder bodies
align so.


Two interrelated palindromes:

'Sad, no maid's diamond as.'


The so-called 'trade-deficit' is
an important problem for America.

But we are trying to make it an..
'exportant'.. one instead..


Yes, if you are REALLY in debt,
you are then a..

You know, if a bill is REALLY huge,
maybe it should be called instead
a.. 'trill'.
(As in, "The trill our country is
giving our descendants is in the
trillions and trillions."
But soon, we may be talking here
about the massive.. 'quadrill'
we are passing on.)

(Funny, though then, that the
US budget deficit was so
relatively small during the
BILL Clinton administration.
It is* as if his name is ironic,
or something.
"Former President Ironic Clinton"
or "Former President
Something Clinton".
*{depending upon whatever
this word means..})


I hate people. Why?
Because people ON-AVERAGE are..


You know about that school for
They charge way too much for..


Still-images are..


(This pun sounds familiar.)

If "Thin is in", as they say,
does that mean that
"Thout is out"??

(What a tragedy.)


If you are infatuated with
someone, then maybe
for them you have a..


(This pun sounds familiar too.)

Here's a spoonerism for you:

Instead of telling someone
to "Go to Hell!",
tell them to,..

"Go to Mal-Wart!"..

(You thought I was going to
say something else about
a prostitute becoming
like gelatin, maybe?)


Finally, a little more politics:
[Warning, politics!]

(Not so funny. Ah, ah, ah, ah..)

Even if it is actually true when you say "Well, I have nothing to hide", hey, THAT'S exactly why they are spying on YOU!
Precisely because you are no threat.

(But they are not spying as much so on the REAL terr'rists, by the way.
.. Stay safe.. Stay safe, stay safe, got to stay safe, OR ELSE.)



Negative-campaign lies are a
bunch of..