Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Four-Ever... And Ever And Ever And Ever

Blog-post # 338:
(338 = 13*2*13.)

Seven new images:

In-istential Soliloquy

Atop Equiangularity Sans Equidistance

Ridiculousness Accused Of Infallibility

Undefinable Resonances

Calculuses More Numerous Than Images

Convergence Into Divergence

Perhaps Shaped As Its Depiction

Note about the top image's title:
"In-istential" is perhaps a neologism (or neology) which is the introspective/inward/self-oriented analog to 'existential'.
(In contrast, the prefix 'ex-' can mean 'outward', for one thing.)


(Four, the number inspiring
this blog-post's title;...
besides infinity. But I don't
have an infinite number of
anagrams for you today, though;

For, if every science is
an ending, instead,...
it converges inside as in
any difference.


Only the shapes do sag,...
as these polygons had.


Needed projections divide us.
Justice is done, proved, denied.


Anything is in the
really curved straightedges,..
then thusly deceiving
arrayed triangles' sight.


Yes, (as in the 3rd anagram above),

Justice is done...

(but only) with us all.


"I am employee of the month;

But I don't even have a job,
the economy is so bad.
Hey, do you know if the month
you are an employee of,
at least, is hiring?"


Observational people surely have..


Any leader who tries to wage war
just because he really loves wars,
well, he surely has a

.. which would be his..
interest of conflict.


Obama campaign signs should read:

"The president for president."

(Or, more precisely,
"Our present president
for president."


You hear about the
off-course runner?

Yeah, he lost track of the track.

(He lost track -- and lost --
by going off-track and
off-course, of course.)


Future fear:

The clone gangs:

"Hey, officer, it wasn't me,
I tell ya'. It was a
gang-member who just looked
like me. Yeah, he is my..



I always talk* to myself,
'cause I'm the only one
who will understand...

*(Whether whispering, screaming,
or speaking at mid-volume.)

My new moniker?:

The "Solilo-Guy"

That be me,


Anonymous said...

As a group, these seven art works are mind blowing. Thanks.

kikinotdee said...

I love the first Image leroy it's gorgeous :)

Amorphous Trapezoid said...

You all do hopefully know that if you click on any image, you should get a higher-resolution version than the thumbnail you first encounter in my blog.

Thanks, everybody!

PS: Am I able to comment again on my own blog in the comment-section?
I am about to find out...