Sunday, October 14, 2012

Rest In Violence

(So, I didn't call this blog-post
"O-Rings And Orangutans", after all.
But, yes, both titles seem familiar
and unoriginal to me, anyway.
However, the title I did give this
post was inspired by my pessimistic
view of The After-Life(tm). R.I.V.)

Blog-post # 337:
(337 = a prime, it looks to me.)

Seven new art images,
visions seen via their very
transcendences of existence:

Therein Cusp-lessness Wherein As

Oscillation Perturbed From Aperiodicity

Annihilating All, As It Was Ours

Disjointed Is Its Rarity

Of All Alliterations, Rhymes, And Geometry

Our Distrust Itself Mistrusted

Therefore Evermore Moreover Everything


(I should do singing anagrams.)
5. (5 again; these may not be fewer in number than in my last post, but they are still lesser. Oh, and there were really 6 in my last post, sort of.)

Alone or less, I am a person.
Inner loops are also as me.


These ovoids and
ages pass through.
This thus gapes as
grooves had done.


As the brain,
yet as deactivating;
Again it has
created best vanity.


Entangled distances are
as our lying justice.
Tensely disjointed,
rare glances cut us again.


For, unto dimensions
are cast..
in most of our
near distances.

(Jokes and stuff:)

If the ladders had rungs,
do the.. latter ladders..
thus instead have..


Mathematicians give bad gifts.

But,.. it is the thought that..
does higher-order
differential calculus.


(US-centric observation:)

Why is there an overflow drain for
my bathroom sink*, and an overflow
drain for my bathtub, but.. not one
where one could REALLY potentially
be useful,.. on my toilet?

(Ohhhh,.. the irony..)

*(Not that the overflow drain on my sink doesn't get stopped up too anyway every time my sink clogs, or anything. Useless.)

(US-centric joke:)

You do know that George Washington
was VERY gullible, don't you?

Yeah, he could never tell a lie..

from the truth.

(True story!.. True.)

Potentially offensive joke.)

Are you offended by me and my jokes?

If you are offended, is it
because you are..

(Not so much a joke, but more a
new thing for them kids to say.


Okay, one last thing, a point:


As many of you now should know, the American voting-system, especially its voting-machines, is completely vulnerable to having the tabulations of votes and thus the results of elections changed by outside people or groups with evil intent and just a little technical knowledge. Frighteningly, these changes can be made by almost anyone very easily, quickly, to any extent desired, and (importantly) without any possibility of detection.

Yet there is a potentially GOOD consequence of this fact. (Good for us all generally, not just for those changing the votes to their favored outcomes.)

At least now there SHOULD no longer be a "need" for very powerful people and groups to fake international incidences and attacks, say, and get us into deadly (and expensive) wars based on lies,.. just as an example.
And there should be no more reason for those people and groups to engage in mass-scale brain-control, however that would be done (either via propaganda; or less conventionally via direct brain-control tech, if that is possible now -- although direct brain-control WILL soon be possible, at the very least).

Yay! Everybody wins! (as they say)

But,.. perhaps the fake-wars, and the self-inflicted attacks on US civilians for the purposes of our deception, and the mass-brain-control, and the-devil-knows-what-else will still be used by those with the real power anyway, even if these methods are not necessary anymore for their political candidates to "win".

But why? Because these people and groups find engaging in such villainy to be FUN.
Do not forget: These people and groups are evil, literally evil.

The morality of individual human-beings is not always as multi-valued and plexiform as people want to believe it is. Yes, it is sad to say, but some people are indeed purely-evil melodrama-style super-villains without any redemptive qualities at all; quite a significant percentage of people in power definitely are so.

(Although I heard that Hitler, anyway, was a vegetarian and he liked animals.. {Although he did end up poisoning his dog right before he allegedly committed suicide.} And Hitler drove one of the first VWs also.
Hitler: What a hippy..
'Flower Power' vs 'Aryan Power'?
Oh, how to decide? How to decide?..)


Update: For some weird reason, this blog-post had vanished since it had (as I swear it had) successfully been published yesterday.
I will post it again. (Hopefully it stays this time.)


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kikinotdee said...

I like all the art No.1 in particular, I followed your tips Leroy it seems to have worked, heres hoping!