Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Blog-post # 341:
(341 = 11*31.)

Eight new images:
(How great, we elate;
There are eight.)

Non-Intuitively Counter-Deductive

Obscientifically Chromatose

Each Rectilinear Geometry Never Euclidean

Polymers Into Phosphors

Metaphorically Metronomic Happenstance

Unthinking Neurosystem

Formed From A Ceasing Lens

Knotted Concepts All Of Dis-Continuum

Spot the neologies in the titles.
And, oh,..
Spot the spirals in the images.
(Wow -- more spirals in my images.
Guess that is a surprise..)

Favorite neologies, however:
"Chromatose" =
Chromatic + Comatose.
"Dis-Continuum" =
Discontinuous + Continuum.
(Regarding the blurry quantum
pixels of all, and all that.)

A little less favored:
as in "counterintuitive",
but involving deduction.
almost a nervous-system,
but more systematic,..
and more neurotic.
scientifically obscene.

(By the way,
"metronomic" is not a neology;
it is the adjective form of



Hemispheres are as internal.
The sane spirals remain here.


As knotted concepts are also,
a solar peacock tends to nest.


Our commonsense era:
Once sums are no more.




What is nothingness
yet weirdly again?
Otherwise, anything
instead was lying.


What kind of primates are
so very very prone to rant?
(Aside from human-beings,
of course.)


(And you better give them
some lemon-harangue pie,
or else. Or else they will
have a serious talk with you...
Or is it orange-harangue pie?
You better ask them first
what they want; yes, and
they will tell you.)


The married couple who smokes
a lot of something together,
they surely live in...

'weeded bliss'..


Do neurotic terrorists
carry out .. panic attacks?
(Are they therefore..
{or would that be spelled..


A badly dubbed movie must be
scored with what type of music?

Out-of-step dubstep!
(of course)


They say there is a "balance"
between Good and Evil
in this universe.


At least there is not
a 50%/50% balance.
At best, perhaps, there is
a balance between the alleged
balance itself and the universe
being purely evil?
(So: 75% evil; 25% good?)

But maybe there is a balance
between that 75%/25% imbalance
and pure evil again.
(Thus: 87.5% evil; 12.5% good.)

Or, etcetera, etcetera, until
we finally arrive upon:
100% evil; 0% good.

See: Pure evil ALWAYS wins.
(Especially since it doesn't
mind cheating.)

Injustice: That IS the "Balance".
(A counterintuitive balance,
a counterbalance to intuition.
And both the angels and the demons
are laughing at us all, for we
are all just losers.
Yes, JUST losers, justifiably so.)


Dystopia; Dysphrenia;
Disturbingly Counter-Deductive;
Another Otherness: Hence
Anotherness: Anotherness-ness.
Concepts of


Anotherwise Counter(clock)wise,
but otherwise unwise.

All is
becoming all Dra(gnet)conian,
lately and greatly.
Yes, welcome to the Fall..
Of All.



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kikinotdee said...

Hey Leroy I can't leave more than one comment on your posts for some reason, so I had to find one with no comments. Really? You dont know who sheldon is? You never watched the big bang theory? Dr Sheldon Cooper does not like getting gifts because he feels obliged to buy gifts in return, and he does not like giving gifts, he is always right, he loves maths and equations and he is OCD, sound familiar? He is also my favourite character because he makes me laugh, as do you :).
I went to our local gallery today to see some Da vinci sketches he was born to early that one, I wonder what they would have thought of you back then Leroy.