Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Astro-mat

(The Astro-mat is the Universe:
The laundromat of All.
And the load is unbalanced again..

Blog-post # 339:
(339 = 3*113.)

Seven new images.

Thicknesses Of The Sundial

Yet Unthought As It Is Unsketched

Virtuously But Not Virtually Non-Geometric

Time Defying Its Relativity

Multitonic Monoangularity

Isometries Transposed With Invariants

Axiom Of Oneness Unprovably Disentangled

(I am not in the mood today
to discuss neologistic titles.)


(Four is your score,
and seven images or so..)

Crafted here; a lone
ecliptic is spited.
I once did as it; the
greatest circumference
parallels pi.


The torus sins
and halved itself.
Love's DNA is rusted
in that flesh.


These envisioned
spirals are so;
as in their selves,
as rope is done.


It computes these images seen.
Then a timepiece guesses most.


Regarding sundials (as in the name of the first image above), etc:

Dial-shaped technology, generally, has been becoming obsolete.
then later "modern" clocks
(for decades now being
replaced with the
digital type);
dials on phones;
vinyl records and CDs;
Soon, maybe car-tires?

Yes, the circle itself is
becoming obsolete, it seems.

(Heck, even our Earth and
its orbit have been known for
centuries to not be circular;
since they are closer to being
ellipsoidal and elliptical

What comes around..
does NOT go around, then?

Not necessarily,
not anymore.


Now the funny stuff..

Atheists have been..
from religion.


No more funny stuff.
(Today's blog-post is
somewhat sucking. Yeah.)

Just one last thing, and
it is potentially offensive..

The following may offend.]

[{(.. The Nothingness.. )}]




kikinotdee said...

You know your art turns me into a little kid, as I'm scrolling down I listen to myself saying ooo I like that one "chuckles"

Amorphous Trapezoid said...

"Kids these days!"...

.. Who were adults as of yesterday..

(Thanks, Kiki.)