Friday, October 26, 2012

Ignorance Only Thinks It Is Sad

Blog-post # 340:
(340 = 2*5*17*2.)

Six new images:

Abstract Alchemies Composed Of Images

Versus And-(And/Or)-Or Via

Its Misspelled And Nonexistent Math

As Was Its Essence Despite Us

Counter-Existential Anti-Predication

Realistically Absurd But Stained

(I like these I am posting today,
especially those with color in them.)


Just like the number
of images today.
Rah rah..
Route/root {for} 6-6.)

Spit is poorly arranged.
It drools, reaping spray.


Unevenly quartered halves:
Never equally and ever thus.


This sphere arose,
is cut into itself.
Those partitions
fuse their slices.


Solely counterintuitive
is an earth;
... as unto all vicious
entirety therein.


Those detach,
forming inside sadness.
As a notched design is,
this for me ends.


Every destined wet tear
I lost inside nothing,...
besides our species.
This snide ruse ends.
Its ignorance weeps,...
or yet it believed it does.


Update item:
A note regarding today's title:
First, it is an allusion to the final anagram above, which may be obvious to you already.

But -- and I may have written about this already long ago in this blog -- I had been pissed over the years at how superior-acting people used to tell other people (although I haven't heard this lately, thankfully) that, "You only THINK you are happy."

Ha ha; joke's on the superior-acting people; not, as they may think, on their supposed inferiors they are belittling.
Because last I checked, happiness is an emotion, and thus is subjective.
And if you THINK you are happy, how then can you only be BLISSFULLY unaware that you are NOT happy?
Yeah, yeah, I get that there are levels of self-awareness; and part of you may be in touch with how you SHOULD be feeling about your life.

But I am a words man more so than a pop-psychology fan; so I will make fun of the literal implications of such superior-acting peoples and their in-the-literal-sense nonsense.
That is my prerogative as a superior-acting person myself.
Or at least I will GLADLY think, if only think, that it is my prerogative, or whatever else.


Not much funniness today.
(Not much humor in the last
post either. But the earlier
posts are unlike these two:
They are fun-like that.
But, alas, these last
two posts have been..
unlike fun-like..)


A stupid comedian (for the even
stupider masses) might say:..

"Hey, why do they call 'em
'finger nails', anyway?
Why not call 'em
'hand-nails' instead?..
Do they think we would
get 'em confused with our
'palm-nails'? Geesh!"

(That, my peoples, is why I
don't appeal to the masses.)


Here is a pretty stupid joke,
(Is it the dumb blonde of jokes?
Pretty stupid?)

My place is SO small... that..
it is only a 'condo-minimum'..

(But I DO believe I have heard
this one before somewhere else,
now now.)

Okay, enough of the nonsense
(for now).

There are lots of cases of people who are
in-fact non-criminals being punished with serious jail time here in the US, as I have been hearing lately.

Meanwhile,... the REAL criminals in this country -- some who have directly and/or indirectly caused the deaths of thousands, maybe millions of Americans, or have stolen trillions of dollars, or have done worse even -- they too often not only get de-facto 100% immunity for their infinite crimes, they are sometimes even REWARDED for these crimes too, sometimes with thousands, often millions, of dollars in bonuses or in book-contracts and speaking-fees.

So, here I have it: The first draft:..

A proposed new American constitutional amendment:

Only those* subject to the laws of this United States and of its states and territories, and not immune to all penalties and punishments of such laws' violation, shall be considered "persons", whether in the legal sense or otherwise.
And only such persons, as so defined, shall enjoy any rights and privileges granted herein by this Constitution of The United States.

*And we might want to amend
this amendment to say,
"those human-beings" here, too.
(Suck it, 'Citizens United'.)


I know that people can be physically attracted to others mainly because the object of their current attraction reminds them somehow of someone else they were once attracted to before for whatever reason.
And of course, the previous object of attraction was probably attractive to the person because they reminded them of yet still someone else they were attracted to even before that. On and on.
(Suck it, 'facial-symmetry'.
That one psychology theory is
total Bull-Movement, I know.)

I guess I just do not happen to resemble any man that any woman who has ever seen me has previously loved or been attracted to.

Oh, woe, I am therefore alone.
I am thus then damned,
damned for this vile sin,
the most vile of all sins:
Not happening to resemble
anyone who is/was attractive.
(And there is no atonement.)


And finally...
a very very offensive joke.
(I have actually come up with a few, but only a few, very potentially offensive jokes lately; some of these jokes being so bad I cannot even email them to anyone at all,
let alone post them here. The following is actually relatively one of the least offensive of these. But.. it still is so wrong in multiple ways.)


[Warning. Potentially offensive.
Warning. Potentially offensive.]


You hear about the tranny who shot
a whole bunch of people to death?..
Yeah, she went all..
'post(op)al' on them...

(Now, that won't get me in
trouble or anything, will it?
Crap, I posted a BAD PUN.
Now THAT definitely will get me
in lots of very serious trouble.)


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kikinotdee said...

You and I have different Ideas about whats offensive, that was a meh! On my scale but it was still one of your crap jokes :) and ooo I like those ones :D