Friday, October 5, 2012


Blog-post # 335:
(335 = 5*67.)

Seven new images:

Trans-Tangential Oneness Of One

As Verbs Converged On Nonexistence

Introspection's Neologistic Rebuses

Mysteriously Nonzero Mathematicalism

Permutations Of Causality

By All Indescribable Describability

Neurological Loci Sans Algorithms

I myself much prefer the first two and the final two images above over the middle three.
Notable neologisms in the titles above:
"Mathematicalism", which is the
meta-mathematical concept of all mathematics in general.
"Trans-tangential", adjective: Surpassing the tangent in question.
(Now one of my dictionaries is saying the more proper word I should have been using all this time is "neology", while "neologism" is more in regards to unacceptably-used words and psychotic ramblings. "Neology", however, is more in regards to words formed from other words, as is what I usually form. This dictionary may have atypical definitions for both words, though.)


(19, the most anagrams yet
in a single blog-post, I think.)

These many
electrical generators:
Machines rotate all
secret energy.


Things are as rotated,
Again, others started.


Solitude's sin:
Lost inside us.


All stays..
lastly as.


Existence is
all its paths.
Next, as I still
escape this.


Exit scene.


A theorem of my art's
pixels is then destined:
They are plexiform dots
in the mess stained.


Things remain:..
In nightmares.


Ultimate wounds..
now mutilated us.


Everything's destiny:
An unremarkable middle.
This deleted blame
ruined very many rankings.


Longitudes are distantly
eroded there in us.
Their endings outlasted
reality so endured.


Distant layers of
things do ply..
in the oddly soft
lasting spray.


It mortally errs.


Be alarmed:
Dare blame.

(^These last two are
for all you 9-11 fans.)


Truth is:
It hurts.


Own me.

The final three anagrams are of
a sexual nature and may offend.]

Vaginas, indeed:
An id is avenged.


One's purely
sexual stupidity:
Deluxe lust preys
upon it, I say.


As the libido in
our genders:
Their nuder bodies
align so.


Two interrelated palindromes:

'Sad, no maid's diamond as.'


The so-called 'trade-deficit' is
an important problem for America.

But we are trying to make it an..
'exportant'.. one instead..


Yes, if you are REALLY in debt,
you are then a..

You know, if a bill is REALLY huge,
maybe it should be called instead
a.. 'trill'.
(As in, "The trill our country is
giving our descendants is in the
trillions and trillions."
But soon, we may be talking here
about the massive.. 'quadrill'
we are passing on.)

(Funny, though then, that the
US budget deficit was so
relatively small during the
BILL Clinton administration.
It is* as if his name is ironic,
or something.
"Former President Ironic Clinton"
or "Former President
Something Clinton".
*{depending upon whatever
this word means..})


I hate people. Why?
Because people ON-AVERAGE are..


You know about that school for
They charge way too much for..


Still-images are..


(This pun sounds familiar.)

If "Thin is in", as they say,
does that mean that
"Thout is out"??

(What a tragedy.)


If you are infatuated with
someone, then maybe
for them you have a..


(This pun sounds familiar too.)

Here's a spoonerism for you:

Instead of telling someone
to "Go to Hell!",
tell them to,..

"Go to Mal-Wart!"..

(You thought I was going to
say something else about
a prostitute becoming
like gelatin, maybe?)


Finally, a little more politics:
[Warning, politics!]

(Not so funny. Ah, ah, ah, ah..)

Even if it is actually true when you say "Well, I have nothing to hide", hey, THAT'S exactly why they are spying on YOU!
Precisely because you are no threat.

(But they are not spying as much so on the REAL terr'rists, by the way.
.. Stay safe.. Stay safe, stay safe, got to stay safe, OR ELSE.)



Negative-campaign lies are a
bunch of..




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