Sunday, September 30, 2012


(Yes, I must have read, but NOT HEARD,
this title somewhere else before.)

Blog-post # 334:
(334 = 2*167.)

Seven new images.

Arctangentialism Versus Geometry

As All Nihilistic Spectra

The Configuration Of Proximities

Ordinarily Pathological Ordinals

In Molecules Of Non-Nouns

Evenness Exceeded Unevenly

Translucency's Transparent Impurities

I will try to forego now over-rambling on about neologisms in my image-titles
(update: but I failed).
It suffices for me to note that, yes, I suspect that "Arctangentialism" (in the first image's title) and "Non-Nouns" (in the 5th images' title), "Non-Nouns" taken as a whole, are neologisms. And, yes, of course I suspect I was not the first to use these.
(And I especially like the bottom image's {neologism-less} title.)

(And, shame, I forgot to give the number of anagrams in my last post, if you could not have counted them yourselves. There were nine then, by the way.)
And nine this time too!

Your puns were spoken.
We rue pesky pronouns.


In this similarity,..
it is arty nihilism.


These insects inside reality
are so abused there.
Because, sheer entirety
sans lies, it dares to hide.


The helix is in most any
magnet's permutations.
A puny extreme:
Its moon has this,
its alignment.


The ruin is..


Unwiser end:
Ruined news.




What is the USA's dear creed?:
Liberals against conservatives..
As vain rebels with scathing
voices are assaulted, arrested.


I am me:...
A mime.

(^I guess this, "I am me", is one of the deeply philosophical concepts that "a mime" is trying to convey.)
(My favorites of these anagrams are the first 2, 3, or 4; and the last 2.)


A few palindromes:
(Then we will find balance.)

'No, I tan madness,
else mimes lessen damnation.'

'Eras are.'

'No ion?'

'We sew.'


A weird and indescribable thought:


(Sounds like a good band-name?
Probably already is,..
but not a good name. Sorry, guys.)

The second item below the
palindromes in today's blog-post
is.. (rum droll..)

Regarding "Second":
Hey, that ordinal is not any
ordinary ordinal! Just the
second-most ordinary of ordinals.

(Damn ordinals..)


You hear about the hippy who
ended up working in the
medical laboratory?
Yeah, he was a..

counterculture culture-counter.

("Yeah, man, and I do a lot
of drug-testing there...
on myself."..)


The political hierarchy is,
in essence (even if not

the 'HEIR-archy'.


New saying, in regards to our
political system and to so much
else these days:

"It's stuck on 'suck'!"

(I might have heard this before.)


The evolution-deniers often say
that they "refuse to believe that
man evolved from monkeys!"

Well, evolution experts always are
trying to point out that they do
not believe mankind "evolved from
monkeys" either!.. or from apes.
To the simians' relief/benefit(!),
human-beings and apes and monkeys
actually are all likely to have
evolved separately and in-parallel,
but came from some earlier common
ancestral species of primates
(which are all now extinct).

It's like a tree, stupid, you know,
with branches and stuff.
(And monkeys sometimes live in,
and sometimes love in, trees --
to help you remember.)

In any case, so then I guess it
can be said that the
"I refuse to believe that man
evolved from monkeys!" argument
made by evolution-deniers is
quite a...

'straw-monkey' argument!..

(And, get that straw-monkey
off your back!..
In other news:
Did you know human-beings
evolved from albatrosses?..
Might be fun to deny THAT now..)

(And when we find that 'balance'..)

Hey, since when is rhetorical
equivalency these days actually
about absolute equivalence, anyway?

"Yeah, it's bad now; but, come on;
the problem of false-equivalencies
being over-used to try to justify
arguments is just as bad as it
has always been,"
... would be the proper answer.


Usually, I guess, I wouldn't find
a sexual joke to be as funny as
most people do, because..

I just don't GET IT..


The authorities trying to determine
if we are "criminals" only from
images of our faces, possibly by
using facial-recognition AI,
would indeed be..


(Which is ironic if AI is used;
because the technology is now more
accurate when the faces are viewed
more so from the front, not as
much when viewed almost completely


Do we still.. 'din'-y
we like hard-rock music?..


Its own.. 'up'-posite.


Morticians surely do know how to..
'urn' a living!

(Or are they instead urning a


On an antimatter planet, during
a very bad storm, can a very
large charge of positrons
strike you with..

Yes, being electrically-shocked
severely can be quite..


I may not do so. But you do know
what things DO mince words?


(They especially mince
offensive-smelling words.
Better than getting your
mouth rinsed with soap, I bet.)



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