Monday, September 3, 2012

More Inferior A Title Than My Previous Post's Title

Blog-post # 327:
(327 = 3*109.)

Six new images (6 only):

Misnumbered Unidirectionalities

Angles Converge Into Apparitions

Disjointed From Asymmetry

In Inequalities Without Hierarchy

Malformation Lacking Divergences

Un-dream-able Matterlessness


A palindrome for
this Labor Day:

Rob all labor.


(I guess there
are 10 today.):

Ah, these
purples' symmetries,..
they repulse
the same prisms.


I tell, say,
yell as it.


These really are..
as a yeller there.


Each cut is but sand
severed within itself.
Such vertices fail
between this dust and I.


Sour loops return anew..
unto ropes now surreal.


Several rare
sins do appeal.
Ever plain, sad
pearls are so.


Vary in cosines:
Vain noises cry.


Curses hide, to be..
these I obscured.


Wagers in
basic numerology:
Your gamble is
scoring anew.


.. Or these fortunes
demagnify valued sin..
yet unto our
differing sameness halved.

(Note: The last two anagrams
today somewhat relate.
The 2nd and 3rd anagrams
today also relate somewhat.)


You know what happens when
time-dilates because you
are traveling so quickly
to get to your appointments?

You are affected by..


You know how the maker of a
rag-doll proves he begot it?

With a 'PATTERN-ity test',
of course.


Someone who is VERY
talkative is probably..
extra very extroverted.

("Extra! Extra-extroverted!
Hear all about it!")


More IRE-ony:..

It is ironic that, despite
their job-titles, executives
are the very people LEAST
likely to be executed for
any crimes they committed,
no matter how horrible
those crimes are.

The corporativity!..)


[Warning! {More} politics.]

And as always,...

'The Right heists
the zeitgeists!'..

(Appropriate that 'zeitgeist'
was originally a German word,


Some say that God is an..

But what is God,
if truly malevolent
(and truly anything)?

The ultimate strongman?
Or the ultimate straw-man?



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