Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tock-Tick, Tock-Tick

(.. Would that be what is meant
by 'counterclockwise'..)

Blog-post # 331:
(331 = a prime?)

Eight new images, again.

Synchronized Unto Synonyms' Synonyms

Unequally Unequal Unlike Inequalities

Electromagnetisms Of Null Refraction

Incommensurable Anynesses

As Of Loga-rinthine Laby-rithms

Emptiness Transposed With Void

Demystified Via Magic

Introspection Never Self-Envisioned

Notable neologisms here include:
"Anynesses" (from the 4th image's title), the plural of "Anyness", which is also a neologism; "Anyness" being the concept of anything and non-specificity.
"Loga-rinthine" and "Laby-rithms" (from the 5th image's title): Transpose their prefixes for these two words' more mundane origins.
(And "labyrinthine" is an old word which means 'like a labyrinth'.)
And (not too much of a neologism) "Electromagnetisms" (from the 3rd image's title) is the plural of "electromagnetism", obviously.


(Just 5.)

This wrecks us so into ruins,
into dust.
Its destruction is thus known,
is ours.


As water, these
do overlap there.
The droplets are
at sea, however.


Safely alone, I
mostly devastated her,
as any females loved
their hot lusty dates.


My dare:


These cute sour blossoms are
of tempting hues we then draw.
The butterflies (our songs)
were thus composed anew as them.


You may doubt it, but surely a
'exists, say'.


Cinnamon buns are often..



Refraction is the..
of white-light into its colors.


I can't stand sleeping.. And

I surely can't sleep standing.

Sleeping: I won't stand for it!


The sequence of higher-and-higher
courts appeals are made to,
until reaching the Supreme Court
(in the US), is the..

'Order in the courts'
appealed to.

And quite a..
'court-order' it is, too.


^Hey, this is no laughing matter!

.. unlike how any novelty
chuckling pile of fake poop is.


Many times things are not exactly
ten in number.
Yes, 'often' they are 'off-ten'.

But other times, instead, they are
indeed often 'of ten' in number.


If poltergeists pull up your
underwear, they have just given
you a..



New thing for them kids to say:
"Oh, that's so vulvar!"..

And an old-science-fiction-style
space-emperor says:..

"I am Vulv-Ar!
I am the emperor of this planet
called 'Nohyur-ananus'!
Welcome, Earthlings!
Are... 'you-tourists'..
to my planet? (oh, indeed,
we have many women here.)"


No more funny-business (like
Chuckling Fake Poop Piles, Inc):

So, people. What is the issue the politicians
must focus on THIS election to win??

(Paraphrasing an old campaign slogan):

It's.. the STUPIDITY, Stupid!..

(Speaking of politics:
Maybe we should call the Romney campaign
the "Champagne* Campaign"!?..
Or maybe call it the
"Mitt-doesn't-feel-our-pain campaign",
or just the "Pain campaign", for short.

Funny, that with my bad eyes, 4 years ago I thought the name "Palin" in the McCain/Palin yard-signs was spelling-out "Pain" each time I first saw one of these signs,... until my eyes focused better. Yeah, THEN I knew what I really saw..

But to be fair, for some reason the "Biden" in the Obama/Biden signs looked at first to me like "Lies". Must have been the kerning.. Yeah, the kerning. Damn them graphics-artists.)

*(Non-alcoholic champagne, of course, for Mitt himself. But even the sparkling grape-juice fake champagne is only the best stuff for Mr Mitt, since his tastes are so, well,..
refined like only the finest of white sugar and of white bread.
{But, of course.. Pass the White Poupon.}
Yet all the others working on his campaign can still booze it up, however.)


Finally, here,
for you Tea-Party-haters,
is an anagram:

Where shall we dump them?

"At sea,
as tea!"..



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kikinotdee said...

Synchronized Unto Synonyms' Synonyms
Unequally Unequal Unlike Inequalities(looks like a hug)
Demystified Via Magic(sticky toffee)
'Ouij-gie'.. LOL yes I wrote lol because CQ would have made no sense at all to you, oh yes I chuckled quietly :) I'm not mad at all the voices told me so!