Sunday, September 23, 2012

Thus In A Dissected Universe

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(332 = 2*83*2.)

(Only 6 new images today.
So sad.)

Meta-Philosophical Physics

Recently Relativistic Omnipresence

Disentanglement From Chaos

Terrestria Unreal And Unreally So

As Unmeasurably Indescribable As I

Subsets Of Density

I think that "Terrestria", as part of the 4th image's title, is a likely neologism.
It means to me, as you might have guessed, Earth itself or an Earth-like place/planet. (While, with the "-ia" ending, this word is more suggestive, as I intend, of perhaps a nation or land than the similar previously existent word for Earth, "Terra", is.) I do not know if this particular derivative of "terrestrial" exists already elsewhere amongst the more obscure parts of the English-language lexicon. I would not doubt that it is not my own word -- I hope, as with any word I might have originated but maybe did not, it already means what I intend it to mean here if it does already exist, however.

Also, "Meta-Philosophical" (from the top image's title) is probably a neologism.
It implies some VERY deep thinking, and thinking about thinking, and about that thinking about thinking as well, ad infinitum, perhaps.
All I can say about this is,...
I never meta-philosophical I didn't like!.. (harhar.)
(Which is even more appropriate given the meaning of the prefix "philo-".)


(6, likewise as six is six.)

Most of mundanity
looms near, certainly.
It is as randomly common
yet often lunar.


Agilely, a loser slips.
Silly spillage arose.


An idiot with gelatin
often slips.
And into his spillage
of it, it went.


They desire valuable voices
but deluded mouths.
Yet some had believed
their uvulas could be dust.


A square is yours;
then I saw a dot.
Quasi-round, they
are so as it was.


As its ruins
then deceived us,..
thus in a
dissected universe.


The jokes:

People who always blame
themselves seem to need a..



A literary reference to the
Bible might be called a..



Logically-redundant tattoos
are surely..


(And even logically-redundant
tattoos on one's backside can
need a backup.)

(That's too many tattoos, too?..)

Do some synesthetic people have

(Would that be similar to being


Social-networks surely like
to collect and exploit your
private information about
your friendships.
Yes, they want to get and use
your.. personable-info.


If the number of women vs the
number of men ever increases
(such as here in Denver, for
example), women then might be
effectively or even legally
limited to having, say,
only 3 or 4 boyfriends each.

That, then, would be the new..
'male-to-female ration'..


Yes, I eat a balanced diet:
First, I start the day by
eating something very sugary.
Then I eat something very salty
to balance the first thing out.
Then I eat something else that
is very sugary.
Then eat something very greasy.
Then I eat something salty again.

Yes, all in balance..


If you get sick from eating
milk-products, maybe it can be
said that, from them, you get..



I was thinking..
Automatic text-correction would
for once actually get it correct
if it rewrote your reference to
the Brookhaven supercollider, the
"Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider",
instead as the
"Relatively Heavy Ion Collider".*

(But we would never be so lucky
as for automatic text-correction
to ever be correct,..
even unintentionally!
Oh, damn good thing I never use
it to try to type-up puns!)

*(Or is this actually where they
derived the correct name from,
I am now wondering? I hear that
physicists have quite the
sense-of-humor, very pun-related.
That's 'super-symmetry' for you.
Good at math and science; vs
terrible at making up jokes.)



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