Thursday, September 6, 2012

But This Title Is Better Than My Previous Post's Title

Blog-post # 328:
(328 = 2*2*2*41.)

Six new images:
Or moderately-modern?)

Numerators Dividing Radians

Divined Via Reciprocals

They Are Almost Addends

Pathos Of Apathy Unseen

Superposited Yet Subimplied

Quasi-Plurally Chromometric

(Note: That the second title contains the word "Divined"; which is not "Divided", despite the apparent context.)


the first 3 are
the most great.)

The rainbow's
artistic craft seen:
Its water's refraction
can be this.


Yet so deeply are
primes in us all,
easily, eternally


Some pretty women
are shadows.
We prey/swear on them,
as most do.


Mistaken as...
a kiss meant.


Not all is false --
a fall into less.


Your senses are then
sinfully overweight...
yet where there is
all funny vigorousness.


You jostle spirals.
Rips jut as loosely.


Beware: Avoiding
rousing sins.
We are boring.
Divisions nag us.


2 is a prime number.
But 2 is not THE prime number.
(That is 1, instead.
But no, 1 is not a prime.)
But 2 is the prime prime.
And 'prime prime' is
two times as primal.


Some items many museums have
stored out of public view.
While other items, however,
the curators think may be
interesting enough to go
ahead and display anyway..
just.. in case(s).

(That is a really ancient joke.
Let's store it in the basement.)

What are the types of juices
that save on YOU at the store?..

Juices Christ, of course!..


The first editorial on the
editorial page would be,
I guess, an..

'atop-ed piece'.


I placed "upon" uponto "onto".
(Just did.)


New(?) word-use:
Use "surreally" instead
of "really" to show an
unrealistically extreme
amount of very-muchness.
As in,
"Those Republicans are
extreme lately."

(Also, "surreally" sounds
something like "surely",
as a bonus.)


I was just thinking about how much I liked the Mad Max movies, especially the second (Road Warriors) and the third (Thunderdome), despite Mel. Roadwarriors was so prescient, in that now days, as it turned out, we really DO go to war for gasoline. (Just ask the Iraqis.)
Too bad there are not actually now that many punk-rockers everywhere, though.

That is what pisses me off so much about this new century.
Here we have the ultimate dystopia unfolding, just like in all those post-Apocalyptic movies. (A post-Apocalyptic world without the actual {nuclear} Apocalypse.. yet.) But unlike those movies, we now have relatively few punk-rockers. And these times would be the absolutely PERFECT time for people to revolt by being punk-rockers! It was not as much so an appropriate time to be a punk-rocker back (when they were so much more prevalent) in the 70's, 80's (Although the Reagan-era needed them), or especially during the 90's. (Yeah, I too hated Clinton BACK THEN. But he looks really really damn good by the standards of these last 10 years!)

Surely, it was argued by others even as long ago as the 70's that the punk-rockers were not REALLY nonconforming rebels, but even were the opposite. But no matter how one defines rebellion -- even if by relatively ineffectual fashion-oriented means -- the will to rebel in-general just does not prevail like it once did, despite the much greater need for that social rebellion today.

And the internet hasn't helped, since it surely has given most of us a false-sense of personal rebellion. (Look at my blog, please. Please!)

Or, sadly, maybe we are just too lazy, or too afraid, now to rebel.


And some quotes for those
inclined to get angry:
(Not for me to use, though.
I only am a writer,
not a fighter.
No threats here, folks.
Just move along now.)

"I really want to
wipe those asses!"

"I want to smack the
smirks off those jerks!"

"Some people surely
need to be put out
of OUR misery!"

(Use if you want to, if you
are that kind of angry person..
And it is not like I could
otherwise prevent you from
doing so, let alone collect
any royalties from YOUR type



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