Monday, September 10, 2012

This Is The Last Blog-Title Referring To My Blog-Titles

(.. for awhile.)

Blog-post # 329:
(329 = 7*47.)

Eight new art-images:
(A spate of eight.)

Eclipse Without Loxodromes

Lexiform Plexicons

All Calculus Technically Polygonal


Indescribably Synesthetic Lens

A Science Both Neutral And Negative

Absoluteness And Itself

Tautological Nihilism

(Notice the second image's
title is a spoonerism.
And the 4th image's title
merges 3 words into one.)


(Just 4, no more.)

Veer into deep spirals,...
never despite Polaris.


Lepidopterans are as I:
Repeated in a spiral so.


Your cliques soon parted
time's forever less there;
Or one eclipse thus quartered
its very self more so.


My rise.


Beyond the Universe
(especially if the Universe
is by-definition All),
there is nothing (maybe
not even Nothingness).
That which is beyond It All,
then, is therefore on Its..


The Fahrenheit and Celsius
scales will just have to..

(agree to a degree to)
disagree their degrees.

(.. except at -40 degrees,
of course, you see.)


Since the conspiracy-theorists have been proven correct about so much lately; and almost every paranoid "fantasy" once considered to be only believable by psychotics has now turned out to be fact;
we are now living in..

Conspiracy IS Reality.


(But now for something serious,...
seriously the worst joke ever..)

You know what happened to
the milkmaid's corpse
after she died?

It was.. cream-ated!..


How did the dinosaurs get rid of obstacles in their way?

With their..




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kikinotdee said...

I checked out your previous posts and picked some favourites, Any Description Of
Dictionary And Timepiece....Angles converge into apparitions.....They are almost Addends, and yes the worst joke ever award goes to...drum rollllllll Leroy !!!!!! :D