Thursday, October 31, 2013

Zeniths Of Zigzagging Zeros

Blog-post # 403:
(403 =.... 13*31.)

So, you get why I hurried
to post this on Halloween?

Because this is post # 403,
403's prime-factors are...

(And the bottom three anagrams
of this post are especially
apt for Halloween.)


Oh, and maybe I will never
again post images, by the way.
I am having some huge problems
with the image-making software
I was using.

So, maybe my last post with
images, post # 402, will be
my LAST post with images..

But we will see,... or not.


Some typewriter-art
in the meantime:..

Quoth the art:..


(17 -- All so 'savantine';
which might be a neologism,
and is suppose to be the
adjective form of "savant",
of course.)

Time, as reality,..
.. is yet material.


As the zero, as nil:...
Zeniths also are.


As destined was
oblivion, thusly,..
.. always in the
boldest voids in us.


A question:


Equations' din:


This equation:
Oh, quantities!..


Anagrams were those
quantities, or mostly are
less than is added-up.
Yet this math else
rearranged words/puns, as
it also made equations.


This, the semantic zero,
is almost as an integer.
It theorizes so in
mathematical strangeness.


All semantics:
It calls names.


Semantics are those.
Names create this so.


The dizzy hypnagogia:
This again renders
those lines.
They are as anything is:
Zigzags hidden there
in loops.




They are data-mining ourselves
and more so solely our insanity.
Any idiots only yell their names
as rogues to a random universe.


People's bodies are
humanity's sin:
Our many nipples do be,
as this I see.


These dreams did be
as ruinous ignorance.
Our brains are the
demons caged inside us.


Ever as silly:
Evils are sly.


This Hell's ignorance was ours;..
Stirring so, as such Halloween.



'Semantic; it names.'


More and more folds
are being folded..

the amount of folding is..



To show some argument is
likely untrue is to..

'con-flimsy'.. that argument.

(But sometimes you must
persist in your debunking,..
and continue this..
despite the resistance by
some people to the evidence.)

Being too hypocritically
pedantic about tying other
people's incomes to their
job-evaluations might be a
sign that it is the critic
who is actually the..

'income-pedant' one!..


Ironically, the 'mod-est'
person is not 'modestly' so.

("Hey, you're being too modest
about your mod-ness, man."

"Oh, shucks. But really I am
not nearly the most mod person
ever, though. Really.")

The brilliant and insane
monks sang their confusingly
complex and perplexing
plexiform, if bland,..

'gray Gordian chants'..

(Bothered by their singing,
however, Alexander The Great
told them to just..
"Cut it out!"...
But there was no.. chants..
that they ever would..)


You hear about the actor who
played the paranoid character?

Yeah, he was detained by
the police...
for.. acting suspicious..

[.. And even more unoriginal
of a joke, I know.]

They say that, "A picture is
worth a thousand words".

Well, if that picture was
painted by someone famous,
those words might each be


A silly silly quiz:

Which makes more sense?

1) A mint?
2) A perfume-factory?


Scary portmanteau:


(And scary because they don't
JUST make you sleeeepy..)


The technological
nemeses of our
privacy lead their..
against us.


Some women are willing
(or so they say) to
date shorter men.

Well, that's surely..
.. big.. of these women..


I like to lightheartedly tell
people about how I am SO STRAIGHT
that I am "as straight as a beam
of light traveling through
Euclidean space-time".

I guess, though, that if what they
say is true about everyone being
at least a little bisexual, then
there are at least two types of
(quasi-straight, but almost
entirely so) straights, maybe?:

'Riemann-space straights':
(parallel lines eventually converge)
Those who tend towards being
attracted to any genders.

And 'Lobachevsky-space straights':
(parallel lines eventually diverge)
Those who tend towards not being
attracted to any genders.

(And it is not too...
'hyperbolic'.. of me to claim
I am more so, at least somewhat,
of the latter type.)

REALLY big integers are the..


[They are quite

(Is "The Infinitegers"
already a band-name?)


Monday, October 28, 2013

Paralleladoxically Incommensurreal

Blog-post # 402:
(402 = 2*67*3.)

Nine new computer-art inanimations:

Inflections Transposed Into Their
Own Theorems Of Transposition

Its Indescribably Counterclockwise
Counter-Inflections Of Iridescence

Meaningless Is The Essence Of This
Obscured So, If So This Is Dreamt

Therein The Hemispherical
Uncertainties Herein Unrevealed

The Truths Never Less Known Than
What Else Is As Unperceivable

Many Of Any Counterclockwise
Few-nesses Are As Uncountable

Corollaries Co-Correlated Unto
Meaninglessness, Yet Into Meaning

Non-Parallel With Every Geometry;
Unparallel To Every Paradox


(See below about the
bottom image's name.)

(Some of these may require
viewing at a high-resolution
to best view them. The top
image might be the largest
image, in terms of data,
I have ever posted here --
not that that helps it any.)

(Only three.)

The incommensurable grays:
Many things become surreal.


Thusly, as formulated totals
yet still are theorized:...
The zero surely adds that to
itself to sum all reality.


Inside those
zigzags' dimensions:...
Ghosts imagined
dizziness' noise.


Those opposed to a certain
supercollider* creating a
black-hole, which then destroys
the Earth, might be a bit...


*(Would this collider
at CERN then be a..

Emotional geologists can
get very nostalgically..


(about the VERY old days,..
millions and billions of
years ago).


Which bodily substance is
the most hemispherical?

'HEMI-GLOBE-in', of course.


The Lone Ranger, you know,
later became an oncologist.

Yeah, he became quite a..
doctor, indeed.

(So many jokes must have
already been made about
'on-call oncologists',
that I will just leave
it at this.)

A loud argument is a..



To asininely assume some
nonsensical thing:

To.. 'assinume'.

Possible offensiveness..]

I heard that a significant
number of the ancient Greeks
practiced bisexuality.

But I would not even...
on that necessarily being so.

[Warning: Even more
offensive offensiveness,
ie. politics.]

They say to we Americans
(starting when we are young),
"We are free."

Yes, we are SO free here, that
we are.. 'FREEDOM-free', even!

(That be
are we!
{Oh, Hell. Orwell.})

[Quite a portmanteau.]


Noun (yet only somewhat) --
The strangeness so strange as to
be non-comparible even to itself
or with every other unmeasurable
concept and aspect; as it is
unlike any subjective object or
any objective subject, and is
less like each dissimilarity or
similarity or comparison (and
is else less like such concepts
of what concepts sometimes are).


If a dreamer dreams that he/she
is given a box with a surprise
inside, is there any meaning to
what is 'actually' in the box
before the dreamer opens it to
see what the surprise "really"
is {and "was" while the
contents were unknown}?

And I suppose there would be
even less significance to the
"actual" contents if the
dreamer never opens the box
before waking {and never
dreams again of that box}.

This seems so much to me to
be like quantum-physics and
its collapsing wave-functions
of our "reality".
Does the situation of the dream
I describe render the contents
even more absolutely meaningless,
though, given that these hidden
contents only "exist" inside
a dream?

([{But I will tell you what
was in this box so dreamt
and never opened:..
Only the very concept
of our uncertainty..}])



Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Every Thing, Noun, NonNoun, NonSequitur, Or Nonsensical SemiSimilarity

Blog-post # 401:
(401 = a prime, perhaps.)

Thirteen new art-inanimations:

Every Overlapping Of Every
Aspect Of Every Overlapping

Thus Be Interwoven;
Indeed Be Turned

Convergence Itself As
Continuous As Is Convergence

Zero-Dimensional Asymmetronome

Spun As Spheres From Knots And
As Knots From Their Spinning

Our Consciousnesses
We Cannot Yet Conceive

Any One Dichotomy Of Trichotomy
And Its Nonintegerized Stirring

Lackluster Void Overlapping
Its Implications

Mis-perfectly Pre-mathematical

This Withstood What Was Misunderstood,
And Maybe It Was Ambivalent

One Third Of All Spheres

If Trigonometries Are
Contingently Of Questions

Infinity Yet Refracted Into The
Finite Integers Once Inside It

(Of course, especially the 2nd
image looks better when displayed
at a higher resolution.)
(And of course, the word
"Asymmetronome", from the 4th
image's title, is a portmanteau
combining "asymmetric" with
"metronome" -- as even the clicks
of This Cosmos are mis-spaced..)
(8; A spate of eight.)

Refraction modifies,...
if creation is formed.


Ever round.


Everything I stir yet spins,
yet spins again around all.
Any overlapping is as
underlying as this:
its entirety.


Oneness is times plurality.
Sines are to multiply sines.


Fire, ash, ice,
and electromagnetism:
Magic's inflections
are made there.


Within shouts,
inside seas' mists,..
an aurora believes.
The rainbow does assume it
is as its universal shine.


See all so.


Losses are aligned
in only ourselves.
As no love else is
ending so surreally.


Why don't I wear glasses,
although I very much need to?

Precisely BECAUSE my eyes
are so damn bad.
You see (even though
I cannot),...
my eyes are SO BAD,...
they actually PREFER to
always be... naked..


But 20/20 is not good enough
eyesight for astronomers.
They need...


(This joke is deep,..
deep-space deep.)

If your writing is 'untended',..
you might accidently write,
as you try to admit so, that
you have been writing what is


The bigoted editors edited the
author's manuscript to make it
seem to be more racist.

But they indeed had to make many
.. 'political-incorrections'..


Those who no longer use dangerous
drugs are now, ironically, so...
over dosing...


What do civil-defense officials
and terrorists have in-common?

They both, ironically, engage
in.. disaster-planning.



World World Two was actually
about the automobile, wasn't it?

The Alleys
The Axles.


An old adaptation of
an even older adage:

There are only two types
of people in the world:...


and everyone else.


Funny, we often revere those animal
species which are killer predators
-- eagles and bears, the lions and
wolves (and these last two's
domesticated relatives, of course),
While we often absolutely loathe
many scavenger species, such as
cockroaches, of course, and even
vultures and pigs.

In other words, killing (at least
out of need) seems to be considered
far more admirable a trait in a
species than is being filthy or
consuming mostly only what would
else have been wasted (again,
even if doing so only out of need).

It is as if, not only is it
considered true that (as they say)
"Cleanliness is next to godliness",
but also, conversely, filthiness
is almost satanic and is much more
repulsive (morally or otherwise)
than even is killing.

(An eye for an eye?
How about,..
An asshole for an asshole.
{Those 'eyes' are 'so dumb';..
looking at things.. in-reverse..})

A bonus anagram!
(But a warning:
Offensiveness may be herein.)

Less a ho.


I have not posted anything
EXTREMELY offensive today.
But I have had many very
offensive items before, and
I will have them again.

So, for those other times,
I will say this...
(And oops, I guess this is
pretty damn offensive, too):

Sometimes you people NEED
to be disturbed,...
disturbed like the crap in a
toilet as it is being flushed!

(Or,.. if it ain't good for you
personally, then hopefully it is
good for society in-general that
you are so damn disturbed by
such offensiveness. Because,
sometimes, the social psyche
really needs flushing.)

*(This seems familiar. Of course,
it is a bit like what is said at
the beginning of 'Taxi Driver'
{regarding the rain}.
But even the toilet-part here
seems familiar; and this sentiment
as a whole is definitely a common
one, in any case.)


Monday, October 14, 2013

On An Inflecto-scopic Topic

Blog-post # 400(!):
(400 = 2*2*5*5*2*2.)
(400 is more amazing to me because
it is a square than because it is
a multiple of 100, by the way.)

for you.]

Twelve new art inanimations:

This Most Spherical Shape
Is Infinitely Of Dimensions,
And Indefinitely Thus Is

As All Spheres Then Transposed
With The Arctangents They Disposed

Discontinuously Nonconvergent,
Yet Nonetheless As Mis-Convected

Ring-like Cones Without
Their Non-Outlinearity

Counter-Cosinusoidal Sundials

Therefore Theoretical

Glassiness Woven Into
Glassilessness So Spun


Overwhelmingly Yet
Furthermore Or Moreover

Imagery Without Space;
Spaces Sans Infinities

Such Sums Of All So Are
Of All Of Some So Subdivided

Herein This Hemi-Heliosphere

(This is an inadequate collection
of images for my 400th post.
Generally, the least original of
these here are the ones I like the
most as far as how they turned out.
For instance, the 2nd image is
probably my favorite here, but
because it looks a bit too much
yin-yang-ish {and the image of
yin/yang is sort'of cliche}, I
have made it the 2nd image instead
of the top image. And I don't like
its title either.
I do like the title, however, if
not as much the image itself,
"Inflectrospection", which means
introspection undergoing a
geometric inflection in its own
curvature, or something..)

(Then ten.)

This densest and
hourglass was of light.
Beyond us, those things
are filled so with its
falling sand.


The sidereal universes:
Their sundials ever see.


Time yet lessened
Energy ultimately
creates its end.


Any rectangle is ours
in its own shapes formed.
Reality's cage was of
this prime non-roundness.


Yet inside this
maze's creation:
It so is mechanized
as entirety.



(I am certain I must have
posted this one already.
Or maybe it was:
"Reactor: = Creator."?)


As that, as this, as inside:
A death: It is sans its ash.


Seer's nod.


Deny all...
and yell.


The dreams' lips asked.
Riddles speak as them.


With all the talk in my last post
about 'FOREgetting' the future, I
FOREgot to make a joke about the
then-next post, which is this
post, being Number FOUR-hundred.


Etcetera, and more,...
On and on,.. FOUR-ever...

(That is a real 'type-4 clever',
which is never more clever than
is any other typed lever,.. ever.)


See in '20/20', and your
eyes become 'one'.

However, see '20*20', and your
eyes see... four-hundred-ever.


How did the bike-messenger
so message?

He.. spoke..


The dreamer..
'lies prone'..
so to be
prone to lies..


Those singers who lip-sync to
their own recorded songs are...



What law-enforcement agency deals
with illegally-immoral activity on
laptops and smart-phones?

The D-Vice Squad, of course.


This must exist already:
(Surely it does in-practice..)

An idea for the name of an
all-Reality-TV cable network:

'The TMI Cable Network'

(^Too much? Too soon?..)
[Warning: Politics.]

Liberals are often part of the...

Counter-(Ann)-Coulter Movement.

[More US-centric politics.]

"None Of The Above" is never on
the ballot and, even if it was,
it could not win anyway because it
does not have the monetary support,
it being only a...

zeroth-party candidate.


Meanwhile, the rich candidate
went from...
sitting in the box at the ballet..
sitting-pretty at the ballot-box..



Which issue of these is the most
.. 'serious'?

1) Sirius
2) Syria
3) Miley Cyrus

(I guess that if Sirius had blown-up,
.. and the intensely radioactive
shock-wave, traveling near the speed
of light, is about to destroy Earth
without warning, that could be the
most serious issue here.
Syria, as does any global hotspot,
has the potential, hopefully not
very likely, of leading to
global-annihilation, too.
{I doubt it, but we will see.}
As for Miley, no potential for
global-destruction there, right?
Unless... we LET her destroy us all.)

How say you?

[Warning: The rest of this post
may offend some readers...
even more so..]

We often say 'Sit up!", and
"Shut up!", and even
"Spit up"; but I have
never heard, as I recall,
"Shit up!".

Though, it would be surely apt
to sometimes say to some people,
"Shit up,.. you assholes!"



(Caesar sees your seizure.)

Nazis were real... 'ass-HEILs'..

as whole..
a soul.



However, I too am a

But.. ONLY because I deny that
ANYTHING has ever existed.

I am thus quite a..

(The 2nd from the last anagram
above is appropriate here:
"Deny all... and yell.")


I am somewhat believing that I am
actually dead right now, and this
entire reality is actually Hell*.

The evidence of this being so is,
in-fact, rather quite..

.. damning..

*[A Dickensian-PhilipKDickian
-GeorgeOrwell Hell.]
[Warning: Politics and
other offensiveness.]

Many politicians are...

All dick,..
but no balls.

(They might need some advice from
the all-bark/no-bite dogs to see
how those dogs handled their own
predicament, then.
Do those dogs have..


Saturday, October 5, 2013

Psychosophy Altimately As Ulternating

Blog-post # 399:
(399 = 3*7*19.)

Ten new art images
of inanimation:

As Asymmetries Asking
Via Every Answer

Every Multiangularity
Of Each Monoangularity

Either Amorphous Or Metaphorical;
Neither Superimposed Nor Disjointed

A Densest Atomic Din
Inside Any Density-lessness

Else Instead Of Otherwise;
Elsewise Other Than Instead

Those Most Counterclockwise
Of Innumerabilities

Formlessness Formed
Without Scalarlessness

Scalene Symmetry Balanced By
Its Equilateral Asymmetries

Knotted Stains Of
Random Invariability


[The 1st image's name alludes
to the last (26th) anagram
below, and the last image's
title alludes to the title
of this blog-post; or all

This may be the most anagrams
I have ever posted in one
blog-post. It seems like 26
might even be the upper-limit,
for some reason, given that
there are 26 letters in the
English language alphabet.
But I bet that the alphabet's
letter-number is not a factor
in how many anagrams I can
possibly post in one post.
{But it IS a factor in, say,
78 or 208..})
[By the way, I hope I did
not error.. uh, I mean err..]

Vinegar's sourness:
Sugar never sins so.


A poem just is to exist.
Time juxtaposes it so.


Most things are as is the sum
or are solely as juxtaposed.
Those surreal paradoxes jut
so against them so messily.


In art too.


'And/or' yet/but 'or/and'..
'or/and' but/yet 'and/or':
Arty trend:
Rotated beyond any roundabout.


Uncountable things yet rotate,
yet also stir that stirring
more so.
Their one ugly abstraction turns
as these to tilt as trigonometry.


The zilch seen least
is of winding reality.
In this, gazes are
inflected solely within.


Of an amorphousness:
Shapes, nouns, or foam.


In its mess and/or knots,...
Randomness is to stink.


Any randomness it is:
Mess and/or insanity.


Locus for lens.


Bland with cake.

[^These previous (related) two
anagrams are not that clever,
but I needed to construct and
post them anyway.]



To tear.


We be its..
(wise bet).

[^An allusion to
"You are the product".]

In an id as
unselfishness amiss.
Sin is shameless,
and fun is a sin.


Any fluid lament is as
revenge, which is thus:..
Sinful, shamed, entirely
savage within such.


An atom's din.


Else as so:
Also sees.


Jut so.


So just.


Rude killers are harming us,
but do more rudely die.
Sin dies, but instead does
somehow remain shy,
as has destiny.
Wishes slay murderers and brutes.
Any likelihood so murders them
and me inside this,
inside so our aged beauty.

[^I think this is my longest anagram
so far. I am not absolutely certain
it is not erroneous.]

.. They are rats,..
astray there.


Meaningfulness is
crazy insanity:
As in it,.. crying in
any less fun mazes.




Reality was as
this insanity:
In it, it only asks:
What is any answer?

[As always*, some of the following
jokes and things may be unoriginal.
*(As even my unoriginality itself
is not likely to be original.)]

In another universe,...
'William Shakelobe' had his plays
performed at the 'Sphere Theater'.


Whoops! That anagram was quite
this 'one tug' of the 'lips'..


Sometimes, while writing, I
accidently combine words into
a pun. The result is thus a...



"Sex-sells", they say.
I guess it does in...


[And if that id-vertising is a
form of 'adverb-tising', which
I recently wrote about in this
blog, then it is possibly done

those.. coins.. all happened
to be.. dented..
(And they maybe even were so
by someone's.. dentures... --


Accordin' to Gordon,..
an accordion is not..
a Gordian knot.


Despite the.. frequence.. of the
criticisms of their aperiodicity,
the random fluctuations were yet


The chaotic noise is very thick
and heavy, as it is so.. 'dins'.


What is surely array-thmetical?

Those mathe-matrices.


That dress on the model is
simply .. juxtaposed.. with
what is.. just a pose,..
I suppose.


What kind of shirt is made with
exactly a couple of cuts?

A... 'two-nick', of course.


Those who tailor our
perceptions are the..



We are not able to remember
the future, because it is..



Should the word 'forensics'
instead be.,..

(^That reminds me somewhat
of Carlin's 'builts' joke.)

Hockey-fights happen in the..



Eating all dozen doughnuts
surely.. 'does-in' us.

(It surely so... 'tore-us'..)

It is ironic that 'a sap'
does NOT flow A.S.A.P..


Climate-change-induced extreme
weather is causing the relatively
intermediate climates of Earth
to have quite a...


[When will the deniers finally
realize, accept, and admit that
climate-change is actually real?
When.. the Arctic Ocean..
freezes over!.. Hell too.]


Where are we located within
the social hierarchy?..

.. Or, more appropriately,
are we else within the..

(Or maybe instead,
we are within the..

[Fascism, however, is a...
form of government.]

(And, ironically, a high rate
of illiteracy amongst a nation's
people may contribute to that
nation's government becoming
.. AUTHORitarian.)
Seriously. Regarding the
new authoritarianism:

Hey. All this
now days is getting


[More potentially potently
offensive politics:]


That one land's name sounds
like... 'Palace-Stein'.
But yet, neither many palaces
nor many steins are there..

[Yet much less ironically,
lots of gauze strips have been
applied to wounded people in
the Gaza Strip, I am guessing.
Ohhh!... The lack of irony!..]

Philosophy plus psychosis:

More irony:

The base-zero number-system is
ironically not baseless, as it
is descriptive of all we think
and of what we think we know
(about math or anything else).


.. For this new... Mooo-vement:

Our mascot denotes the irony in
the concept of all mascot-ism:


He even says that all he says,
has said, or is saying is
absolutely illogical. ("Moo..")


Altimately ulternating..