Monday, October 14, 2013

On An Inflecto-scopic Topic

Blog-post # 400(!):
(400 = 2*2*5*5*2*2.)
(400 is more amazing to me because
it is a square than because it is
a multiple of 100, by the way.)

for you.]

Twelve new art inanimations:

This Most Spherical Shape
Is Infinitely Of Dimensions,
And Indefinitely Thus Is

As All Spheres Then Transposed
With The Arctangents They Disposed

Discontinuously Nonconvergent,
Yet Nonetheless As Mis-Convected

Ring-like Cones Without
Their Non-Outlinearity

Counter-Cosinusoidal Sundials

Therefore Theoretical

Glassiness Woven Into
Glassilessness So Spun


Overwhelmingly Yet
Furthermore Or Moreover

Imagery Without Space;
Spaces Sans Infinities

Such Sums Of All So Are
Of All Of Some So Subdivided

Herein This Hemi-Heliosphere

(This is an inadequate collection
of images for my 400th post.
Generally, the least original of
these here are the ones I like the
most as far as how they turned out.
For instance, the 2nd image is
probably my favorite here, but
because it looks a bit too much
yin-yang-ish {and the image of
yin/yang is sort'of cliche}, I
have made it the 2nd image instead
of the top image. And I don't like
its title either.
I do like the title, however, if
not as much the image itself,
"Inflectrospection", which means
introspection undergoing a
geometric inflection in its own
curvature, or something..)

(Then ten.)

This densest and
hourglass was of light.
Beyond us, those things
are filled so with its
falling sand.


The sidereal universes:
Their sundials ever see.


Time yet lessened
Energy ultimately
creates its end.


Any rectangle is ours
in its own shapes formed.
Reality's cage was of
this prime non-roundness.


Yet inside this
maze's creation:
It so is mechanized
as entirety.



(I am certain I must have
posted this one already.
Or maybe it was:
"Reactor: = Creator."?)


As that, as this, as inside:
A death: It is sans its ash.


Seer's nod.


Deny all...
and yell.


The dreams' lips asked.
Riddles speak as them.


With all the talk in my last post
about 'FOREgetting' the future, I
FOREgot to make a joke about the
then-next post, which is this
post, being Number FOUR-hundred.


Etcetera, and more,...
On and on,.. FOUR-ever...

(That is a real 'type-4 clever',
which is never more clever than
is any other typed lever,.. ever.)


See in '20/20', and your
eyes become 'one'.

However, see '20*20', and your
eyes see... four-hundred-ever.


How did the bike-messenger
so message?

He.. spoke..


The dreamer..
'lies prone'..
so to be
prone to lies..


Those singers who lip-sync to
their own recorded songs are...



What law-enforcement agency deals
with illegally-immoral activity on
laptops and smart-phones?

The D-Vice Squad, of course.


This must exist already:
(Surely it does in-practice..)

An idea for the name of an
all-Reality-TV cable network:

'The TMI Cable Network'

(^Too much? Too soon?..)
[Warning: Politics.]

Liberals are often part of the...

Counter-(Ann)-Coulter Movement.

[More US-centric politics.]

"None Of The Above" is never on
the ballot and, even if it was,
it could not win anyway because it
does not have the monetary support,
it being only a...

zeroth-party candidate.


Meanwhile, the rich candidate
went from...
sitting in the box at the ballet..
sitting-pretty at the ballot-box..



Which issue of these is the most
.. 'serious'?

1) Sirius
2) Syria
3) Miley Cyrus

(I guess that if Sirius had blown-up,
.. and the intensely radioactive
shock-wave, traveling near the speed
of light, is about to destroy Earth
without warning, that could be the
most serious issue here.
Syria, as does any global hotspot,
has the potential, hopefully not
very likely, of leading to
global-annihilation, too.
{I doubt it, but we will see.}
As for Miley, no potential for
global-destruction there, right?
Unless... we LET her destroy us all.)

How say you?

[Warning: The rest of this post
may offend some readers...
even more so..]

We often say 'Sit up!", and
"Shut up!", and even
"Spit up"; but I have
never heard, as I recall,
"Shit up!".

Though, it would be surely apt
to sometimes say to some people,
"Shit up,.. you assholes!"



(Caesar sees your seizure.)

Nazis were real... 'ass-HEILs'..

as whole..
a soul.



However, I too am a

But.. ONLY because I deny that
ANYTHING has ever existed.

I am thus quite a..

(The 2nd from the last anagram
above is appropriate here:
"Deny all... and yell.")


I am somewhat believing that I am
actually dead right now, and this
entire reality is actually Hell*.

The evidence of this being so is,
in-fact, rather quite..

.. damning..

*[A Dickensian-PhilipKDickian
-GeorgeOrwell Hell.]
[Warning: Politics and
other offensiveness.]

Many politicians are...

All dick,..
but no balls.

(They might need some advice from
the all-bark/no-bite dogs to see
how those dogs handled their own
predicament, then.
Do those dogs have..


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