Thursday, October 31, 2013

Zeniths Of Zigzagging Zeros

Blog-post # 403:
(403 =.... 13*31.)

So, you get why I hurried
to post this on Halloween?

Because this is post # 403,
403's prime-factors are...

(And the bottom three anagrams
of this post are especially
apt for Halloween.)


Oh, and maybe I will never
again post images, by the way.
I am having some huge problems
with the image-making software
I was using.

So, maybe my last post with
images, post # 402, will be
my LAST post with images..

But we will see,... or not.


Some typewriter-art
in the meantime:..

Quoth the art:..


(17 -- All so 'savantine';
which might be a neologism,
and is suppose to be the
adjective form of "savant",
of course.)

Time, as reality,..
.. is yet material.


As the zero, as nil:...
Zeniths also are.


As destined was
oblivion, thusly,..
.. always in the
boldest voids in us.


A question:


Equations' din:


This equation:
Oh, quantities!..


Anagrams were those
quantities, or mostly are
less than is added-up.
Yet this math else
rearranged words/puns, as
it also made equations.


This, the semantic zero,
is almost as an integer.
It theorizes so in
mathematical strangeness.


All semantics:
It calls names.


Semantics are those.
Names create this so.


The dizzy hypnagogia:
This again renders
those lines.
They are as anything is:
Zigzags hidden there
in loops.




They are data-mining ourselves
and more so solely our insanity.
Any idiots only yell their names
as rogues to a random universe.


People's bodies are
humanity's sin:
Our many nipples do be,
as this I see.


These dreams did be
as ruinous ignorance.
Our brains are the
demons caged inside us.


Ever as silly:
Evils are sly.


This Hell's ignorance was ours;..
Stirring so, as such Halloween.



'Semantic; it names.'


More and more folds
are being folded..

the amount of folding is..



To show some argument is
likely untrue is to..

'con-flimsy'.. that argument.

(But sometimes you must
persist in your debunking,..
and continue this..
despite the resistance by
some people to the evidence.)

Being too hypocritically
pedantic about tying other
people's incomes to their
job-evaluations might be a
sign that it is the critic
who is actually the..

'income-pedant' one!..


Ironically, the 'mod-est'
person is not 'modestly' so.

("Hey, you're being too modest
about your mod-ness, man."

"Oh, shucks. But really I am
not nearly the most mod person
ever, though. Really.")

The brilliant and insane
monks sang their confusingly
complex and perplexing
plexiform, if bland,..

'gray Gordian chants'..

(Bothered by their singing,
however, Alexander The Great
told them to just..
"Cut it out!"...
But there was no.. chants..
that they ever would..)


You hear about the actor who
played the paranoid character?

Yeah, he was detained by
the police...
for.. acting suspicious..

[.. And even more unoriginal
of a joke, I know.]

They say that, "A picture is
worth a thousand words".

Well, if that picture was
painted by someone famous,
those words might each be


A silly silly quiz:

Which makes more sense?

1) A mint?
2) A perfume-factory?


Scary portmanteau:


(And scary because they don't
JUST make you sleeeepy..)


The technological
nemeses of our
privacy lead their..
against us.


Some women are willing
(or so they say) to
date shorter men.

Well, that's surely..
.. big.. of these women..


I like to lightheartedly tell
people about how I am SO STRAIGHT
that I am "as straight as a beam
of light traveling through
Euclidean space-time".

I guess, though, that if what they
say is true about everyone being
at least a little bisexual, then
there are at least two types of
(quasi-straight, but almost
entirely so) straights, maybe?:

'Riemann-space straights':
(parallel lines eventually converge)
Those who tend towards being
attracted to any genders.

And 'Lobachevsky-space straights':
(parallel lines eventually diverge)
Those who tend towards not being
attracted to any genders.

(And it is not too...
'hyperbolic'.. of me to claim
I am more so, at least somewhat,
of the latter type.)

REALLY big integers are the..


[They are quite

(Is "The Infinitegers"
already a band-name?)


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