Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Every Thing, Noun, NonNoun, NonSequitur, Or Nonsensical SemiSimilarity

Blog-post # 401:
(401 = a prime, perhaps.)

Thirteen new art-inanimations:

Every Overlapping Of Every
Aspect Of Every Overlapping

Thus Be Interwoven;
Indeed Be Turned

Convergence Itself As
Continuous As Is Convergence

Zero-Dimensional Asymmetronome

Spun As Spheres From Knots And
As Knots From Their Spinning

Our Consciousnesses
We Cannot Yet Conceive

Any One Dichotomy Of Trichotomy
And Its Nonintegerized Stirring

Lackluster Void Overlapping
Its Implications

Mis-perfectly Pre-mathematical

This Withstood What Was Misunderstood,
And Maybe It Was Ambivalent

One Third Of All Spheres

If Trigonometries Are
Contingently Of Questions

Infinity Yet Refracted Into The
Finite Integers Once Inside It

(Of course, especially the 2nd
image looks better when displayed
at a higher resolution.)
(And of course, the word
"Asymmetronome", from the 4th
image's title, is a portmanteau
combining "asymmetric" with
"metronome" -- as even the clicks
of This Cosmos are mis-spaced..)
(8; A spate of eight.)

Refraction modifies,...
if creation is formed.


Ever round.


Everything I stir yet spins,
yet spins again around all.
Any overlapping is as
underlying as this:
its entirety.


Oneness is times plurality.
Sines are to multiply sines.


Fire, ash, ice,
and electromagnetism:
Magic's inflections
are made there.


Within shouts,
inside seas' mists,..
an aurora believes.
The rainbow does assume it
is as its universal shine.


See all so.


Losses are aligned
in only ourselves.
As no love else is
ending so surreally.


Why don't I wear glasses,
although I very much need to?

Precisely BECAUSE my eyes
are so damn bad.
You see (even though
I cannot),...
my eyes are SO BAD,...
they actually PREFER to
always be... naked..


But 20/20 is not good enough
eyesight for astronomers.
They need...


(This joke is deep,..
deep-space deep.)

If your writing is 'untended',..
you might accidently write,
as you try to admit so, that
you have been writing what is


The bigoted editors edited the
author's manuscript to make it
seem to be more racist.

But they indeed had to make many
.. 'political-incorrections'..


Those who no longer use dangerous
drugs are now, ironically, so...
over dosing...


What do civil-defense officials
and terrorists have in-common?

They both, ironically, engage
in.. disaster-planning.



World World Two was actually
about the automobile, wasn't it?

The Alleys
The Axles.


An old adaptation of
an even older adage:

There are only two types
of people in the world:...


and everyone else.


Funny, we often revere those animal
species which are killer predators
-- eagles and bears, the lions and
wolves (and these last two's
domesticated relatives, of course),
While we often absolutely loathe
many scavenger species, such as
cockroaches, of course, and even
vultures and pigs.

In other words, killing (at least
out of need) seems to be considered
far more admirable a trait in a
species than is being filthy or
consuming mostly only what would
else have been wasted (again,
even if doing so only out of need).

It is as if, not only is it
considered true that (as they say)
"Cleanliness is next to godliness",
but also, conversely, filthiness
is almost satanic and is much more
repulsive (morally or otherwise)
than even is killing.

(An eye for an eye?
How about,..
An asshole for an asshole.
{Those 'eyes' are 'so dumb';..
looking at things.. in-reverse..})

A bonus anagram!
(But a warning:
Offensiveness may be herein.)

Less a ho.


I have not posted anything
EXTREMELY offensive today.
But I have had many very
offensive items before, and
I will have them again.

So, for those other times,
I will say this...
(And oops, I guess this is
pretty damn offensive, too):

Sometimes you people NEED
to be disturbed,...
disturbed like the crap in a
toilet as it is being flushed!

(Or,.. if it ain't good for you
personally, then hopefully it is
good for society in-general that
you are so damn disturbed by
such offensiveness. Because,
sometimes, the social psyche
really needs flushing.)

*(This seems familiar. Of course,
it is a bit like what is said at
the beginning of 'Taxi Driver'
{regarding the rain}.
But even the toilet-part here
seems familiar; and this sentiment
as a whole is definitely a common
one, in any case.)


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