Saturday, January 30, 2010

Let Us Be Rational

Blog post # 40:

Today's blog-post's pictures:

(Made yesterday.)
Serifs Mimed

(Made today.)
Extraneous Sap


Sometimes when I dream, I dream I do something or something happens in the dream that seems so completely real. At that moment, I swear I am awake.
Even after I wake up, I swear that what I had dreamt about still seems so real (and logical and rational).
Then after a while of being awake, what happened in my dream (if I remember it still) begins to seem odd and nonsensical and like something that would happen only in a dream.

But sometimes, though, things (many things, actually) that happen IN REALITY also, when I think back on them, seem odd and nonsensical and like something that would only happen in a dream, at least if I contemplate those things long enough.

Does this happen to you people too?


TV game-show idea: I saw this in a dream.
There are two contestants. In front of one contestant are a bunch of cats. In front of the other contestant are a bunch of dogs. The contestants answer questions. If one gets a question wrong, then one of the animals (of the species in front of the contestant) gets taken away to be put to sleep. Once one of the group of animals is depleted, the other contestant wins. And all the remaining animals get to live out their days on a special reserve for pets.
This game-show idea, of course, is satire. But it makes a good point. If the animals were going to be put asleep by the pound ANYWAY, then this game-show would actually SAVE animal lives. Is this show sick, or is it a savior?


Another idea along the same lines:

Game-show entitled "Death Panel".

Two gravely ill people with no insurance have to convince a panel of judges that their lives are more worthy than the other person's. Then at the end, the winner gets his/her medical treatment paid for by the show. On the other hand, the loser can just go off and die.

Is this show sick, or is it a savior?


Note about my poll on where you fall on the political spectrum. (Which comes down in about a week. Vote soon if you haven't yet!)

I voted myself in my own poll, clicking on "generally left-wing progressive". But now I am having second thoughts. You see, I am against torturing people, even torturing innocent people. That makes me an ULTRA (ultra ultra) left-wing progressive, by American standards.
You see, you almost have to be an ULTRA-FAR left radical, tie-die-wearing, pot-smoking, vegetarian, hippy, commie pinko terrorist to be in any way against torture, at least in America today.

Everyone else here thinks we should torture all of the poor just because that would be fun.


President Obama is just like GW Bush, but with a better sense of humor.



How many Republicans does it take to screw in a light-bulb?

1 to insist that the best way to screw in the lightbulb is to lower taxes for the rich.
1 to insist on trying to screw the lightbulb in counterclockwise.
When that fails, 1 to jam a broom handle into the socket until things soften up.
Then 1 to ram the lightbulb into the socket by force, without turning the lightbulb.
Then 1 to turn on the juice until the lightbulb talks.
Then 1 to angrily rip the lightbulb out of the socket, without any namby-pamby nonsense, and without unscrewing the lightbulb.
And 1 to insult the janitor who then sweeps up the pieces by calling him a "socialist".



Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Circles And Squares

Blog post # 39:

(This following puzzle/poem looks messed up in any font that is not fixed-width.)
Follow the words through the grid. If you take every path, a maze is formed.
This is sort of like a word-search puzzle, but the words go around corners and form sentences. The periods are the dead-ends. The multi-branched poem answer is in the comments to this blog post.

This Maze (a poem)

. S P O E M . A T O N D N E X S O A
R . O S N O B U T T H B O U T N Y I
U N V I S I . D L O E P A T H S S T
T E E B C I H W : E Z A M A N I O W
H E O O H . E L D D I S A , Y F O N
: V U T D I R E C T R I T N T C K L
E A R S M H W H T I Y . S I R E C A
E E L A E C I E V N , A S I N L A ,
R W ? F S H H C A O T S O L F O R E
I , I S S O . . E P U L E . T O L M
N G T I T I L L , A Z Z Y E T B E .


I am going to do something that is sure to lose me readers. I will post some math, BUT I will try to write it up in a way accessible to non-math people. Sit around and learn something... If you dare!

Of Scalene Existence

Such A Metaphorical Arctangent

Arctangents Of The Shell

X To The Y

(And the least mathematical of the picture-names in today's post)
Of Ambidextrous Refraction

Slice of pi...

Okay, this is a basic and relatively simple math result that I didn't learn until I was out of highschool. It relates to pi, the ratio of a perfect circle's circumference to its diameter (3.14159...etc; the digits go on forever). The result is NOT one of my own original results, since I think this result has been known for hundreds of years. But I am surprised they don't teach it in school until calculus class at the earliest.

Start by writing down the first half-dozen to a dozen or so ODD positive integers, in order starting with 1. (The number of these integers you write down is unimportant.) Put a little space between each integer.
1 3 5 7 9 11 13 15,
for example.
(Note, this is not the same sequence as the prime numbers. It is just the odd whole numbers.)

Write "1/" immediately before each of the integers you just wrote down. Now you should have a series of fractions, 1 divided by 1, followed by 1 divided by 3, followed by 1 divided by 5, etc.

1/1 1/3 1/5 1/7 1/9 1/11 ...

Next, put a "+" before the "1/1", a "-" before the "1/3", a "+" before the "1/5", a "-" before the "1/7".
Continue alternating back and forth, placing a "+" before every fraction following {any fraction with a "-" before it}, and placing a "-" before every fraction following {any fraction with a "+" before it}.

+1/1-1/3+1/5-1/7+1/9-1/11 ...etc

(Note that the plusses and minuses alternate.)

Now, let's pretend that we didn't write out just a half-dozen to a dozen fractions, but continued doing this, instead writing fractions for MANY MANY such fractions. Well, the result of our addition/subtraction, as the number of terms gets bigger (and the denominator in the fractions gets bigger, the fractions get smaller), would get closer and closer to a mysterious constant, a decimal. Whenever we add a fraction, the sum/subtraction is a little bigger than that constant. Whenever we subtract, the sum/subtraction is a little smaller than that constant. As we take more and more terms, the error approaches zero.

If we were to, say, take the sum/subtraction out to an INFINITE number of terms, then the sum/subtraction would equal that constant exactly.

Call that constant x. (Its decimal representation starts x=0.785...)
Now, last step, multiply that constant x by 4.

What do you get?



Now, what use is this formula for calculating pi? Actually, the sum/subtraction approaches pi/4 (=x) so slowly that is is almost completely useless for calculating the digits of pi.
(Pi is now known to MANY MANY digits. But you would have to take MANY fractions in the sum/subtraction to get even a few digits of pi accurately.)

But you can do things with the sum/subtraction, if you are a math person, that makes knowing this result useful (If you are into math).
Trust me. (Or not.)


[Politics alert! Politics alert!]

One last thing today.

More in regards to the Supreme Court ruling on corporations basically having more free speech than individuals:
(See my earlier blog posts for more on this topic.)

It occurred to me that one way to help nullify the evil effect of this ruling is for certain news media organizations to SELF-IMPOSE a limit on how much corporations can spend on campaign and issue ads on their networks, in their magazines, etc.
The news media organizations would proclaim far and wide that they have such a limit. They indeed deserve good press for having the limit.
Both sides of an issue would be allowed to spend up to a predetermined level on the network, say, according to each media organization's own rules.

Does anyone really think that media organizations, corporate swine themselves, will voluntarily limit how much is spent on their media outlets, especially when profits are at stake!?

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!!!!!!!!

We are screwed.



Sunday, January 24, 2010


Blog post # 38:

Here are two pictures, the first I made 2 days ago, and the second I made yesterday.

A Dream Inscribed

An Annulus Of Atrophy


I will get the politics out of the way first. I will put up another poll soon. Tell me, on a scale from 1 to 7 -- 1 being the most right-wing conservative there is, 7 being the most left-wing progressive there is, 4 being absolutely moderate -- where your personal political viewpoint falls. I am trying to get an idea of where my reader(s) are/is.
(The poll is anonymous.)

One more political rant in this blog-post, then some less evil stuff.

The New American Order:

The three branches of government (before the recent Supreme Court decision on corporate campaign donations, even more so after):

1- The Big Business Branch
2- The Corporate Branch
3- The Big Money Branch

Yes, as many have feared, say goodbye to ANYTHING that is even remotely progressive EVER AGAIN (as in, for forever) coming out of Washington (at least after the next Congress is seated).


A possible solution to the health-care crisis:

Everyone go to medical school. Then when we get sick, we can all treat ourselves!


Everyone I know who knows I am nearsighted tells me to get some glasses. My friends and family have even offered to chip in for a pair for me.

But no thanks, I keep saying. Why go without glasses?

A dozen reasons, not the whole list of why:

1) I don't want people thinking I am smarter than I really am.
2) I don't want people thinking I am stupider than I really am. (Think of what Sarah Palin has done for glass-wearers' public image.)
3) Glasses would make me more attractive, and I don't feel like dating right now.
4) Glasses would make my vision worse. Not wearing glasses trains the eye to see better.
5) Some things look better blurry, and I don't want to have to keep taking my glasses off and putting them on constantly.
6) The world is an ugly ugly place.
7) I hate all the glasses styles that are popular these days.
8) I hate the type of glasses style that would go best with my face.
9) I fear getting hit in the face with something. (Hence, shards.)
10) I would break them right away. The only kind of glasses I can afford break REALLY easily. Then my eyes will be weaker because I was wearing glasses before, but I wouldn't have my glasses anymore.
11) Getting used to wearing glasses gives me a headache.
12) Glasses act as an antenna to channel the mind-control waves into your brain. (MOSTLY joking here.)



Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Blog post # 36:

A little picture, made recently, before I get serious on everybody.



I heard a heavy metal / industrial song in my dream the other night. Suffice it to say that the key line of the song was:

"Trash" is the ultimate word!


[Politics/current events alert!
Politics/current events alert!]



(Also equals A PRETTY HATE, of course; which is poetic, but I think their hatred is ugly.)


Well, well, well, Democrats surely are LOSERS(!), aren't they??
This is the day after the big win in Mass-hysteria-chusetts for the Republicans.

But what do you expect? Democrats are by the very nature LOSERS. That is their essence.

I just saw the headline that Joe Lieberman wants Dems to now move to the "center" as a result of the Mass election.
In my opinion, that would be great BECAUSE the Dems are now far right of center, and the Repugs are right of that. Moving to the TRUE center would be an improvement for the Dems. Even the conservatives in much of Europe, for example, are left of America's Democratic politicians.

However, what Joe really means, of course, is the Dems should move even farther to the right. I think the Dem party will indeed take Joe's advice, knowing them, sadly. That would be a plus, however, for the Green party, IF the Green party would finally get some media recognition in the US. But I don't think the corporatists who run the US media would allow the Green party to get any publicity at all, however.

As for the now-doomed health-care bill: It was SO completely diluted by the Blue Dogs that it may very well have been even worse than doing nothing. And doing nothing would likely mean MANY MANY MANY Americans dying each year for lack of proper health insurance.

I say: Make all of Congress subject to the same health care bill as the rest of us -- instead of they keeping their special VIP plan. Then we would have single-payer faster than you can say it.

But since that will not happen, Congress should be disbanded. They are a total failure at almost everything.


And meanwhile in the Haitian nation:

Racism kills Haitians yet again. Same old. Same old.

I was listening to NPR (Nationalist Propaganda Radio) yesterday, waiting for Democracy Now to come on another radio station. Well, the NPR anchor went on and on about the supposed "dangers" in delivering food to those rowdy Haitians (because the Haitians are black, I suppose). * And the reporter being interviewed must have said at least 3 or 4 times, before I changed the station in disgust, that "thanks to the US military" (repeating that phrase), there had been little or no problems with Haitians getting rowdy at distribution points. Yes, the US military has always been a force for good in Haiti ---- NOT!
I then turned the station to Democracy Now, and their story was that, despite what the UN has been saying, the Haitians were remarkably lawful (Imagine that! Blacks ["savages"] being lawful. Doesn't that beat all!), and that the Democracy Now team had a relatively easy time getting around the country, even though much of the humanitarian aid and workers were somehow unable to move beyond the airport for fear of all that "crime" and "looting" ("looting" being a racially-loaded word).

*(Crime has actually gone DOWN in Port au Prince since the earthquake. Haitians, who are probably considered to be only "black savages" by much of the rest of the world, are being very peaceful and friendly with each other.)

I realized the other day -- as I ate a veggy tray with roasted red pepper hummus, and later drank some fine organic coffee -- that I am living in such luxury compared to much of the rest of the world. The Haitians eat MUD on occasion to fill their stomaches, for God's sake.

And God: Several fundamentalist assholes have spoken up lately, saying that the Haitians are "being punished" by the earthquake.
Maybe the funda-mental-ists are right. Maybe God DOES hate Black people in general. That would explain all the hard times for people of African descent throughout history. I am NOT saying that God may hate Black people because the Blacks are in any way inferior or deserving of the hatred. I am just saying that perhaps, if "God" exists, then maybe "He" is an asshole and a bigot.
It would sure seem that way.


And finally, in the news, 3 Guantanamo detainee "suicides" (which were at the time condemned by US military officials as "asymmetric warfare" against the United States) were likely to be MURDERS by US personnel at a secret (CIA?) facility within Guantanamo.
Rags were stuffed deep down the throats of the 3 men, who were also hanged.

And after that, there was a cover-up by US personnel in an effort to make the murders look like suicides.

Mass-murder, torture, cover-ups and obstruction of justice. All in our name. Ho hum. Nobody cares in America.
A recent poll shows that the ratio of Americans supporting torture to those opposing it is 2-to-1.
Nothing will change as long as 'mericans hate 'em "rag-heads".



Friday, January 15, 2010


Blog post # 35:

First picture, made yesterday. Second picture, made today.

Coinciding With Uplift

Hypothesized Smoke

As for the first picture, I promised myself I would stop making spiral-based pictures. But I can't help myself sometimes.

I saw that 2 out of the 3 people who voted on my recent poll liked my pictures best. (One person preferred my jokes.) So I have decided to make an effort to have some images today.

But I am saddened. I have come to realize that the ONLY people who like my pictures even a little are family and some friends. (Yes, if you like my pictures even a little, then you are probably related to me somehow -- even if you didn't know that...)

As a matter of fact, I have NO talents at all, as I once lamented long ago in this blog's pages.
I can't even get a job because I would somehow cost whatever company hires me big money because I will screw up.

For someone who can't kiss,...
I surely know how to really SUCK!...


[Politics and world events alert!
Politics and world events alert!]

I am truly saddened by the tragedy in Haiti.
Yes, tragedies happen all over the world all the time, but Haiti's is especially poignant because it only compounds tragedy upon tragedy upon tragedy.

Do you know that before the earthquake even, Haitians are so poor that they often eat MUD just to fill their stomaches because of their hunger?

And it should be noted that ever since the USA was created, almost every decade has been filled with examples of America screwing over the Haitians somehow, many of these examples being directly responsible for Haiti's poverty.

And the rest of the world shares some of the blame too. But the US is a particularly evil part of Haitian history, even though Americans often don't realize this.

BUT... but evangelist Pat Robertson says that the Haitians have only themselves to blame for their many misfortunes, including the earthquake, because God is punishing them for "making a deal with the Devil". This is a "true story", claims Pat.
What was that deal, supposedly, according to Robertson? To not be enslaved anymore by the French. How DARE those Haitians want to be free!

And, meanwhile, Rush-the-Tush Limbaugh says that Americans should NOT personally give to the Haiti relief effort.
We already give enough to that via our income taxes, says Rush.

Is it possible for someone to be so UTTERLY ASINE that they are EVIL!?

And many people believe every word these assholes say!

I say to everyone reading this (and please pass this on):
GIVE, GIVE, GIVE to the Haiti relief effort!!!

Hey, we should all give more money to Haiti just to spite those EVIL BIGOTS!!

I am poor (for an American, that is), and even I gave some money to Haiti relief. Fuck you, Rush and Pat!

By the way, if you believe in Hell, Rush and Pat are sure a good reason to not do evil. Do you want to be stuck in Eternity with the Ass-Faced One and the Devil's Concubine?


Speaking of politics:

American conservatives can be so America-centric that they probably, when they travel to countries where you are suppose to drive on the left side of the road, drive on the right-hand side of the road, on purpose too.
"I'm goin' to drive on the right side of the road, damn it! The 'merican way is the best way! After all, the RIGHT side of the road is the RIGHT side of the road!"


Even before the Haiti tragedy I was going to write the following.

So many people around the world -- so many people -- are now living in COMPLETE HELL as we speak.
From war and starvation to torture and unjustified imprisonment to sickness to....
On and on.

If you are aware even slightly of reality on this earth -- just a little aware, at least -- then you are INFINITELY depressed and angry.
To be even slightly happy, ever, is totally psychotic!

And I think that things on this planet are about to get *A LOT* worse, even!!! I can't emphasize enough how bad things will likely get. From wars, maybe even full-scale nuclear or biological wars, to the global climate-change tipping point being reached, to Peak Oil, to civil liberties being destroyed, to total economic collapse, to mass famine (even in America), to violence and martial law, to brain-control and mind-reading technologies being developed (Got to keep us "safe", you know), to mass-murder and crime and rape and torture and ... and... and... and....

I once thought I had died, and that the after-life appeared just like the "before-death". You didn't even know you had died. Now I think that may indeed be what has happened, and this is Hell.
Even God is evil here.



Monday, January 11, 2010

Destroy! Destroy!

Blog post # 34:

Today's picture, made today:


I wrote a poem today that goes with this picture. But, lucky you, I will NOT post it here!

Suffice it to say, I used the word "ejecta" in the poem.
(And, no, I didn't mean ejecta in a sexual way.)


Thanks to everybody who has voted in my polls. There is only a little while before the polls (especially the top poll) close. Hurry up and vote if you haven't yet!

And, check out the heavy philosophical comments in the last blog post of mine (blog post # 33).



Chaos can be
to your health!


As some of you may know already, or could probably figure out yourself, I don't believe in love. Or at least I have a harder time believing in love than I do believing in Evil (with a capital E).

And don't get me started on sex. Sex is only for suckers and fuckers, I say!

But Evil; that exists in us all, even in me.

I was thinking the other day about this after I did something that perhaps was sinful.
I saw in the gutter an incredibly beautiful arrangement of ice crystals, given that the temperature outside was chilly.
Ah, nature's handiwork!
But, what did I do about this handiwork?
I quickly destroyed it with my foot, before I even had the chance to appreciate the icy artwork.

I notice that many people, maybe mostly men, have an inner desire to destroy beauty.
Doing so is like scratching an itch.
From bombing cities to raping women, beauty must be destroyed, some subconsciously believe.

I will make another confession. When I was really young, like 3rd grade, give or take, I had a secret desire to hunt and kill a fawn. Why? Because fawns are cute. Thankfully, I never carried out my desire. And the feeling went away.
Now, on the other hand, I don't even eat meat, let alone hunt for it, let alone most desire to hunt the cutest animals.

But I wonder why I had that feeling. It disturbs me that I did.

Yet I still destroy the icy artworks of nature. Am I a closet anti-environmentalist?


Friday, January 8, 2010


Blog post # 33:

Today's picture, made today:

Oblate Superposition


And some typewriter art:


A little tidbit, that was.


I noticed the other day with my latest poll, almost every word to vote on starts with the letter P. And my "jokes" are mostly puns, so we could replaced that with "Puns", starting with a P. And switch "Anagram" and "Palindrome" around, appropriately, to get that topic starting with P too.


Probably! Positively!



Because of the expanding lower class here in America, what our leaders SHOULD be afraid of aren't "Weapons of Mass Destruction", but rather are

We Pawns of Mass Destitution!

Sing it! (and dance!):


We Pawns of Mass Destitution
We Pawns of Mass Destitution

Rise up!
Rise up!

Go downtown, now.

We Pawns of Mass Destitution
We Pawns of Mass Destitution

Rise up!
Rise up!
Rise up!
Rise up!

Go downtown, now.

We Pawns of Mass Destitution
We Pawns of Mass Destitution
We Pawns of Mass Destitution
We Pawns of Mass Destitution


Our government has gone rotten on all of us. This is our dystopia.

We are ruled by a...


What our leaders tell us is all...



Are there words that, speaking of malarky, are so complicated to define that they essentially are undefinable, no matter how complicated a definition one could try to come up for them?

I know there are some words and phrases in mathematics, say, where you practically need a PHD, or literally need a PHD, to understand what the Hell they mean.
But they ARE definable, in principle.

And I am not talking about nonsense words, because they essentially have no definition at all, not an indescribable definition.

And I am not talking about poorly defined words, because we have some idea what they mean.

I mean, are there words so convoluted in their definitions that NO ONE could come up with definitions for them -- even a definition such as "something indescribable" -- in principle?

Can we comprehend such a word or words?

Such words might describe "life" (if there is such a thing as life there) in another universe where things are so different that even the laws of physics and mathematics and logic are different from what they are in our universe.

The strangest dream ever dreamt by the craziest madperson would seem quite trite when compared to what these words define.

Can such a word even be proven to exist?

It all reminds me of Godel's theorem. And I think that a linguistic analog to this math theorem is quite possible.

Maybe there are a group of such words, and they each can be used to define the other. But there is NO way for any of these words to be defined with any language in our universe. These words are on another continent, if not an island, separated from all human understanding.

Just sayin'...

Update: It is possible to have such a "word" that is defined with an infinitely long definition. There are numbers -- reals, decimals -- in mathematics that cannot be defined with any FINITE definition, NO MATTER HOW complex that definition is. As a matter of fact, 0% of all (but not no) reals are finitely definable. All the rest (100% minus an infinitely small percentage) are so-called "uncomputable numbers". (Google it.)

So, if a word refers to a SPECIFIC uncomputable number, then the ONLY way to express the definition of this word (beyond that it is an uncomputable number in a given range) is to use a definition with an infinite number of characters, math symbols, numbers, etc -- such as simply listing the infinite decimal expansion of the number.
Still, as I said, SOME aspects of this word-number's definition are indeed definable in this universe, such as the range (with any precision except exactly) this number falls into and the fact that it is incomputable. But it cannot be described
EXACTLY with any finite alphabet and with any finite numbers of elements of that alphabet.

So, therefore, there can be words, not necessarily mathematical (although I didn't prove they can ever be non-mathematical), that are not definable completely with a finite number of words written in a finite alphabet.


By the way, thanks to the very few people who have voted in my polls so far.
And even greater thanks to those (or she or he or it) who read(s) my blog.


Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Blog post # 32:

Hello, everyone! (That is, every-ONE, because there is ONE, exactly one, person reading this blog. Probably just me.)

I have added a new poll question. And this time, it is only up for one week. (I think I will keep poll questions up for only a week at a time, from now on.)

Please vote!
(Maybe I will use the poll results to improve my blog.)

Because if I get desperate for votes, I will have to vote on my own poll myself (like I did with the dream poll).


I made this picture just yesterday.

Monolithic Rupture

And I made this picture just today.

Hypocrisy Of Integers


Well, there was something I was going to write in my blog today, I was thinking about it recently, but I forgot what it was.


Do what? I don't know. I forgot.

I always forget.

Like, when I am dreaming and I think of a new song. In my dream I hear it, and it sounds really cool. And maybe my dream is even music-video-like, all stylized and surreal.

Then I wake up, and either I have totally forgotten the song when I wake, or I sing the song to myself over and over in the middle of the night so that I don't forget it. But I forget it by morning anyway.

Sometimes, when I DO remember the song, it is really cool. But sometimes I am like, WHAT?

For instance, the other night I had a dream that I was singing a song (industrial-rock style) that went.

"It's a criss-cross war!
It's a criss-cross war!"

A criss-cross war!?!? Huh?!?! What the CHENEY (pardon my language) is that all about!?!?...


I have been thinking of vanity plates. If you have an idea for a vanity license-plate that you want on your car (but maybe like me, you can't afford vanity plates, or also like me, you don't have a car), then please post it to the comments of this blog post.
Let's see if ANYONE is reading this.

As for me, I don't know what I would have on my car, if I had a car.
"3-14159", for the first couple digits of pi.
But I like 2 times pi better than just pi, so maybe I should have the plate
The problem with this is that nobody knows what the significance is of this, or at least it is not obvious.

Maybe I should do something simple, but numerical, like

Or, maybe I should stick to letters, like
"I M QQ".

Can you do better?


Finally, I would like to ask you, to PLEAD to you, that you all be sure to read as many of my back posts as you can stomach.
Maybe you are new to reading this. You should all know that there are 20 posts on the "front page" of this blog, with the newest posts at the top. There are older posts that you get to by clicking on "older posts" at the bottom of the front page. Right now there are 12 older posts not on the front page, and I am proud of many* of them. After I post more than 40 posts (this is the 32nd), there will be at least two pages of older posts.

Sorry to be so wordy in the above paragraph. But I have not anything better to write about today.

*(but not all)



Sunday, January 3, 2010

Bleed The Breath Seeping

Blog post # 31:

Well, happy new year to all of you!

I was thinking today that "New Years Day" should for everyone be our birthdays, a different day for every person.
Because your birthday is when you have lived an integer multiple of a year, give or take.
And Jan 1 does not have any real astrological significance.
Why not end the year a week sooner on the Winter Solstice? Why wait a handful of days after the solstice for the arbitrarily-set date to end the year? It makes no real sense.

So, I say, either end the year on the exact solstice, either solstice or equinox for that matter, or start the new year on your own birthday, with a different new year for everyone.


I must make a resolution. No more politics in my blog!
I want this blog to be FUN. Why mess that up with the BS of politics?


More New Years stuff:

You know how I feel about the coming year? Not optimistic.
But I am also a little confused. I had a dream the other night that I was riding side-saddle on a horse that was walking backwards. I think that accurately describes how I feel about entering the new year...


I did this picture today.

Bleed The Breath Seeping

I actually don't like this picture very much. (So, consequently, lots of you will probably like it -- see earlier post about how I and you all don't always agree on what pictures are my best.)

I had to post it, though, because:
1) I felt like I had to post SOME picture, whatever it is; and I didn't feel like searching through my pictures for something better.
2) Most importantly: I like this picture's name.



If I suspect that there is no god(s), and if I am not offended by sex or excrement, then I should come up with new cuss-words for people like me.
"God!", "fuck!", "shit!", and "damn!" don't cut it for us.

How about "Cheney!".
Now, THAT is properly offensive.

Or how about "kill!" or "torture!".
"Bless you too", the right-wingers who hear us cuss will say,... before they call the authorities on us.

Maybe "genocide!" or "ignorance!".



"e pluribus unum!", which isn't offensive, per se, but it sure is fun to say loud.


Okay, my blood is boiling with all those invocations, especially of "typo!".

I think I will have some politics anyway.

I know, I know. I resolved to have NO MORE POLITICS.
But I lied. And that is appropriate, since politicians are all liars.

[Warning! Politics alert! Warning! Politics alert!]

I have been frequenting a liberal blog website that takes comments. They recently put up an article about how there are calls from certain "important" people for ethnic profiling of Muslims and even for "Muslim-only lines" at airport security.
(See my earlier 2 posts for more about that.)

Well, this is why I am pissed: There have been over 200 comments to that blog post. And 85% to 90% (!) of them say "Screw 'political correctness'! PLEASE. Let's HAVE profiling of those rotten stinking Muslims"!
Remember, this is a LIBERAL website. I hate to think the kind of vitriol that is on Bill O'Reilly's website, for instance, if he has a website.
Sure, many of those posting comments are right-wingers, but the vast majority!?

And, add to this my outrage about the supposed fact that 58% of Americans support TORTURING the X-mas day terrorist guy, while almost half of that number, 30% oppose torturing him.
Yes, the poll was supposedly done by a right-leaning polling organization (whose name I cannot spell. It starts with an R.)
But a *2 to 1 ratio* of pro-torturers to people with at least a little humanity!?

And Americans wonder why "they*" hate us so!

*[Most of the world, I think, by now.]


Hopefully Obama will do the right thing about all of this etnic-profiling garbage. You all know that I have misgivings about the Obama adminstration. ("Hope" and "Change" have morphed into "Hype" and "Cheney-esque"!)
But I must defend him here.
Recently, certain people in de facto power (Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, some Republicans in Congress, some right-wing pundits) have been criticizing President Obama for the FAILED terrorist attack-attempt on Christmas.

Well. Let us take you back to 9-11-01.
Remember how EVERYBODY, it seemed, was uncritical of the Bush administration after that attack?
United We Stand, remember?!
To criticize the Bush administration was essentially considered a traitorous act, as I recall.

As a matter of fact, Karl Rove, one of the very people criticizing Obama now, was likely behind the whole "United We Stand" the-Bush-administration-can-do-no-wrong nonsense meme after those attacks -- even though, as we have seen, the Bush administration COULD and DID do wrong (dare I say EVIL) after those attacks!

And those people criticizing Obama now after the recent event, are they TRAITORS!? By their own definitions, they would be!

I hate politics.

Leroy Quet