Saturday, January 30, 2010

Let Us Be Rational

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Sometimes when I dream, I dream I do something or something happens in the dream that seems so completely real. At that moment, I swear I am awake.
Even after I wake up, I swear that what I had dreamt about still seems so real (and logical and rational).
Then after a while of being awake, what happened in my dream (if I remember it still) begins to seem odd and nonsensical and like something that would happen only in a dream.

But sometimes, though, things (many things, actually) that happen IN REALITY also, when I think back on them, seem odd and nonsensical and like something that would only happen in a dream, at least if I contemplate those things long enough.

Does this happen to you people too?


TV game-show idea: I saw this in a dream.
There are two contestants. In front of one contestant are a bunch of cats. In front of the other contestant are a bunch of dogs. The contestants answer questions. If one gets a question wrong, then one of the animals (of the species in front of the contestant) gets taken away to be put to sleep. Once one of the group of animals is depleted, the other contestant wins. And all the remaining animals get to live out their days on a special reserve for pets.
This game-show idea, of course, is satire. But it makes a good point. If the animals were going to be put asleep by the pound ANYWAY, then this game-show would actually SAVE animal lives. Is this show sick, or is it a savior?


Another idea along the same lines:

Game-show entitled "Death Panel".

Two gravely ill people with no insurance have to convince a panel of judges that their lives are more worthy than the other person's. Then at the end, the winner gets his/her medical treatment paid for by the show. On the other hand, the loser can just go off and die.

Is this show sick, or is it a savior?


Note about my poll on where you fall on the political spectrum. (Which comes down in about a week. Vote soon if you haven't yet!)

I voted myself in my own poll, clicking on "generally left-wing progressive". But now I am having second thoughts. You see, I am against torturing people, even torturing innocent people. That makes me an ULTRA (ultra ultra) left-wing progressive, by American standards.
You see, you almost have to be an ULTRA-FAR left radical, tie-die-wearing, pot-smoking, vegetarian, hippy, commie pinko terrorist to be in any way against torture, at least in America today.

Everyone else here thinks we should torture all of the poor just because that would be fun.


President Obama is just like GW Bush, but with a better sense of humor.



How many Republicans does it take to screw in a light-bulb?

1 to insist that the best way to screw in the lightbulb is to lower taxes for the rich.
1 to insist on trying to screw the lightbulb in counterclockwise.
When that fails, 1 to jam a broom handle into the socket until things soften up.
Then 1 to ram the lightbulb into the socket by force, without turning the lightbulb.
Then 1 to turn on the juice until the lightbulb talks.
Then 1 to angrily rip the lightbulb out of the socket, without any namby-pamby nonsense, and without unscrewing the lightbulb.
And 1 to insult the janitor who then sweeps up the pieces by calling him a "socialist".



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