Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Blog post # 32:

Hello, everyone! (That is, every-ONE, because there is ONE, exactly one, person reading this blog. Probably just me.)

I have added a new poll question. And this time, it is only up for one week. (I think I will keep poll questions up for only a week at a time, from now on.)

Please vote!
(Maybe I will use the poll results to improve my blog.)

Because if I get desperate for votes, I will have to vote on my own poll myself (like I did with the dream poll).


I made this picture just yesterday.

Monolithic Rupture

And I made this picture just today.

Hypocrisy Of Integers


Well, there was something I was going to write in my blog today, I was thinking about it recently, but I forgot what it was.


Do what? I don't know. I forgot.

I always forget.

Like, when I am dreaming and I think of a new song. In my dream I hear it, and it sounds really cool. And maybe my dream is even music-video-like, all stylized and surreal.

Then I wake up, and either I have totally forgotten the song when I wake, or I sing the song to myself over and over in the middle of the night so that I don't forget it. But I forget it by morning anyway.

Sometimes, when I DO remember the song, it is really cool. But sometimes I am like, WHAT?

For instance, the other night I had a dream that I was singing a song (industrial-rock style) that went.

"It's a criss-cross war!
It's a criss-cross war!"

A criss-cross war!?!? Huh?!?! What the CHENEY (pardon my language) is that all about!?!?...


I have been thinking of vanity plates. If you have an idea for a vanity license-plate that you want on your car (but maybe like me, you can't afford vanity plates, or also like me, you don't have a car), then please post it to the comments of this blog post.
Let's see if ANYONE is reading this.

As for me, I don't know what I would have on my car, if I had a car.
"3-14159", for the first couple digits of pi.
But I like 2 times pi better than just pi, so maybe I should have the plate
The problem with this is that nobody knows what the significance is of this, or at least it is not obvious.

Maybe I should do something simple, but numerical, like

Or, maybe I should stick to letters, like
"I M QQ".

Can you do better?


Finally, I would like to ask you, to PLEAD to you, that you all be sure to read as many of my back posts as you can stomach.
Maybe you are new to reading this. You should all know that there are 20 posts on the "front page" of this blog, with the newest posts at the top. There are older posts that you get to by clicking on "older posts" at the bottom of the front page. Right now there are 12 older posts not on the front page, and I am proud of many* of them. After I post more than 40 posts (this is the 32nd), there will be at least two pages of older posts.

Sorry to be so wordy in the above paragraph. But I have not anything better to write about today.

*(but not all)



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