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A little picture, made recently, before I get serious on everybody.



I heard a heavy metal / industrial song in my dream the other night. Suffice it to say that the key line of the song was:

"Trash" is the ultimate word!


[Politics/current events alert!
Politics/current events alert!]



(Also equals A PRETTY HATE, of course; which is poetic, but I think their hatred is ugly.)


Well, well, well, Democrats surely are LOSERS(!), aren't they??
This is the day after the big win in Mass-hysteria-chusetts for the Republicans.

But what do you expect? Democrats are by the very nature LOSERS. That is their essence.

I just saw the headline that Joe Lieberman wants Dems to now move to the "center" as a result of the Mass election.
In my opinion, that would be great BECAUSE the Dems are now far right of center, and the Repugs are right of that. Moving to the TRUE center would be an improvement for the Dems. Even the conservatives in much of Europe, for example, are left of America's Democratic politicians.

However, what Joe really means, of course, is the Dems should move even farther to the right. I think the Dem party will indeed take Joe's advice, knowing them, sadly. That would be a plus, however, for the Green party, IF the Green party would finally get some media recognition in the US. But I don't think the corporatists who run the US media would allow the Green party to get any publicity at all, however.

As for the now-doomed health-care bill: It was SO completely diluted by the Blue Dogs that it may very well have been even worse than doing nothing. And doing nothing would likely mean MANY MANY MANY Americans dying each year for lack of proper health insurance.

I say: Make all of Congress subject to the same health care bill as the rest of us -- instead of they keeping their special VIP plan. Then we would have single-payer faster than you can say it.

But since that will not happen, Congress should be disbanded. They are a total failure at almost everything.


And meanwhile in the Haitian nation:

Racism kills Haitians yet again. Same old. Same old.

I was listening to NPR (Nationalist Propaganda Radio) yesterday, waiting for Democracy Now to come on another radio station. Well, the NPR anchor went on and on about the supposed "dangers" in delivering food to those rowdy Haitians (because the Haitians are black, I suppose). * And the reporter being interviewed must have said at least 3 or 4 times, before I changed the station in disgust, that "thanks to the US military" (repeating that phrase), there had been little or no problems with Haitians getting rowdy at distribution points. Yes, the US military has always been a force for good in Haiti ---- NOT!
I then turned the station to Democracy Now, and their story was that, despite what the UN has been saying, the Haitians were remarkably lawful (Imagine that! Blacks ["savages"] being lawful. Doesn't that beat all!), and that the Democracy Now team had a relatively easy time getting around the country, even though much of the humanitarian aid and workers were somehow unable to move beyond the airport for fear of all that "crime" and "looting" ("looting" being a racially-loaded word).

*(Crime has actually gone DOWN in Port au Prince since the earthquake. Haitians, who are probably considered to be only "black savages" by much of the rest of the world, are being very peaceful and friendly with each other.)

I realized the other day -- as I ate a veggy tray with roasted red pepper hummus, and later drank some fine organic coffee -- that I am living in such luxury compared to much of the rest of the world. The Haitians eat MUD on occasion to fill their stomaches, for God's sake.

And God: Several fundamentalist assholes have spoken up lately, saying that the Haitians are "being punished" by the earthquake.
Maybe the funda-mental-ists are right. Maybe God DOES hate Black people in general. That would explain all the hard times for people of African descent throughout history. I am NOT saying that God may hate Black people because the Blacks are in any way inferior or deserving of the hatred. I am just saying that perhaps, if "God" exists, then maybe "He" is an asshole and a bigot.
It would sure seem that way.


And finally, in the news, 3 Guantanamo detainee "suicides" (which were at the time condemned by US military officials as "asymmetric warfare" against the United States) were likely to be MURDERS by US personnel at a secret (CIA?) facility within Guantanamo.
Rags were stuffed deep down the throats of the 3 men, who were also hanged.

And after that, there was a cover-up by US personnel in an effort to make the murders look like suicides.

Mass-murder, torture, cover-ups and obstruction of justice. All in our name. Ho hum. Nobody cares in America.
A recent poll shows that the ratio of Americans supporting torture to those opposing it is 2-to-1.
Nothing will change as long as 'mericans hate 'em "rag-heads".



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