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Blog post # 35:

First picture, made yesterday. Second picture, made today.

Coinciding With Uplift

Hypothesized Smoke

As for the first picture, I promised myself I would stop making spiral-based pictures. But I can't help myself sometimes.

I saw that 2 out of the 3 people who voted on my recent poll liked my pictures best. (One person preferred my jokes.) So I have decided to make an effort to have some images today.

But I am saddened. I have come to realize that the ONLY people who like my pictures even a little are family and some friends. (Yes, if you like my pictures even a little, then you are probably related to me somehow -- even if you didn't know that...)

As a matter of fact, I have NO talents at all, as I once lamented long ago in this blog's pages.
I can't even get a job because I would somehow cost whatever company hires me big money because I will screw up.

For someone who can't kiss,...
I surely know how to really SUCK!...


[Politics and world events alert!
Politics and world events alert!]

I am truly saddened by the tragedy in Haiti.
Yes, tragedies happen all over the world all the time, but Haiti's is especially poignant because it only compounds tragedy upon tragedy upon tragedy.

Do you know that before the earthquake even, Haitians are so poor that they often eat MUD just to fill their stomaches because of their hunger?

And it should be noted that ever since the USA was created, almost every decade has been filled with examples of America screwing over the Haitians somehow, many of these examples being directly responsible for Haiti's poverty.

And the rest of the world shares some of the blame too. But the US is a particularly evil part of Haitian history, even though Americans often don't realize this.

BUT... but evangelist Pat Robertson says that the Haitians have only themselves to blame for their many misfortunes, including the earthquake, because God is punishing them for "making a deal with the Devil". This is a "true story", claims Pat.
What was that deal, supposedly, according to Robertson? To not be enslaved anymore by the French. How DARE those Haitians want to be free!

And, meanwhile, Rush-the-Tush Limbaugh says that Americans should NOT personally give to the Haiti relief effort.
We already give enough to that via our income taxes, says Rush.

Is it possible for someone to be so UTTERLY ASINE that they are EVIL!?

And many people believe every word these assholes say!

I say to everyone reading this (and please pass this on):
GIVE, GIVE, GIVE to the Haiti relief effort!!!

Hey, we should all give more money to Haiti just to spite those EVIL BIGOTS!!

I am poor (for an American, that is), and even I gave some money to Haiti relief. Fuck you, Rush and Pat!

By the way, if you believe in Hell, Rush and Pat are sure a good reason to not do evil. Do you want to be stuck in Eternity with the Ass-Faced One and the Devil's Concubine?


Speaking of politics:

American conservatives can be so America-centric that they probably, when they travel to countries where you are suppose to drive on the left side of the road, drive on the right-hand side of the road, on purpose too.
"I'm goin' to drive on the right side of the road, damn it! The 'merican way is the best way! After all, the RIGHT side of the road is the RIGHT side of the road!"


Even before the Haiti tragedy I was going to write the following.

So many people around the world -- so many people -- are now living in COMPLETE HELL as we speak.
From war and starvation to torture and unjustified imprisonment to sickness to....
On and on.

If you are aware even slightly of reality on this earth -- just a little aware, at least -- then you are INFINITELY depressed and angry.
To be even slightly happy, ever, is totally psychotic!

And I think that things on this planet are about to get *A LOT* worse, even!!! I can't emphasize enough how bad things will likely get. From wars, maybe even full-scale nuclear or biological wars, to the global climate-change tipping point being reached, to Peak Oil, to civil liberties being destroyed, to total economic collapse, to mass famine (even in America), to violence and martial law, to brain-control and mind-reading technologies being developed (Got to keep us "safe", you know), to mass-murder and crime and rape and torture and ... and... and... and....

I once thought I had died, and that the after-life appeared just like the "before-death". You didn't even know you had died. Now I think that may indeed be what has happened, and this is Hell.
Even God is evil here.



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