Thursday, December 31, 2009

Good (and Evil) Riddance

Blog post # 30:

Sorry for that post yesterday that must have seemed bigoted to many of you.

PS: I can think of another reason or two why ethnic-profiling is INEFFICIENT, stupid, and possibly deadly.
3) The stats-related justification for a LITTLE ethnic profiling doesn't take into account that terrorists are conscious deliberating beings.
For, with an official policy of even a little ethnic profiling, let alone a lot, the Arab-looking terrorists will start recruiting white Christian-looking terrorists to pass through security to carry out their missions.
4) Speaking of white Christian-looking terrorists: Timothy McVeigh, Terry Nichols, Eric Rudolph... (or however you spell their names), that guy who shot up the Holocaust museum and the guy who shot up the Unitarian Church recently.
Maybe WHITE CHRISTIANS should be profiled too, at least a "little"!

Sorry, Sarah Palin and you Fox News talkers, but ethic profiling makes NO sense!


Topic: Good vs Evil.

The prevailing view by the masses on the topic is that "Good" (with a capital G) will "win" eventually over "Evil".

I say, that is likely to be only wishful thinking.

Good wins some, evil wins some. (I will say that Evil wins more often than Good.)

But, keep in mind, Evil cheats, and it has the best weaponry, and it plays dirty -- all giving it a serious advantage over Good.

And, sorry people, but "God", if it exists, isn't necessarily going to help Good win in the end, even if God, if it exists, is on the side of Good in the first place.

Keep in mind: Evil has all the advantages. Maybe "God" has helped Evil get those advantages? Perhaps.

And what is "Good", and what is "Evil" anyway?

I would say that torturing people, say, is DEFINITELY an evil thing to do, objectively and without controversy an evil thing.
But about half of Americans say that they favor torture of terrorism suspects, even though lots of these suspects have not been proven to actually be guilty of any crimes.
Does that make torture "good"?

Killing is evil, objectively. But what if it was your choice to shoot a person who is in-turn going around mass-killing people? What if the only way to stop the mass-killing was for you to kill this person?
Would then you be evil if you did NOT shoot this person?

I don't know.

I, for one, believe in being good for Goodness' own sake, not just because I fear Hell.
(I'll probably go to Hell no matter what I do in my life, anyway. Some people believe this about me and others like me.)

Maybe being good increases my self-worth. Maybe that is why I want to be good.
God knows, I surely don't have much self-worth in most ways.

And, oh by the way, I am NOT good.
I don't do volunteer work or give to charity, for instance.
Yes, I don't commit crimes. But at best I would consider myself to be a moral moderate, as most people seem to be.

Is that good enough, though?
Do I care?


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Good Riddance

Blog post # 29:

Live, from Stink-Water, Colorado!

The 2009 New Years Eve-Eve Show!

Be the first on your block to say GOOD RIDDANCE to the last decade!

Gosh, that last decade sure was a huge fucking turd laid upon all of us, wasn't it!?

And I fear the next decade could in some ways be EVEN WORSE!

Happy New Years, everyone!!!


[Warning! Politics alert! Warning! Politics alert!]

I thought I would try some reverse psychology with this bumper-sticker I designed:

I am only half-joking, too. But you know what is scary? Many conservatives would read this bumper-sticker and take it as LITERALLY GOOD advice!

Want war (possibly global full-scale nuclear) for its own sake? Want ethnic cleansing here in America? Want total environmental destruction, again for its own sake? Want the poor to just all die, literally?

Yes, we do! they say.

Then vote, vote, vote!


You know what is sick? Now that that asshole has tried to blow up a plane on X-mas (THANKFULLY, NO ONE WAS KILLED!), the Republicans and some Dems, from Sarah Palin to Fox News talkers, are saying that, yes, America needs ethnic profiling at airports. Yes, we need to single out ALL Muslims for the crimes of a couple jackasses.

The internet (even on liberal sites) is filled with calls for profiling and with denouncements of Islam. But let me say this. Those BIGOTS who are saying that Islam is the most evil and violent force in the world today -- even if they are right (although Christianity and Judaism also share some of the blame for the world's violence) -- are missing the point.

NO single group of people -- whether it be Muslims, right-wingers, or punk rockers -- should be treated so unfairly as Muslims have been by the US lately: detained on flimsy or lacking evidence, held without fair trial incommunicado, and sometimes tortured and killed -- and basically just because those mistreated people belong to a particular group, and not because of any specific criminal activities.

It doesn't matter is Islam is corrupt or not. The point is, many Muslims have been treated evilly (as part of this CRUSADE) based not on anything those Muslims actually did. If the US -- a beacon of freedom, supposedly -- can do this to Muslims, it can do this to ANYBODY!


Related: It should be noted what mathematics has to say about ethnic-profiling.
Basically, according to statistics, it makes sense to profile a little, very little. If Muslims, or whatever group, are, say, x times more likely to commit a crime than non-group-members, then it is most efficient to profile by the square-root of x.
Doing more than this (Let me be clear, the bigots want WAY MORE profiling than squareroot of x) would waste resources as many innocent people are caught in the dragnet.
And, here is the key -- the squareroot of x is usually such a small amount greater than 1 that:
1) Subconscious prejudice by security officias MORE than makes up for the difference between squareroot of x and 1, ANYWAY;
2) The difference between 1 and squareroot of x is so small that the US would GAIN VERY LITTLE from profiling, but would LOSE A LOT if this was done, in terms of our freedoms and values.

In other words, as the Nazi's might say,
ethnic-profiling isn't efficient.

Sorry for the politics.


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Lost In The Maze

Blog post # 28:

All of life is a maze.

It is about time I post this maze. Click on it to get a larger version. Go from the upper left to the lower right, following the bluish paths. (You may want to print this up in order to make solving it easier.)


I made this picture just yesterday.

Supposition Made Of Mania


Okay, I am pissed. I promised myself that this blog post would not degenerate into a depressing hate-fest for humanity. But what can I say? Human beings have repeatedly proven themselves to be pitifully vile and evil and bigoted. I won't go into detail about why my anti-humanity feelings have been recently renewed. There are plenty of reasons why. We are a failed species. Leave it at that. I think we are all damned.


Leroy Quet

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Nonsensical Introspection

Blog post # 27:

I know how much you all hate my poetry. But I thought I would post the poem I wrote today anyway, since it is atypical of what I usually write. And it goes so well with the picture I did today.

Soul Of A Nonconforming Flower

Horizontal Flower

Horizontal flower -- images of thoughts -- turned --
Bent amongst the crook in such a halting
Stem -- devoid of leaves -- devoid of thorns --
Turning -- becoming the greenish purple -- rotation --
Thoughts of images -- protruding leftward -- petals
Each lenticular -- asleep are the flowers, are
The trees and vines -- the sky does not know them
-- It does not know of these floral truths -- yes --
The flower is nonconforming in its perpendicularity --
It has drooped in its transparent forgetfulness --
Yes, it flows horizontally unto the horizon -- and
I observe this exceptional soul -- for, it
Sleeps, as all life within the dome above us --
It slumbers and defies its determination to
Ascend -- it drapes its imagination across
Its solitude -- and it is distinct in its
Diagonals -- it is now dreaming -- it dreams
Of its depictions -- it is now dreaming of its
Verticality -- it dreams of its shape not quite strange,
Not quite as a flower or as any such perennial or
Annual obvious and poetic and yet otherwise free.

(Sorry for that, people.)


As you may have noticed, I have a poll now. The poll-idea is Blogger's, and they have an app for that.
I neglected to include among the options "Horror movie". And if I change the poll questions, the previous responses are erased. So, in the mean time, clicking on "Action thriller" or "Documentary" will have to do if you had a nightmare, unless of course your nightmare was more like a music video.

I also allowed too much time before I close the poll and switch the question. (Poll questions are only good for a week, tops, in my opinion.) Next time I will shorten the polling time.


I was going to wait until Crass-mas Eve or Crass-mas Day to post the following anti-Christmas carol. But by UNpopular demand (I alone demanded it), I will post it today. (!)

I Don't Celebrate Christmas

I don't celebrate Christmas.
Christmas is not for me.
So stop telling me to enjoy myself,
Just let me be.

I don't celebrate Christmas.
Christmas is the most overrated holiday.
I don't worship the Baby Jesus
Or kneel down and pray.

I don't have the Christmas cheer.
On Christmas I don't hang-out with anyone.
I just stay away from family and friends.
They don't know how to have fun.

I don't give away presents, 'cause
I don't have any money to spare.
I don't put up Christmas lights.
I would not dare.

I don't believe in Santa Claus.
I suspect that he's a fraud.
I don't sing Christmas carols.
Some of them are rather odd.

I don't yell Christmas greetings
to strangers on the street.
I don't pass out candy
or any other kind of treat.

I don't celebrate Christmas.
Christmas is not for me.
So, ho ho ho, Christmas can go.
But I'll keep the part about being merry.



Sunday, December 20, 2009


Blog post # 26:

I should delete yesterday's post. A poem, followed by politics, politics, politics. I know I must have lost lots of readers with that one.
(By the way, hello out there to NOBODY at all!!)


Peace on Earth.

A nice sentiment, if ANYONE took it seriously!
Talk about a meaningless platitude. It's right up there with "Fair and balanced" in terms of meaninglessness.

Yeah, peace is fine for all those other people. But me, hey, MY fights and battles are part of "just" conflicts!


I have realized that "Peace on Earth" has the acronym "Poe".

When will we finally see real peace on Earth, you ask?



Of the six unpublished (except here) pictures I have done since I updated my art website,
this is my favorite:

Coincidence Of Cosines

Funny thing, though. Whenever someone tells me they like a particular picture of mine, I almost always HATE that picture.
I guess people really dislike the very pictures of mine I like the most.
Yet, I shouldn't play favorites with my pictures. That is like playing favorites with your children.

But, anyway, sorry you don't enjoy the picture I posted today. But just know I have produced something much better (or in other words, much worse).


Those in the know are suffering angst, or so I hear, about what to name the first decade of the 21st Century.
So far, things have gone quite badly for us Earthlings this decade.

So, I propose we call it "The 'OH, NO!' Decade".
As in zero-number (number being abbreviated "no"), for the last two digits in the year.
And as in the "Oh, stinkin' $*&@! *NNNOOOO*!!!! decade".

Spread the word.


Heaven or Hell or something else?

I wonder if after you die, your soul goes to a land where everything is REALLY FUNNY!...


Joke: Why can't we smell that foul-odored creature anymore?

Because it is now ex-stink-ed!

Gosh, this joke sure stank!


On a cheerier note: I had an idea:

A book of "visual" puzzles for the visually impaired.
(With such things as a pop-up maze, as well as other puzzles stamped onto the pages in relief.)

Someone out there want to do this?



Saturday, December 19, 2009


Blog post # 25:

First, I did this picture today. It kind of goes with the poem I wrote today, posted below.

Its Straining Torque

Wrenched, the scribbled mathematics turns and is septic
In its straining torque. And its polyps become tapered,
And they allude to our convulsions. Yet, thrice, this
Palindrome is twisted -- for, it now is tangential. It
Now is subdivided into threes; and each third is bent
Into this symmetry overall. Ah, and expanding laterally
From that awkward helix, its wings are feathered but
Otherwise are as a hypothetical and parenthetical
Butterfly. Such an insect is grotesque, surely.
But it grasps its retroactive smoke in reflex. Then it
Thirsts for iridescence and amnesia. Yes, its core is
Wrenched, flung and afloat within this sugar. Alas,
Its antennae are nonexistent. But its thorax too is
Equiangular and sticky. Thus, it tears in its rupture.
And afterwards, it tastes such geometry of spirals,
Of careless steam flattened against it. And so,
It is wrung, ascertained, then, finally, it is
Possessed by its own trigonometries, by its
Own grim churning in flight within these misty droplets
And all their viscous liberation.

(I like this poem for the most part because I use the plural of "trigonometry", as in "These trigonometries represent different means to draw similar triangles." Or "These trigonometries each give different values for their cosines.")


You think I lose readers when I post poems? Well, what one thing loses me readers at even a greater rate?

That's right! Politics!

{Warning! Politics alert! Warning! Politics alert!]

The rest of this blog post today will be politics. I will intermingle depressing stuff with some jokes.


I was thinking the other day:

After Dick Cheney dies, he will be the one who REALLY controls things DOWN THERE too!...


Republicans may be anti-socialists. But they are really antisocial-ists!...


GW Bush: The low-rez prez.

(You're fading out, George.)


Yes, Obama is much higher resolution, so to speak, than his predecessor was, surely, at least in regards to mental processing abilities.
But, even though I voted for Obama, I have been let down to the point that I am beginning to think that Barack is the SECOND-worst president in US history.
(Move over, Buchanan and Fillmore.)

President Obama has not only given in to the right-wing in this country, but he IS the right-wing in this country, even though they would call him "socialist" and "Hitler".
(They WISH he was Hitler!)

Every single day, just like it was with GW Bush, there is something coming out of the White House to REALLY make me mad at our current president.
Wars, government surveillance, the call for "war on terror" detainees to not be considered "persons" (Hello, Dred Scott!), no ban on land mines, failure at the climate summit, and that is just this week and what I can remember of what we know about.

So far, the 21st Century is turning out to be the Dystopic Century.
Orwell was a prophet.


As for that climate summit. Is it any surprise that it will very most likely end in almost total failure?

And you know what that means, kiddies!

Doom and damnation. BILLIONS (with a B) dead as a result.

And that is just among the human-beings.

The human species has failed. Maybe we all DESERVE to be dead. Maybe. But climate change, sadly, will be genocide for lots of the INNOCENT species as well. Lots of them.

Yes, I call this genocide, for us as well as other species.
The Nazis killed "only" 6 million. Climate change could kill billions.

(And all of us who are left will probably try to migrate to Antarctica, all within just decades. But, drat, there is an ozone hole over that continent! Too bad for humanity.)

Switching gears. All of this talk of climate change has got me thinking of Al Gore, and a joke. (This is a joke related to Al Gore, but it has nothing to do with climate change.)

Why does Al Gore dance like a robot?

Because he uses an Al-Gore-rhythm...


Okay, speaking of jokes, or sort-of quasi-jokes.

The ultra-conservative Sarah-Palin-supporting activists yearn to go backwards as we all go forwards.
For, they are.... Palin-drones....

If Palin, speaking of palindromes, runs in 2012, how will Barack Obama do against her during the debates?



I'll leave it at that.


Monday, December 14, 2009

Delicately Dripping Dirty Dizziness

Blog post # 24:

The pictures in today's post all have names that start with a D.

Depicted In My Solitude


As some of you may know, I am an inventor of simple games.
But what is ironic is that I am one of the LEAST competitive people I know. As a matter of fact, I hate PLAYING games, even my own.
Hmmm... I wonder if I would enjoy entering a game-designing competition...

(See my games here: )


Depictions Of Direction

Now I am going to write about one of the topics I know the absolute LEAST about:

As a mostly unloved man (boo hoo, woe is me --- NOT!), I feel that love is one of the most over-rated things in existence. First of all, love is just an emotion, a concept. It is not a material substance. God and the universe are not "made of love", at least any more than they are made of everything else as well.

That said, love is infinitely better than hatred. It is infinitely better to adore humanity and seek peace and understanding and tolerance than it is to blow away that mother f'er who is knocking on your door just because he looks all wrong -- obviously.

And I am all for peace and understanding and tolerance, even though humanity surely doesn't deserve it sometimes.

But when it comes to the kind of love felt by any one person for another specific person, usually associated with physical attraction and all that stuff, I'm sorry, count me out.

I see NO point in it. And, as I said in an earlier blog post, it is SSSOOOO depressing.

I don't know why I am depressed by being in love. Maybe when I am in love, I am obsessed with being afraid that the one I love does not love me back or loves another person not me.
Maybe I have little to gain from dating, let alone from marriage.
Maybe it is my great fear of being judged.
Maybe it is my understanding that most relationships are MOSTLY based on physical attraction -- and this is bigotry against the less-attractive.
Maybe it is the fact that I don't feel like putting any one other person on a pedestal, whether she deserves that or not.

Or maybe I, unlike other people, just don't feel like idolizing an emotion, especially one that only takes from my well-being and gives nothing back.

In any case, bottom line: Love for humanity is much better than war, killing, hatered, bigotry.
But relationship love can serve no purpose in my life.

I am sure some of you may want to leave a comment regarding this topic. Please do.


Dimmest Cornea


And now a word from our sponsor:

Free! Free! Free!
I am looking for people to tutor in mathematics.
I am knowledgeable in arithmetic, algebra, geometry, analytical geometry, trigonometry, and calculus.
I will tutor you via email.

Email Leroy at:



And finally, a joke of sorts.

The man at the group-therapy session says,
"There I was, I couldn't stop, I was spanking my kid yet again.
And I realized...
I hit bottom".


Leroy Quet

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Blog post # 23:

Made this picture today:

"Spectra Of Theoretical Smoke".


Why is "slippery" the adjective form of "slip"?
"Slippery" sounds like it means "related to or similar to a slipper".
We should instead say, if something slips or causes slipping, that that something is "slippish" or is "slippy".
As in: "The icy sidewalk was slippish".
That's my opinion.

You know what word I like, but I don't like what the word stands for?
Also, I like the word "spillage", but I don't want any spillage.
"Spillage", it rhymes with "pillage".
Pillage is also a word I like the sound of (although not as much as I like the sound of "spillage"), but I don't like what the word refers to.


Okay, time to get serious.
Time to get... cRaZy!!!...

Insanity is the topic for today.
I have been diagnosed with OCD. I am on medicine for that, and the prescription drugs have been helping.
But today I had some... slippage... back into the other side of sanity.
Just a little bit, yes, but enough to lead me to write about it here as a form of self-therapy.
(Talking to myself. -- Why do crazy people talk to themselves? Because they can't always afford to pay someone else to listen...)

So, I get these "evil" images and thoughts in my mind. They are not really evil -- they are just ordinary pictures or people I have seen in a magazine or newspaper or on TV or whatever, and I arbitrarily declare them "evil". Why do I do this? Don't know really, for different reasons. I can't really help it, at least when my drugs are wearing off.
So, then I feel like I have to cast a magic spell on myself -- just because I am feeling down about something, and I feel out of control.
But to do this, I have to think of a "good" picture or name or person or whatever.
Today I thought of this picture I made:

But then, INEVITABLY, the "evil" thoughts intrude on my "good" thoughts. Every time I try to think, just for a couple seconds straight, of a good image, the evil image gets in my head.
This happened today when I was on my walk, so that I stand there with my eyes closed and my ears plugged, looking quite mad. (I AM mad.)

Then, I finally get things straight. (Yay!) But a red car just happens to drive by. Red cars are a bad omen. If a red car drives by, that means I have to do the "spell" all over again.

So, finally I finish, no evil thoughts, no red cars. Yay! Hopefully I can stop doing this nonsense for a long period of time now.

I realize that I must seem like a freaking madman to you all.
(Now, now. The term "madman" is politically incorrect!
The correct term is "mad-PERSON"!...)

But YOU seem crazy to me when you go to church like clockwork and pray (cast spells) to an invisible "god", and when you say you believe in "angels" and "demons" and all that.

You have your rituals. I have mine. Deal with it.


Leroy Quet

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Golly Darn

Blog post # 22:

Just a couple things today.

Tongue twister, sort of:

Edit it, idiot.

(Say many times rapidly.)


I had an idea in my dream last night. I heard from someone that it is not an original idea. But why, then, doesn't someone do this for real?

One problem with wind power or solar power is that the energy is not always being generated when it is most needed.
Researchers have been looking for a super-battery, much more efficient than anything in existence today, to help with this problem.

Well, my idea in this regard is simple, and battery-less.

Have the wind power or solar power be used to slowly lift, with the use of a motor and gears, heavy weights.
Then when power demand surpasses power generation, reverse the process, and let the weights drop slowly, and use the motor as a generator.

Another similar idea is to use water, instead of weights. The wind or solar power is used to pump the water upwards to a holding pond or to a water tower. Then when the energy is needed, just convert the falling water to energy as with hydroelectric generation.

The main problem with this idea, which I can see, is that the energy stored would be finite and limited. But this is also an issue with batteries.
Also, the water-pump or lifting motor might not be efficient enough. The motor simply needs, though, to be more efficient than current battery technologies to make my idea worth while.


I wrote this poem just today.

Its Own Dreams Finally Recalled

Torque denies such curvature. Yet the coils of
Paper and cloth are indeed implied. From those cones,
A wing of an abstract butterfly becomes both
The thunder and the reverberation aloft above us.

Turning periodicity is formed from all metamorphosis.
But these arccosines extend and fly again; for,
They repetitively flap, ascending our staircases
Of shadows, of elliptical tangents concocted. Yes,
Upwardly, the bug transcends and transforms
Such a ground into air, into space, into its
Own dreams finally recalled but never plagiarized.

Ah, in this rotation of triangles and this
Jaggedness of circles, that lepidopteran is
Thirsty and selfish. But it supposes itself to be
Not quite human, not quite animal, not ever
A god or a stickiness now purposeful. Yes, it is
Convergent anew onto its own mind. And, yes,
It glistens haphazardly, then it tastes those
Dimensions; then it tastes those atoms of torque,
Of continuation somewhat temporary.

This picture I made just today too. It goes with the poem, at least somewhat.


[Warning! Warning! Cuss-word alert! Cuss-word alert!]

You know what I don't get. If you make simple combinations of already-common cuss-words, you get offensive new cuss-phrases. Yet I have not yet heard anyone else use these cuss-phrases before.

An example:
Take the mild-mannered cuss-phrase: "God damn!"
Just switch the words around, and now it says "Damn God!"

Well, this should piss some people off, as good cuss-phrases should do.

Another longer variation:

"Damn shit-fucking God!"

Combines: Shit, Damn, Fuck, and God. And I haven't heard anyone else say this before??

By the way, Googled it. "Shit-fucking God" gets 282000 hits. But "Damn shit-fucking God" gets only one hit.

Leroy Quet

Friday, December 4, 2009

Bland Boring Text

Blog post # 21:

Note: As of today, not all of my posts will appear on the front page, since I have the settings so that only 20 posts appear when people first load this blog. Click on the link at the very bottom of this page to see older posts.

Also, no pictures today. Look at older posts to get your fix of pix.


Typographical art:




Here are 35 punnish word-combos.
[Warning] Some of these clues/answers may be offensive to some of you (politically incorrect or/and sexual).
Also, I make no claim of absolute ownership to any of these, nor do I make any claims of necessarily correct spelling (neither in clues nor in answers).
[Answers in comments to this post.]
Some of these I may have already posted on this blog.

For example, number 1 is "centri-fudge".

1) a rotating device used to make a chocolate dessert.
2) the world a loner lives within.
3) the almost-circle which is the final doom.
4) How one sits on the toilet.
5) a not-that-hungry eater of human flesh.
6) accused terrorists planning to give us all diarrhea.
7) transforming from one symbolic representation into another.
8) a rotation lasting forever.
9) a really hot pepper.
10) a moronic soldier. (politically incorrect)
11) where email and webpages are never working right.
12) who the majority believes... but they should not.
13) a collection of words/grammer 'used by them kids' and hipsters.
14) the monetary system where we are all poor.
15) the leader who turns against his/her country by turning against
16) words spoken at a coffee-shop.
17) Negro love-goddess.
18) a hand-cream to ease masterbation/intercourse.
19) a cutting-edge deity.
20) Granny with epilepsy has this. (PI, sorry)
21) Hitler's pustule.
22) a butt so big, it threatens to start a chain-reaction.
23) a whining never-satisfied actor/model.
24) (in USA) underage conservatives.
25) feelings that one will never pee again.
26) sexual arousal so great, it raises the dead.
27) a once only-phallic fruit, now resembling the parts of both
28) a perverted clown giving the-finger. (liberties with spelling)
29) a fictional-representation of real events experienced while
30) blurry Christ-like wounds.
31) climbing of steps alone.
32) movie about fighting inmates.
33) financial-theorist concerned only about him/her self.
34) damn funny.
25) what monsters get a shot of when getting hepatitus A.

Leroy Quet

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Cannibalistic Truth

Blog post # 20:

First, a little politics.

You know what Al Qaeda needs? They need LOBBYISTS, that's what. Poor AQ. They get such a bad rap from the US government and from the US media. Sure, they mass-murder innocent people. But think of all the other mass-murdering organizations that have received "legitimacy" as a result of they having lobbyists who pressure and bribe (pay campaign contributions to) American politicians: The defense industry, the US insurance industry, the prescription drug industry, the tobacco industry, the gun lobby. On and on.


The rest of today's post my repulse some people. There is nothing too dark, but there is a (fun and easy) math trick, as well as a poem of mine. (Gads!)


Okay, some fun. A math trick! Yay! Yes, the following is math, but it only involves adding, subtracting, and counting.
Even a kid can do it.
(I tried this on my non-math friend, and she liked it. Be sure to look at the examples.)

First, write down a list of any number of positive integers (whole numbers at least as big as 1), from left to right, where each
integer is greater than the integer to the left of it.
(So, you have, say, 5, 6, 7, or 8 numbers in your list)

Example: 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 11

Second, make another list below the first list, where 0 is subtracted from the first list's first integer, 1 is subtracted from the first list's second number, 2 is subtracted from the 3rd number, 3 from the 4th number, etc.

First list: 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 11
subtract: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Second list: 2, 2, 3, 4, 4, 6

Next, make a 3rd list where the first term of the 3rd list gives the total number of 1's in your 2nd list, the 2nd term of your 3rd list gives the total number of 2's in your 2nd list, the 3rd term of the 3rd list gives the total number of 3's in your 2nd list, the 4th term gives the number of 4's, etc. Do this until you reach the highest number in the 2nd list.
So, the 3rd list will have, when it is complete, the number of terms which is equal to the highest number of the 2nd list.
Some of the numbers in the 3rd list may be 0's.
(Just to be clear, by "total number of...'s", I am asking about numbers themselves, not about the digits of multi-digit numbers.)

Example: 3rd list: 0, 2, 1, 2, 0, 1
(We have zero 1's in our second list,
two 2's, one 3, two 4's, zero 5's, and one 6.)

Next we make a 4th list of the same number of terms as is in the 3rd list, where the first term is the same first term as is in the 3rd list.
The following terms are each equal to
{the previous term in the fourth list}
{the corresponding term in the 3rd list}.
(So, we want the fourth list to be a running-total of the terms in the
3rd list.)

3rd list again: 0, 2, 1, 2, 0, 1
4th list: 0, 2, 3, 5, 5, 6
(In middle row above, each number before + is previous number in 4th
list, each number after + is corresponding number in 3rd list.)

Finally, make a 5th list where 1 is added to the first term of the 4rd list, 2 is added to the 2nd term of the 3rd list, 3 is added to the 3rd term, 4 to the 4th term, etc.

4th list: 0, 2, 3, 5, 5, 6
Add: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
5th list: 1, 4, 6, 9, 10, 12

So, comparing your first list with your last list, we should have every integer from 1 to {1 more than in your first list's biggest number}, where each integer is in one list or the other, but not in both.

Example: (*'s placed at missing integers' positions to help show what I mean.)
First list:
*, 2, 3, *, 5, *, 7, 8, *, * , 11, *
5th list:
1, *, *, 4, *, 6, *, *, 9, 10, * , 12
And you should have this result (each integer in one list or the other, but not in both) no matter which integers are in your first list! (as long as they are positive and increasing)
By the way, you probably do not want your first list's biggest number to be that big. As I had in my example, you probably want to have each integer in the first list to be only 1, 2, 3, or 4 bigger than each previous integer.
This is because the 3rd list has as many terms as the highest number in the second list.
(So, if the second list's highest number is 110875, for example, you might have a problem...)


I wrote this just yesterday.

Cannibalistic Herbivore
(Into Tautological Antecedents)

In such parallelism of coincidental tangents, I prod
The tapering annulus, and I rectify its juxtapositions.
Such parameterizations of convincing tableaux, I protrude
Tautological antecedents, and I repulse their judgment.

Yes, I am as the head of an insect's corpse. And
My pincers are those strangely shaped concentricities.
Oh, I spin and fly and feast on concurrent dreams
Of such parallelism and parameters constrained by this
Cannibalistic truth, certainly. In such ropes, each
Grasped and odorless, the moist blood tastes of sediment.
Yet, by one millimeter, the lines converge...
Almost, always, and again; and they spit upon
My mandible. They spiral within my sharp
Antennae aglow. And I coordinate each odd
Process with its vastness. For, I am but
A vacuous specimen, ha. I am but myself,
Somewhat equal to myself. I am but
Existential, and I wiggle in this gap.
Yes, I am a cannibalistic herbivore. And I
Am surely the equations that I multiply
By my tirades, by my solitary abutment.

Leroy Quet