Saturday, December 19, 2009


Blog post # 25:

First, I did this picture today. It kind of goes with the poem I wrote today, posted below.

Its Straining Torque

Wrenched, the scribbled mathematics turns and is septic
In its straining torque. And its polyps become tapered,
And they allude to our convulsions. Yet, thrice, this
Palindrome is twisted -- for, it now is tangential. It
Now is subdivided into threes; and each third is bent
Into this symmetry overall. Ah, and expanding laterally
From that awkward helix, its wings are feathered but
Otherwise are as a hypothetical and parenthetical
Butterfly. Such an insect is grotesque, surely.
But it grasps its retroactive smoke in reflex. Then it
Thirsts for iridescence and amnesia. Yes, its core is
Wrenched, flung and afloat within this sugar. Alas,
Its antennae are nonexistent. But its thorax too is
Equiangular and sticky. Thus, it tears in its rupture.
And afterwards, it tastes such geometry of spirals,
Of careless steam flattened against it. And so,
It is wrung, ascertained, then, finally, it is
Possessed by its own trigonometries, by its
Own grim churning in flight within these misty droplets
And all their viscous liberation.

(I like this poem for the most part because I use the plural of "trigonometry", as in "These trigonometries represent different means to draw similar triangles." Or "These trigonometries each give different values for their cosines.")


You think I lose readers when I post poems? Well, what one thing loses me readers at even a greater rate?

That's right! Politics!

{Warning! Politics alert! Warning! Politics alert!]

The rest of this blog post today will be politics. I will intermingle depressing stuff with some jokes.


I was thinking the other day:

After Dick Cheney dies, he will be the one who REALLY controls things DOWN THERE too!...


Republicans may be anti-socialists. But they are really antisocial-ists!...


GW Bush: The low-rez prez.

(You're fading out, George.)


Yes, Obama is much higher resolution, so to speak, than his predecessor was, surely, at least in regards to mental processing abilities.
But, even though I voted for Obama, I have been let down to the point that I am beginning to think that Barack is the SECOND-worst president in US history.
(Move over, Buchanan and Fillmore.)

President Obama has not only given in to the right-wing in this country, but he IS the right-wing in this country, even though they would call him "socialist" and "Hitler".
(They WISH he was Hitler!)

Every single day, just like it was with GW Bush, there is something coming out of the White House to REALLY make me mad at our current president.
Wars, government surveillance, the call for "war on terror" detainees to not be considered "persons" (Hello, Dred Scott!), no ban on land mines, failure at the climate summit, and that is just this week and what I can remember of what we know about.

So far, the 21st Century is turning out to be the Dystopic Century.
Orwell was a prophet.


As for that climate summit. Is it any surprise that it will very most likely end in almost total failure?

And you know what that means, kiddies!

Doom and damnation. BILLIONS (with a B) dead as a result.

And that is just among the human-beings.

The human species has failed. Maybe we all DESERVE to be dead. Maybe. But climate change, sadly, will be genocide for lots of the INNOCENT species as well. Lots of them.

Yes, I call this genocide, for us as well as other species.
The Nazis killed "only" 6 million. Climate change could kill billions.

(And all of us who are left will probably try to migrate to Antarctica, all within just decades. But, drat, there is an ozone hole over that continent! Too bad for humanity.)

Switching gears. All of this talk of climate change has got me thinking of Al Gore, and a joke. (This is a joke related to Al Gore, but it has nothing to do with climate change.)

Why does Al Gore dance like a robot?

Because he uses an Al-Gore-rhythm...


Okay, speaking of jokes, or sort-of quasi-jokes.

The ultra-conservative Sarah-Palin-supporting activists yearn to go backwards as we all go forwards.
For, they are.... Palin-drones....

If Palin, speaking of palindromes, runs in 2012, how will Barack Obama do against her during the debates?



I'll leave it at that.


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