Sunday, December 6, 2009

Golly Darn

Blog post # 22:

Just a couple things today.

Tongue twister, sort of:

Edit it, idiot.

(Say many times rapidly.)


I had an idea in my dream last night. I heard from someone that it is not an original idea. But why, then, doesn't someone do this for real?

One problem with wind power or solar power is that the energy is not always being generated when it is most needed.
Researchers have been looking for a super-battery, much more efficient than anything in existence today, to help with this problem.

Well, my idea in this regard is simple, and battery-less.

Have the wind power or solar power be used to slowly lift, with the use of a motor and gears, heavy weights.
Then when power demand surpasses power generation, reverse the process, and let the weights drop slowly, and use the motor as a generator.

Another similar idea is to use water, instead of weights. The wind or solar power is used to pump the water upwards to a holding pond or to a water tower. Then when the energy is needed, just convert the falling water to energy as with hydroelectric generation.

The main problem with this idea, which I can see, is that the energy stored would be finite and limited. But this is also an issue with batteries.
Also, the water-pump or lifting motor might not be efficient enough. The motor simply needs, though, to be more efficient than current battery technologies to make my idea worth while.


I wrote this poem just today.

Its Own Dreams Finally Recalled

Torque denies such curvature. Yet the coils of
Paper and cloth are indeed implied. From those cones,
A wing of an abstract butterfly becomes both
The thunder and the reverberation aloft above us.

Turning periodicity is formed from all metamorphosis.
But these arccosines extend and fly again; for,
They repetitively flap, ascending our staircases
Of shadows, of elliptical tangents concocted. Yes,
Upwardly, the bug transcends and transforms
Such a ground into air, into space, into its
Own dreams finally recalled but never plagiarized.

Ah, in this rotation of triangles and this
Jaggedness of circles, that lepidopteran is
Thirsty and selfish. But it supposes itself to be
Not quite human, not quite animal, not ever
A god or a stickiness now purposeful. Yes, it is
Convergent anew onto its own mind. And, yes,
It glistens haphazardly, then it tastes those
Dimensions; then it tastes those atoms of torque,
Of continuation somewhat temporary.

This picture I made just today too. It goes with the poem, at least somewhat.


[Warning! Warning! Cuss-word alert! Cuss-word alert!]

You know what I don't get. If you make simple combinations of already-common cuss-words, you get offensive new cuss-phrases. Yet I have not yet heard anyone else use these cuss-phrases before.

An example:
Take the mild-mannered cuss-phrase: "God damn!"
Just switch the words around, and now it says "Damn God!"

Well, this should piss some people off, as good cuss-phrases should do.

Another longer variation:

"Damn shit-fucking God!"

Combines: Shit, Damn, Fuck, and God. And I haven't heard anyone else say this before??

By the way, Googled it. "Shit-fucking God" gets 282000 hits. But "Damn shit-fucking God" gets only one hit.

Leroy Quet

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