Saturday, June 30, 2012

As Logical As All Illogicality

Blog-post # 309:
(309 = 3*103.)

(7 images, Seven Arty Images, yes.)

Identity Onto Identicalness

Rigorously Mis-alphabetized

Lengthwise Unlike Dreams

Chaotically Simple

Not In Their Self-Inclusion

De-rotational Carousel

Occasionally Permanent Paradox


As grand anagrams:
(3? More. 4.)

As rusty lovers' slaps
soon hit me,
this mess sprays
all over onto us.


More stays near to mentality
in looped spirals.
It is permanently, also
temporarily too, as ends.


A thin perimeter's path --
the rim, it then appears.


Un-centered is ours,
totally nil.
No, it cursed us all
not entirely.


Houses without house-numbers is
a problem that needs to be..


(Based on actual recent events..)

You know how we know the
racist ranter screaming
obscenities was likely to
have been drunk at the time?..

Because he was..
slurring.. his speech.

(He definitely has "free speech",
however -- free from the control
of any intelligent thoughts.)

{Was it autonomous, or rather
autonomic, bigoted-ranting?}


There is much evidence
of dense evil.



(Sorry for the lack of puns
in this post.
So so sorry. {'Sosorry'?.. Sorry.}
However, the 'evil-dense' pun-like
thing above is a segue into this..)

The Universe Itself
has been disproved
by reductio ad absurdum!

(Look up 'reductio ad absurdum'
if you do not know what it is...
AND if you exist at all.)

The very fact most of us do not
seem to realize this fact* is just
more evidence (evil-dense)
supporting this disproof of All!

("Reductio Ad Absurdum"
would make a good punk-band name.
I wonder if there already is a
band named that or something

*{Which 'fact' am I referring
to here? That the Universe has
been disproved? Or the fact
that people not realizing this
is part of the disproof?
Or both?
Logic is a circle;
but so is illogical nonsense.
And although these two circles
may differ, they both do
indeed seem to be shaped
very similarly, despite
the unequal values of pi
within each.}


If you are interested in
poetry, why is it possible
that the Universe exists
for YOU, however?

... Because..



Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Paradoxically Misspelled Parascope

Blog-post # 308:
(308 = 2*7*11*2.)

(Six new art-images.)

Interwoven Were Convulsions

Anti-Redemptive Betterment

Our Hellish Euphoria

Melancholy Once Ourselves

Unworthy Of Its Supremacy

Superdivision Of Substructure

(I really like most of these images. But most of their names are not very good, being much too cliche, even by my standards.)

Anagrams (anagram! anagram!):

Vertical lengths die.
This rectangle lived.


As in that, a gyroscope,
again psychos rotate.


That vision is retrograde.
In me, so are we.
It remains.
Rotation disagrees, however.


Ha, I demean so its
sarcastic hypocrites.
They are instead as
microscopic as this.


Shy cop


(The word "hypocrite" says it is
better than those stupid
words that end in silent-e.)


Those whose misspellings
reveal their pretentiousness


(Oh,.. those Fraudian-slips.)


In which month does a cool breeze
feel especially good?...

'Ah, gust!'..


Probability theory can
be hard to study.
But if you have to
study it, then..

'tough luck!'..


If everything in it is on one side
as they take you to the hospital,
then there is an..

'imbalance in the ambulance'.


If the missiles are placed
along the country's border
incorrectly, then the..

'missile line is misaligned'..

(So tragic..
Almost as much as
an unbalanced ambulance is.)

(Not a pun, but..)

Why's "dumb" so hard to spell?..

Hmmm??.. :/


New saying
(said with a Southern accent):

"Hey, I got all's my balls."


Line from dumb comedy movie(?):

"Ah, yes, this wine
is a full-bodied fluid."

Snark-alec common-man:
"It's a 'body-fluid', you say?"


Our anger has been almost always
justified (much more so than any
of our lack of it, especially in
recent years).

But our responses to our anger
have been almost never justified.
(One only 'acts out' when they
are out of ideas how to act,
or at least effectively.)


(A rant-o-poem!
Mostly improvised,
but not improved.)

This shy cop's
a cyclops,
a 'psycho' anagrammed.

Yes, the spy-cops
are all cyber-cyclops.
They're sly cops
with their psy-ops,
with their sci-fi
wi-fi, hi-fi,
high-five hijinks,
and a haiku for you
too. So they try
to make us die,
these psycho liars
with their wires (and
whines and wines and
bodily fluids, like
drooling druids) and
with their eyes
all contrived to
deny the mediocre media
their prize: the lies
in their cries, and
deny them our
wise denial
held without trial.
But we even evidently
eventually inevitably
imply every and all
artifices argumentatively
of artificiality, of our
architectural archenemies;
as their enigmatic enemas
are all illiterate but not
alliterate or astray.

And so they see.
(Despite a black-light
black-hole controlling
their control.)
And so they free
us from our freedom,
from our wisdom.
(Oh, why's it dumb?)
Why are we then
typically to type
the typos of stereotypical
tickles all vertical, and
of quadraphonic-types
(but not triphonic-types)
all quite typo-critical
(all begetting their
bigotries of bygone
bigamists and of
anagrams and of
telegrams and of
holographic holocausts),
likewise unwise like we?

^(Yeah, this is not written
in my usual poetic style,
except that I now often use
alliterations in my poetry.)

Can one be arrested
for allittering?
Maybe now days one can.


What device can you
use to view Paris?

.. A 'paris-scope',
of course..



Sunday, June 24, 2012

Foreground Noise

Blog-post # 307:
(307 = a prime.
About time for a prime.)

Seven new images:

Transcentric Envisionment

Mis-magnification Of Periodicity

Their Polymeric Cosmos

As To Next Be Formed

Yet Of Cosmetic Nihilisms

Arcs Viscously Straying

Unalgorithmically Unmagical

(I like the neologisms in the
title of the top image.)


It is translucent ash;
this least scant ruin.


An eccentric one stirs.
In concerns, it creates.


It is differing mainly so,
if of endings' similarity.


It abuses me -- it had identically --
because I deny all that is timid.


If sometimes you like ice-cream,
and other times you prefer bananas,
maybe you have a...


(Damn, what a tasteful joke.)

The denser an asteroid is when
it hits the Earth, the more...
'dents' it becomes.


I never go out to ANY bars,..


Most gimmicks are
all about 'gimme'.

"Gimme the gimmick!"

"Okay, but first you
gimme your money."


He's just a.. 'has-bin'..


I might change my name to
"Crazy Dead".
Then you can all
"call me 'Crazy'".
Or else you can
"pronounce me 'Dead'".

(And I bet there is someone whose name is something like "Mr Dehd".
And everybody assumes they can just "pronounce him 'Dead'".)

Is it possible to be crazy, however,
AFTER you have already died?


What is the best way to hide
your 'background-information'?

With.. 'background-noise',
of course.


Clowns having sex would be
f*king hilarious..

(Don't mean to 'poke fun',
or anything, at 'funny poking'..)


Word puzzle:

What 10-letter word, meaning reality (and falseness and all else), becomes, when its most extreme of first and last letters are removed, a 2-word phrase (8 letters total) describing the evidence for reality?


Another anagram puzzle:

What do I do at the
(2 words)

(The solution is not "wear sin" or "ware sin" or "are wins" or "ear wins" or "era wins",
by the way.)

(I will post the intended solutions to these two puzzles in the comment sections of this post.)



Wednesday, June 20, 2012

These Dimensions Stirred

Blog Post # 306:
(306 = 2*3*17*3.)

Half An Unhalved Thing

Indeterminably Into Mentality

Stirred By Fluids

Non-Equation Of Darknesses

In-offensively Off-infinite

Of Omniscient Radii

(I like the background of the top image, despite that I overuse the motif of squares in my images' backgrounds.)

(And there are six, as there
were six images today. Wow.)

Their fluid dimensions resist,
then easily are to stir.
They rid the mental irises
of inertial sinusoids' rest.


Oh, indeterminate is...
The dimension I rate.


One Arc


It ascends;


Ah, as it rips, tilts,
its spiral is that.


I tie the randomness.
It is more than dense.



If the speeding car's sound echoes,
you might hear the sound's...


(Oh, damn, that's funny!..)

What type of Italian food is it people want me to eat because of my annoying puns?...

'ANTI-PEST-o', of course!..


Why is being in the military so difficult?

.. Because the 'military fatigues'..

And what do the troops disguise their munitions with?...



(In another universe, there are
instead 'terror movies', and the
US is engaged in a
"War On Horror'.
When trying to justify the
crack-down on our freedoms,
the authoritarians in this other
universe instead say,
"Hey! It's a war!.. on horror!")

(And war is Hell,
as well;
thus war is for
our damn-nation.)


Speaking of...

There are many examples throughout history of populations and government authorities overreacting to traumatic news-events, and thus soon after savaging commonsense, if not also human-rights (and human-decency).

Yes, as they (often) say,..

"Hysteria repeats itself."

(What? That is not the original quote?
Well, this quote here surely explains why the original quote is true in many cases.)

Oh, and if the overreaction is a delayed-reaction to the triggering traumatic historical event, then what we have is...

hysteria's hysteresis.


Where do rich mathematicians live?

.. In their higher di-mansions..



Sunday, June 17, 2012

Aroused By Parasols And Carousels All Aromatic

Blog-post # 305:
(305 = 5*61.)

Six new images..
(For your six-ual pleasure..)

Infinity Embodied Genetically

Zeroness Not Oscillating


Forewarned Of Rhymes

Elaborate Oversimplification

Then To Be As Entropy


Some anagrams:

Sin shames our
satanic zeitgeist.
It is as genetic
as us or the Nazism.


We are only a hated sadist,
then so deadly aware as it.


A rhyme forgotten;
ah, not of my regret.


We once bloomed as I,
all for ourselves.
So, flowers became
ill, aroused no love.


We are under-aware..

of our underwear..


(And the spirituality
has become only the..
spies' rituality.)


They say the very earliest
of birds were probably

THAT is why those early birds
got the worm.
(Because who is going to
argue with a dinosaur-bird?
Definitely not the worm!
"Please kill me painlessly, oh,
great mighty dinosaur-bird.")


"Infinity" is "In" "Finity",
.. "in" finitude?
Then I would have thought it
must be smaller than any finite number.
It probably should have been
called "outfinity" instead,
for OUTSIDE-finitude.

(And "eternal" is "external"
to finitude.)


Some relatively easy anagram puzzles:

(Each answer is 1 word
except where otherwise noted.)

1) What we always very much "hated".

2) She drinks this to feel like
a "teenager" again.
(2 words)

3) A relationship makes us want
to "strut" when there is this.

4) What can happen to those whose
cars have "retreads".

5) This awakens at "night".

6) It does "so thaw" because it..
(2 words)

7) In the "drawer" for you is a...

8) After my "mad end", I will be...

(Answers to be posted by me in
the comment section of this post.)



Thursday, June 14, 2012

An Infection Of Inflection

Blog-post # 304:
(304 = 2*2*19*2*2.)

(Seven images again.)

Concentric Unto Uncertainty

Elsewhere Thus Irradiantly

Aberrational Longitudes

Introspect As To Asymmetry

Polychromatic Monopole

Self-Supremacy Else Otherwise

Without Polygonal Nonexistences


Anagrams. Four?
.. For sure.

He yelled it: All
its sciences are..
these cleanly
sliced realities.


Is so when rotten.


Oscillations alone;
All coils as into one.


What is any of
its inflection..
if this was not
once finality?


You hear how kleptomania is
often hereditary?

Yeah, some people
'take' after their parents..


You hear about the beggar standing in the
traffic-island asking for motorists' money?

Yeah, he earns the..




Monday, June 11, 2012

Lopsideways, The Classless-Clown

Blog-post # 303:
(303 = 3*101.)


Biological Illogicality


Nearly Outlasted By Time

Godlike Semi-Fluorescence

Statistically Its Synonyms

Notice the juxtaposition between the names of the top two images.


Two anagrams:

All is lopsided.
I spilled loads.


Hell's thirst, it
really abuses us.
Surely, this habit
rusts all else.


Crappy palindrome:

Forever a lopsided
is polar ever of.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

I have so little balance
in my life,.. that
even my stress-level..
is not in any way level..

(I like this joke a lot, I must say. It EVEN might make a good joke for a sit-com!
Yes, even for a sit-com!..)


Well-educated people
who are wrong despite,


Most guys' looks would
probably be 'FLATTERed'..
by a reduction in the
size of their man-boobs.


[I just bought some pants.
They fit my active-lifestyle..
but not me..]


You say you are standing,..
but I know you are LYING..


I used to really enjoy math.
But I am now finally over my..


[Warning! Controversy!]

Religion must stop being used to support such anti-homosexual bigotry.
What all religions need is a new doctrine:

The Separation Between Church and Straight(ness)!

Hmm.. Hate-crimes against gays are often..
'straight-sponsored terrorism'..
(Committed by those

(*This particular pun I posted years ago,
I think.)


PS: It looks like absolutely NO ONE has been reading my blog lately at all.
(Judging by the stats, I myself am the ONLY person who visits my blog lately.)
So, if you happen to read this note, please go back and read some of the (at least recent) posts I made and you missed -- because you did indeed miss some of them, if not many many of them.

(As the bosom once said to the bra,..
"Thank you for your support.")


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Said Within Nearly Everything

Blog-post # 302:
(302 = 2*151.)

7 new images.

Dissidence Slaying Entirety

Glossiness Untaken Throughout

Symmetric Oddness

Awaiting Our Cringing

Wilt In Ridiculous Synthesis

Sans Unavoidable Abnormalities

Dissonance Slaying All Else

(Note the relationship between both the names of the very top and bottom images.)

(The visual semi-similarity between the first image and the second image {just below the top image} is why I put those two images next to each other.)


(But how many?
I have yet to count... them,
.. or as a person.)

Very tightly, an
inner wish is awaited.
It was said within
nearly everything.


The timid angel,
she cringes about
this a lot lately.

All is too
legitimately sad;
but it then
changes her.


Heats so overlapped
the hurts.
Thus these vapors
plead to her.


A hole does slant.
Mute it.
This alone
outlasted me.


We look;
cracked it so
into sums;
as clockwork,
not I, does
time us.


As my dissections
so murdered me,
our same
oddness dies.

(So there, there were 6 anagrams
in today's post.)
(Someone should do an independent investigation, however, into if I erred in any of my anagrams. I claim no personal infallibility.)


Okay, a few quite stupid puns:

You know who fixed my spaceship's broken transdimensional metahypersuperposition generator?

The quantum mechanics!..

(And they did both an excellent job and a horrible job at the same time, they did.)


Why is space so dark?

Because it is made up of..



You know why pi = 3?

Because it is a 'round' number...

(I MUST have heard this one before someplace...
as all "my" other puns too.)


If you get 'off the fence', you thus become 'offensive' to someone, you know.

But, hey,..

Those who do not play a 'fair game'
ARE fair-game...

(This is why I am a
I DO know I have heard this one before.)


(You know what the US government's warrantless domestic-spying program is,
don't you?...



(This must be unoriginal..)

People who are on the edge between being a teenager and an adult (or are adults who act this way still) are...