Thursday, June 7, 2012

Said Within Nearly Everything

Blog-post # 302:
(302 = 2*151.)

7 new images.

Dissidence Slaying Entirety

Glossiness Untaken Throughout

Symmetric Oddness

Awaiting Our Cringing

Wilt In Ridiculous Synthesis

Sans Unavoidable Abnormalities

Dissonance Slaying All Else

(Note the relationship between both the names of the very top and bottom images.)

(The visual semi-similarity between the first image and the second image {just below the top image} is why I put those two images next to each other.)


(But how many?
I have yet to count... them,
.. or as a person.)

Very tightly, an
inner wish is awaited.
It was said within
nearly everything.


The timid angel,
she cringes about
this a lot lately.

All is too
legitimately sad;
but it then
changes her.


Heats so overlapped
the hurts.
Thus these vapors
plead to her.


A hole does slant.
Mute it.
This alone
outlasted me.


We look;
cracked it so
into sums;
as clockwork,
not I, does
time us.


As my dissections
so murdered me,
our same
oddness dies.

(So there, there were 6 anagrams
in today's post.)
(Someone should do an independent investigation, however, into if I erred in any of my anagrams. I claim no personal infallibility.)


Okay, a few quite stupid puns:

You know who fixed my spaceship's broken transdimensional metahypersuperposition generator?

The quantum mechanics!..

(And they did both an excellent job and a horrible job at the same time, they did.)


Why is space so dark?

Because it is made up of..



You know why pi = 3?

Because it is a 'round' number...

(I MUST have heard this one before someplace...
as all "my" other puns too.)


If you get 'off the fence', you thus become 'offensive' to someone, you know.

But, hey,..

Those who do not play a 'fair game'
ARE fair-game...

(This is why I am a
I DO know I have heard this one before.)


(You know what the US government's warrantless domestic-spying program is,
don't you?...



(This must be unoriginal..)

People who are on the edge between being a teenager and an adult (or are adults who act this way still) are...




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