Sunday, June 24, 2012

Foreground Noise

Blog-post # 307:
(307 = a prime.
About time for a prime.)

Seven new images:

Transcentric Envisionment

Mis-magnification Of Periodicity

Their Polymeric Cosmos

As To Next Be Formed

Yet Of Cosmetic Nihilisms

Arcs Viscously Straying

Unalgorithmically Unmagical

(I like the neologisms in the
title of the top image.)


It is translucent ash;
this least scant ruin.


An eccentric one stirs.
In concerns, it creates.


It is differing mainly so,
if of endings' similarity.


It abuses me -- it had identically --
because I deny all that is timid.


If sometimes you like ice-cream,
and other times you prefer bananas,
maybe you have a...


(Damn, what a tasteful joke.)

The denser an asteroid is when
it hits the Earth, the more...
'dents' it becomes.


I never go out to ANY bars,..


Most gimmicks are
all about 'gimme'.

"Gimme the gimmick!"

"Okay, but first you
gimme your money."


He's just a.. 'has-bin'..


I might change my name to
"Crazy Dead".
Then you can all
"call me 'Crazy'".
Or else you can
"pronounce me 'Dead'".

(And I bet there is someone whose name is something like "Mr Dehd".
And everybody assumes they can just "pronounce him 'Dead'".)

Is it possible to be crazy, however,
AFTER you have already died?


What is the best way to hide
your 'background-information'?

With.. 'background-noise',
of course.


Clowns having sex would be
f*king hilarious..

(Don't mean to 'poke fun',
or anything, at 'funny poking'..)


Word puzzle:

What 10-letter word, meaning reality (and falseness and all else), becomes, when its most extreme of first and last letters are removed, a 2-word phrase (8 letters total) describing the evidence for reality?


Another anagram puzzle:

What do I do at the
(2 words)

(The solution is not "wear sin" or "ware sin" or "are wins" or "ear wins" or "era wins",
by the way.)

(I will post the intended solutions to these two puzzles in the comment sections of this post.)




Amorphous Trapezoid said...

(Beware if you do not want to know the answers yet!)

The intended 10-letter solution of the top puzzle is:


and the 8-letter phrase is therefore

"Very Thin".


The intended solution to the anagram puzzle is:

"I answer"

kikinotdee said...

Dear Mr Dead you are most definitely Crazy :)
Love the art.