Wednesday, June 20, 2012

These Dimensions Stirred

Blog Post # 306:
(306 = 2*3*17*3.)

Half An Unhalved Thing

Indeterminably Into Mentality

Stirred By Fluids

Non-Equation Of Darknesses

In-offensively Off-infinite

Of Omniscient Radii

(I like the background of the top image, despite that I overuse the motif of squares in my images' backgrounds.)

(And there are six, as there
were six images today. Wow.)

Their fluid dimensions resist,
then easily are to stir.
They rid the mental irises
of inertial sinusoids' rest.


Oh, indeterminate is...
The dimension I rate.


One Arc


It ascends;


Ah, as it rips, tilts,
its spiral is that.


I tie the randomness.
It is more than dense.



If the speeding car's sound echoes,
you might hear the sound's...


(Oh, damn, that's funny!..)

What type of Italian food is it people want me to eat because of my annoying puns?...

'ANTI-PEST-o', of course!..


Why is being in the military so difficult?

.. Because the 'military fatigues'..

And what do the troops disguise their munitions with?...



(In another universe, there are
instead 'terror movies', and the
US is engaged in a
"War On Horror'.
When trying to justify the
crack-down on our freedoms,
the authoritarians in this other
universe instead say,
"Hey! It's a war!.. on horror!")

(And war is Hell,
as well;
thus war is for
our damn-nation.)


Speaking of...

There are many examples throughout history of populations and government authorities overreacting to traumatic news-events, and thus soon after savaging commonsense, if not also human-rights (and human-decency).

Yes, as they (often) say,..

"Hysteria repeats itself."

(What? That is not the original quote?
Well, this quote here surely explains why the original quote is true in many cases.)

Oh, and if the overreaction is a delayed-reaction to the triggering traumatic historical event, then what we have is...

hysteria's hysteresis.


Where do rich mathematicians live?

.. In their higher di-mansions..



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