Thursday, June 14, 2012

An Infection Of Inflection

Blog-post # 304:
(304 = 2*2*19*2*2.)

(Seven images again.)

Concentric Unto Uncertainty

Elsewhere Thus Irradiantly

Aberrational Longitudes

Introspect As To Asymmetry

Polychromatic Monopole

Self-Supremacy Else Otherwise

Without Polygonal Nonexistences


Anagrams. Four?
.. For sure.

He yelled it: All
its sciences are..
these cleanly
sliced realities.


Is so when rotten.


Oscillations alone;
All coils as into one.


What is any of
its inflection..
if this was not
once finality?


You hear how kleptomania is
often hereditary?

Yeah, some people
'take' after their parents..


You hear about the beggar standing in the
traffic-island asking for motorists' money?

Yeah, he earns the..




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