Monday, June 4, 2012

Speaking Are These Mouths

Blog-post # 301:
(301 = 7*43.)

(Seven images.)

Oblique Is Our Modulation

Defiance Unwisely Sane

Unperceived As Of Opinion


Hereafter However Helical

Displacement Unto And Into

Of Voids Superdivided Subimposed


Anagrams (3):

Speaking are these mouths.
Their tongues make shapes.


The Bible devastates a sane truth.
Evil hate threatens, stabbed at us.


A resolve is tainted by nightmares.
Its evils/dreams are to be anything.


What reversed the palindrome?...

"Tides reversed it."


'Did you redo' playing the

(Me too.)


Where do 'icy' steps?..

In my 'stairs'..


Not having the census would be..

senseless censuslessness..


I want lots of 'sweet' ladies..
Yeah, I want..



Random moments are perhaps
measured by a..

'chaoTICK-tick clock'..


Political pundits are only..

'opinion nuts'.

(And so, taste best roasted.)

[When is an opinion
not just an opinion?
When it is a just opinion,..
in my opinion.]


With all the drug-resistant infections you can get there now days, it is appropriate to say you may be getting your medical care at the...



Here are two suggestions for the
English language:

1) Use "odd" as a verb.
As in,
"I was odded out by your crazy behavior."
To Odd: v. To freak, creep, or disturbed.

2) Replace "ch" with "tj".
The "ch" sound in no way sounds like a c followed by an h, let's be honest.
It sounds more like "tj", I say.




The Anonymous Blogger said...

I completely agree with your English language point. When my blog starts out, I'm going to have a series called, "An English Rebellion" describing places where the English language gets unnecessarily confusing.

Also, I really liked the Anagrams. The first one was specifically good because the meanings of each statement complemented each other well. It could be a poem onto itself.

A really amazing post.

-The Anon Blogger

kikinotdee said...

Oblique Is Our Modulation
this one reminds me of spring :)

Amorphous Trapezoid said...

To The Anonymous Blogger: You definitely should read some of my older posts. The quality of my anagrams varies. But I try to often do them in much the same way as the one you enjoyed. And just a couple posts ago I talked about "tear" vs "tear" and how annoying it is the two (different) words can easily get confused.